jyväskylän yliopisto: simulaatiot ja pelit oppimisessa -työpaja 19.4.2011, helena lehtimäki

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Jyväskylän yliopisto: Simulaatiot ja pelit oppimisessa -työpaja 19.4.2011, Helena Lehtimäki. Siirretty toiselta tililtä 21.11.2013, jolloin katsojia oli ollut 880 (views).


  • 1. Grapho Learning Initiative Assists millions of children in reading learning With the help of technology knowhow of the best experts in reading acquisition in the world

2. GraphoGAME Helps children learn to read powerful non-profit tool to promote literacy around the world in web and mobile devices developed in Jyvskyl, Finland 3. GraphoWORLD International Network of Excellence Provides technology enhanced support of spoken and written language development among typical and atypical learners through research and implementation 4. GraphoREAD Research Project on eReading funded by Tekes develops new media formats and business models to support acquisition of functional literacy in low-income countries pilots in Zambia, Africa, 2011 leads to commercial activities under GraphoLEARN 5. Africa Today 6. GraphoREAD Video Video from Zambia http://vimeo.com/21216023 7. GraphoREAD in Zambia CONTENT Content by Tammi Story Writing Competition produced by the project Karaoke production produced by Timeslice, a local SMEDISTRIBUTION Nokia, Lingsoft, Ellibs, Kaikuma Airtel, in 16 African countries local NGOs 8. GraphoREAD Visibility with Mobile Monday and Rovio 9. GraphoREAD in Media MuviTV, Zambia private tv station focus on childrenRadio Phoenix Zambia 10. GraphoREAD Results by November 31st, 2011 WP 1. PILOTS Report on media formats and production models by Helena Lehtimki WP 2. BUSINESS MODELS Report on business models and microfranchising by Anicet Yalaho WP 3. LEGAL ISSUES Report on legal issues and contracts by Markku Lampola 11. GraphoREAD Potential Partners identified Ympyra PremiumFanPage Suntrica 12. Grapho Learning Initiative The Brand - distribution on non-profit basis as in Finland- independent publicly funded network- an entity for the production of learning materials - to be established in th near future - based on results of GraphoREAD 13. GraphoLEARN Future Plans Entity for production and distribution of learning materials - In cooperation with Niilo Mki Foundation and Agora Center / University of Jyvskyl Business Plan in progress Negotiations with future partners 14. Thank You!Heikki Lyytinen, Project Leader Helena Lehtimki, Project Manager helena.m.lehtimaki at jyu.fi + 358 400 248056