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stin Bieber) dern Classic er Stewart, (Christopharce, Tim Miner, Ju Music (ASCAP)/Mo iversal Music rsal /Un Aaron Pe Publishing|Unive sic Publishing (BMI) by C. Tricky RZE MusicMusic|Universal Mu(ASCAP) Producedment Music & Music|OSS er Time Publishing RedZone Entertain ocals produced Corp./Bieb Aaron Pearce for Tricky Stewart V ering by Josh Stewart andg: Aaron Pearce andMusic, Inc. Engine : Miguel Lara, in ers Programmarrell for Suga Wuga Assistant Enginenson Studios, Los Ryan t He uk H O by a by K Chris TEK Recorded GA Mixed Gudwin and and Stephen Villa d Studios, Atlanta, Management at o Luis Navarr and Triangle SounProject/Innersound Assisted by Jesus geles, CA ua for The Penua Hollywood, CA cals: Kuk Harrell An sh Jaycen JoSound Studios, North son Background vo Larrabee Guitars: Michael Thomp Garnica

Sony/A Adam M (BM (Na R (a.k.a Time Pu oberts & I)/Messy MTV Songs essinger, Ju sri Atweh (BMI)/ Hafitz usic ( Vocals . Adam blishing Th stin Bieb , S by Jo produced Messinger (ASCAP) pllc/UniveOCAN) adree Dimenser) r Kinnesh Gudwin by Kuk H and Nas Produc sal Musicministered ion a e r and Hy and Mig and Chris rrell for Su i) for Thr d by Th Corp./Bie by u at NH enson Stud el Lara TEK O ga Wuga ee Piece e Messen ber g The M Studios, N ios, Los An RecordedRyan AMusic, Inc Production ers . Eng ssistan orth H esseng geles, at Re backg ineers t En olly CA ers cord GA round voca All instrwood, CA Music rec Plant, Logineers: M ing Additio ume or itc ls b s A nal/As y Nasri M ntation Music and ded by The ngeles, Ch Vocal A sistan Messe ixed b by Ada t Engin ar n y m eeringPhil Tan at Messingerangemengers t by r N by Da mien inja Beat CluAdditiona Lewis l b, Atla & Dan iela R nta, ivera

(Mel T Morris orm, Rob Enter & Co. Inc. ert Wells) S o Musictainment |MPL Comm ny ATV T M Recor, Inc. Eng usic & Pr unication unes LLC ( s Atlantded at Hen ineering ogramming Inc. (ASC ASCAP)/E s Micha a, GA Ad on Studioby Josh Gu by Sean AP) Produdwin H. ce s L el Tho K d mpsoditional/As, isos Angelewin and C for RedZod by Kuk H s tant n Us s, CA a hris T ne Ent arrell her ap E n e pears ngineering d TriangleEK ORya rtainmentfor Suga W n courte ug S sy of by Damien ound Studio Assistan Vocals pro a Music, In RCA R t Engin Lewis duced s, Atla c. and ecords & nt e b , a div Daniela Riva, GA M ers: Migue y Kuk Ha Sean K for ision o rrell fo l Lara RedZo era P ixed by f Sony rS n P Music iano: Tim Chil Tan atand Jason S uga Wug e a Entert armon Ninja B herwo ainme ea od Guit nt. ars: t Club,

