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Textual Analysis of

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This is the magazine advert for Gwen Stefani for the album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Debut solo album by the artist released in November 12, 2004, sold 8million copies world wide. The theme of the advert is obviously royalty as there is a crown and sceptre however the crown is not on her head showing she has attitude and power, a slanted slouched pose whilst sitting on the throne implies she is not concerned by others and believes she is above all, a broach on the left hand side . The colour theme furthermore represents a royal theme, the gold and red instantly connote royalty as well as the typography which is in Shakespearian in a yellow gold, this colour theme is seen again with her hair and lips, red lips which are insinuated with seductiveness . Love. Angel. Music. Baby. The title of the album has connotations meaning music is as precious as an angel and as pure however the vibe the audience gets from the promotional image of the cd cover itself at the bottom in which we can see the remainder of the album cover which is contradictory to the royal theme at the top half of the cover. The main image and the additional crown and sceptre are however the background is blurred emphasising the readers attention on Gwen Stefani more. The framing of the advert is just to show the subtle side to the picture without the rebellious bottom half. From merely the picture we can tell the genre is dance-pop. A median long shot has been used with the rest faded out to become a white background for the text written, the white being used makes the readers attraction directly go to the top half as the colours are very vibrant.

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This magazine advert of Rihanna’s album‘Rated R’ was released in November 20, 2009, this advert is likely to have been published around October-early November. The first thing the reader is drawn to is the medium close up of Rihanna herself with one eye covered yet the other is keeping eye contact with the reader, by her merely covering up the eye the readers are interesting in what is she hiding if anything? The hand jewellery – presumably dusters are a sign of danger and violence, this theme is carried out throughout the advert as the deep black eyeliner and lipstick furthermore emphasis the deep secretive and dangerous side of Rihanna, additionally the typography of the text is very blocky and in the background it seems as if the ‘R’ is engraved into the wall. The colour scheme of white, black and red emphasises the danger with majority black. The two major songs of the album are also written which don’t sound subtle by their names, ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Hard’. As Rihanna is a well established artist we know her main genres are R&B and POP, however the cover may imply more punk. With no specific background colour and additional images the main focus is on Rihanna herself.

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This magazine advert is of The Chemical Brothers album ‘We Are The Night’ was released on the 27th of June 2007, the album won a Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album more than once. The title of the album is linked to the background of a dark navy blue connoting it is night time as well as faint stars in the background, the overall theme is rather surreal and the hands which could be of the Chemical Brothers supplementary to the eyes within the hands which also would be assumed to be the brothers eyes. The joining of the certain stars with the hands may be to imply Orion’s constellation. The overview of this magazine advert includes institutional information and promotional information adding to the distribution of the album. The hands look as of they are floating in mid air with what looks like the moon at the bottom of them to emphasis the night and outer space. The typography isn't typically used therefore it is instantly recognised as the Chemical brothers themselves. The use of the hands could also imply astronomy and palm readings. The background colour ties the theme of the night in well with the stars and possibly moon. I believe this would appeal to more of a smaller audience who are into techno songs, funk, jazz and some pop songs. The rocky bottom and the framing of the image lets the audiences imaginations do the thinking, to some it may be a tip of a mountain or a moon etc. the use of astronomy may simply represent The Chemical Brothers as superstitious Medium long shot has been used with the hands in the middle attention is given to them first.