k ick - off to c ollege p lanning n ovember 15, 2011 highland park high school counseling department...

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  • K ICK - OFF TO C OLLEGE P LANNING N OVEMBER 15, 2011 Highland Park High School Counseling Department 5/14/2015 1
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  • P ROCESS BEGINS WITH S TUDENT S ELF -A SSESSMENT Goals and values High school program & performance Activities and interests Personality and relationships 5/14/2015 2
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  • C OLLEGE P LANNING 101 Wednesday, February 1st at 8:00 a.m. in Auditorium Designed to help students identify what is important to them Students complete a self-assessment sheet Copy is sent home to be shared with parents Attendance is mandatory College planning appointments with college counselors can be scheduled the day AFTER College Planning 101 (i.e. February 2, 2011) Students who do not attend CP 101 will be unable to schedule a college planning appointment. 5/14/2015 3
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  • DEVELOPING COLLEGE CRITERIA Academic Atmosphere Academic Programs & Majors Calendar System Cost Environment and Geographic Location Religious Orientation Reputation Size Social Atmosphere Sports & Extra-curricular Activities Student Body 5/14/2015 4
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  • C OLLEGE P LANNING P ROGRAMS College Planning 101 February 1 College Appointments begin February 13 (Students must have attended CP 101) Exploring Colleges - February 15 @DHS Financial Aid and Scholarships March 21 @HPHS 5/14/2015 5
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  • D ECIDING : W HERE TO APPLY An on-going sorting and selecting process The best Final List must include combination of: reach school possible schools probable/likely admits financial safety ALL OF WHICH YOU WILL BE HAPPY TO ATTEND! 5/14/2015 6
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  • T ERMS FOR P REDICTION REACH dream schools where admission chances are either iffy or perhaps may be unattainable toss up schools that are a reach for anyone (usually have admit rates between 7%-20%) POSSIBLE Closely meet the expectations in the schools profile, but competition for spaces can still be tight 5/14/2015 7
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  • T ERMS FOR P REDICTION PROBABLE/LIKELY ADMIT Chances for admissions are very strong A safety is so much harder to call today! FINANCIAL SAFETY (sometimes an IL state university but not always) A place that parents can afford if, financial package is weak at all other schools if, family financial situation changes: economy, unemployment 5/14/2015 8
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  • D ECIDING : H OW MANY A PPLICATIONS ? It depends! Finding a reasonable number is much harder these days If you are happy with the schools where you stand the strongest chances of admission, then the final list can be a lower number 5/14/2015 9
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  • H IGHER E DUCATION S TATISTICS Approximately 1800 4-Year Colleges and Universities The majority have less than 3,000 students (typically small, liberal arts and sciences colleges) Mid size schools are hard to find (~40 have between 7-12,000 students) Very large schools are even harder to find (~30 have more than 22,000 students). 5/14/2015 10
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  • H IGHER E DUCATION S TATISTICS Over 3,000 2-Year Schools and Technical Colleges Includes both for profit and non-profit Almost 75% are community colleges (CLC) Some offer housing options Includes a small number of private colleges (Lincoln College) Less expensive, allows students to hone academic skills Associates Degree or a Certificate 5/14/2015 11
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  • S ENIOR Y EAR C OURSE R EGISTRATION Junior class registration meeting with counselors on Monday January 30, 2012 Period TBD (likely 2 nd or 3 rd ) Individual appointments during lunch hours Monday, January 30 THROUGH Friday, February 3 5/14/2015 12
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  • 4-3-3-3-2 C OURSE P ATTERN 4 yrs English 3 yrs Math (4 is recommended) 3 yrs Science 3 yrs Social Science 2 yrs of SAME Foreign Language Some universities also require 1 yr of a visual or performing art 5/14/2015 13
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  • F AVORITE QUESTION ASKED BY JUNIORS ! Is it better to take a course that is challenging and receive a B or C or is it better to take an easier course and receive an A? Success in classes is just as important as the class itself. Balance is crucial!!!!! 5/14/2015 14