(John F Coots, r e d e r i c k Gilles Ha P ven G ublishingpie) EMI M ven (ASCA illespie (ASCA usic S P Enter tewart and ) Produ Music Pu P)/Hao by Ku n Pearce tainment Aaron Peced by C. blishing a k neersby Josh Gu Harrell fo nd Tricky Music & P arce for RTricky : e d GA Henson StuMiguel Lar win and r Suga Wu Stewart rogrammin dZone g: Aar Mixed ga Mu Chris dios, L Vocals a, Luis ment s b Garni at Larrabey Jaycenos Angeles,Navarro aTEK ORyic, Inc. Enproduced a J c a n d B a Guita e Sound S oshua for CA and Tnd Stephen n Assistgineering re n / R r y a n J a crs: Michaetudios, No The Penuriangle Sou Villa Reant Engia c n p o r t i i c h a rd s ) pk s o n C l Thomps rth Hollyw Project/In d Studios orded at o o by Job n s o f u b l i s h e d o n t a i n s p n Back ood, CA nersound , Atlanta, I gr by ete Mu Ma o A sic CoW a n t Y o u J o b e t e Mr t i o n s o f ound v o c a ssisted by nage., Inc. ( usic C A B C ls: Ku Back Jesus ASCAP (G o., k (Gor ) dy/Miz I n c . ( A S C o rd y / M i H a r r e l l z ell/Per A ren/Ric P ) C oe l l / Pe r nt hards) publisa i n s hed

red by dministe P) Songs a es LLC (ASCAkye asieff ) /Rony/ATV Tun t, Randy Jac d h n er Afan World S y im Wrig y, Walt s ated a h Careersal (BMI)/Wall James Big J, Inc. Orcheetr by Brian d (Maria f Univ y, cord Care Music on Songs O ed by Mariah r Suga Wuga d Dechter Re rded at Hensrdroduc uk Harrell fo an and Bra arten Reco les, CA; Gua P e y K im G son andd by Marc Sha ed by Brian tudios, Los Ang Studios, Holl ls g rd ca arrange Vocals recoCA; Westlake S itol Recordin dditional vouga p A Garten Los Angeles, el Air, CA; Cangeles, CA k Harrell for S EK dios, l Studios, B os A uced by Ku nd Chris T Stu a d ugout, L vin ge ian AnCA and The Dy Vocals pro Josh Gudwiny Pierce, Ke arit wood, ed at Jungle CEngineering by Brett Snacks Kanarek, M d record Music, Inc. Engineering by d by ThomaPaakkari Mixe Wuga Additional retlein Assisteand Charlie Mix assisted G ORyan ri and Keith k, Greg DePante, Atlanta, GA: Lloyd Sonny ass Club uarnie e, Peter Mac G Wright r ett B ja Beat Cook n at The Ninms: Jerohn Gabn ards: Big Jimls, Shartin o ie y u Ta by Phil ien Lewis Droc Powell Ke , Melonie Dan egaci L by Damon Guitar: D herry McGhee Tolentino of S Thomps und vocals: isher and Micah ckgro on, Angie F Ba s lotte Gib

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ional e, with addit arry Simeon s Music, Inc. and H orati and ymes) EMI Mill d s, Henry On h Administere therine DaviBieber and Busta R hts Controlled and ga Music, Inc. (Ka ig by Justin r AP). All R r Suga Wu raps written l Korwin Corp. (ASC d by Kuk Harrell fouced by Justin Biebe eerationa sic, Inc. Produce ment Co-Prod gin Intern ain sic, Inc. En s Mu by EMI MillK for RedZone Entert for Suga Wuga Mu tant Engineer: ll is and Sean uced by Kuk HarreTEK ORyan Ass geles, CA A Vocals prod Gudwin and Chris enson Studios, Los n ixed M ing by Josh Recorded at H g Studios, NY, NY nd Miguel Lara Sound Recordin ua Project/Innersou m n and PlatinuJoshua for The Peund Studios, North So ycen by Ja t Larrabee y Jesus Garnica nt a Manageme CA Assisted b Hollywood, Justin Bieber Live Drums:

(Chris Bro Bieber, Antw wn, Justin an Thompso Call) Son n, Je perience P gs of Universal Inc rrol Wizzard, Kevin McTime Publish ublishing (BMI)/U .|Culture Beyon d UR Ex niversal M ing (A Songs (ASC AP) admSCAP)/Platinum Boy (Ausic Corp./BiebeJerrol W inis r S Inc.|Kmacizzard Publishing tered worldwide by CAP)/BMG Ruby h (BMI) Pro ificent|Culture BDesignee (BMI)/Son BMG Chrysalis/ Boy Music duced by Antwan eyond UR Experiegs of Universal A In n zard for Mr. c./The Hitmen/Ba madeus Thompso ce Publishing Brown for C Wizzard Music/Co d Boy Managemen n for Platinum m by Kuk Ha ulture Beyond UR E pound U Co-Prot & Boogie Wizrrell for Sug d x Gudwin, Ch a Wu a perience (CBE) V uced by Chris neers: Mitc ris TEK ORyanga Music, Inc. En inocals produced n Record Plah Kinney, Miguel La d Brian Springeg eering by Josh r CA Mixednt, Los Angeles, CA ra and Iain Findlay Assistant Engiby Jaycen and Henso Manageme Joshua n Studio Recorded at n CA Assiste t at Larrabee Sounfor The Penua Proje s, Los Angeles, Chris Brownd by Jesus Garnica d Studios, North Ho ct/Innersound Jive Record Chris Brown app Background vocallywood, ears courte ls: s sy of

(N Nick Turp asri Atweh, Nozu in, Bieber) So ka, Melanie Fontan George ny/ATV So a, Justin right Contr n Time Publish ol/Universal Mugs (BMI)/Copysic Corp./B ing (ASCAP and N iebe ) duced byicholas Nick James Produced by Nasrr Kuk Harrell Turpin Vo i Engineering by Josh Gu for Suga Wuga M cals pro Assistant u dwin and C Engineer: M Turpin hris T sic, Inc. igu Recorded at NJ Studios Arran el Lara Recorded EK ORayn at Henson by Nicholas low Sou Studio ged by Nick Ninja Beand, Edmonton, Albert s, Los Angeles, Turpin and Nasri tC Damien Lew lub, Atlanta, GA a, Canada MixCA and Wolf WilA S VON Gu is & Daniel Rivera dditional/Assistaed by Phil Tan at nt Engineeri itars: Jonath Drums/B vocals by N ng a icholas Turp n Martin Berry ass: Brandon Bee Pia by Perry appe Ad ar courtesy in and George Nozuditional backgroun no: d of B ka public Nash ig Machine/Univers The Band a Reville

ourr ton (c a m i lr p . / B i e b eH Blueusic Co Blue Pro ndon sal M assie r ed by d B ra B er an C)) Unive ESAC)|als producudwin ieb , LL S G c c ( in B (Justc Group mb Musi ber Vog by Josh ecorded rrell k Ha uga u s i r u e 2 P l u s t i n B i e g i n e e r i n L a ra R j a B e a t Ku n Ju . En ine MAP)/T el d by ga W nt at Ni L ew i s C mb L Migu d by duce ll for Su Assista f Plushing (AS ProduceMusic, Inc gineer: y Phil Tan Damien o Pro A n re y tesy Publi uga AP) ing b xe d b tant E ain Har Ryan les, C nt Time ons (ASC r Suga W Assis, CA Mi Engineer rahle Dom by Kuk EK O s AngeAssista n n lic ced ductiHarrell fo ORya AngelesAssistant rs: Tom St Pub rmo ris T s, Lo nal/ ber)ls produ nd Ch StudioAdditioTim Ca uk hris TEK ios, Los itional/ Guita K Gru oca n a so n d d C wi a Keys: ve r a n d e n s o n S t u G A A d l a R i v e ra s Xa c . V G u d H e n a , G Han usic, In by Josh ed at, Atlant ivera at H , Atlanta, & Danie R ohr, ga M ering ecord Club Club ela ef M R (Jos uga WuEngine ara ja Beat & Dani uel L Nin is for Sic, Inc. Mig Lew at Musineer: hil Tan amien Enged by Pg by D Mix ineerin Eng

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