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  • C OLLEGE F AIRS Gap Year Fair January 28, 2012 12:00-4:00 p.m., Cafeteria at New Trier High School, Winnetka Campus College of Lake County - March 13, 2012 6:00-8:00 pm, Grayslake District 214 April 3, 2012 6:00-8:30 p.m., Harper College, Palatine Niles North/West H.S. April 11, 2012 6:30-8:30 pm Niles West H.S., Skokie Glenbrook North/South H.S. April 12, 2012 6:30-8:45 p.m. - Allstate Plaza, Northbrook 5/14/2015 15
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  • C OLLEGE P LANNING C ALENDAR WINTER/SPRING Create a new email account just for the college process Take ACT/SAT Determine criteria Meet with College Counselor Develop a list of colleges to research (10-15) Research and request information Attend area college programs and receptions Attend college fairs Visit 5/14/2015 16
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  • C OLLEGE P LANNING C ALENDAR SUMMER Determine final list of colleges (5-9) Begin developing essay/personal statement If finished testing, submit ACT scores to colleges, Visit Colleges expect you to do something productive with your summer. Options include: summer programs, work, summer school, volunteer, internships, travel 5/14/2015 17
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  • C OLLEGE P LANNING C ALENDAR FALL Retake ACT/SAT/Subject Tests Make applications (5-9) Meet with counselor about recommendation Confirm teacher recommendations Write essay/personal statement Request transcript Visit KEEP GRADES STRONG 5/14/2015 18
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  • R ESOURCES COLLEGE PLANNING HANDBOOK Should be read by students and parents Includes information and worksheets on the following topics: Self- assessment and Criteria for College Selection Campus Visits College Entrance Tests and SAT/ACT Conversion Charts Applications Essays Letters of Recommendation Interviews Financial Aid Glossary of Terms Sample letters/emails Suggested Websites 5/14/2015 19
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  • C OUNSELOR R ECOMMENDATION Recommendations are not required by all colleges. Student must meet with counselor to discuss content before recommendation will be written. Student and Parent Questionnaire forms should be turned in before or at the meeting. Forms are available through Naviance under About Me. It is the students responsibility to inform the counselor of things he/she would like highlighted in the recommendation Appointment must be scheduled a minimum of 15 school days prior to the first application deadline. 5/14/2015 20
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  • R ESOURCES CRC Ms. Giulietti-Schmitt is available daily from 7:30 a.m. to 3:04 p.m. to assist with college searches, completing applications and scholarship information Subjective and objective college guides books Guide books on special topics such as planning visits, writing essays and creating resumes Computers available for researching colleges on the internet and completing applications College files grouped by type (large, highly selective university, art schools liberal arts college, etc.) Career information 5/14/2015 21
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  • R ESOURCES COUNSELORS AND COLLEGE COUNSELOR Appointments with College Counselors begin February 13 and can be scheduled with Mrs. Gomez beginning on February 2nd (if the student has attended CP 101). Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend appointments. Prior to the meeting develop a list of criteria Can meet with your counselor now to get things rolling. 5/14/2015 22
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  • R ESOURCES NAVIANCE/FAMILY CONNECTION Every junior must have an active account with Family Connection. This is CRUCIAL!!!! User name is the email student used to register Update email if account is no longer active or the email is a parent email Email can be school email address (this is new!) Students who forgot passwords can request a new one at log-in Parents should create a separate account. Students/Parents who have never registered should see Ms. Giulietti-Schmitt for help with registering 5/14/2015 23
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  • A VOID E XTERNAL I NFLUENCES Media Friends Neighbors Relatives To thine own self be true - Polonius 5/14/2015 24
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  • Q AND A Please fill out the evaluation before you leave tonight. Thank you for coming! 5/14/2015 25