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  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    Pythagorean Numerology: )ythaorean method is called as modern numeroloy# )ythaoras is the

    father of this system# This system ives a materialistic meanin and is "idely follo"ed in "est#

    Alpha$ets from A to : are allotted num$ers from to ; in se0uence# All compound num$ers are

    reduced to sinle diits for predictions# 8aster num$ers li(e ! .. and

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     +ature is po"erful# Day and niht! 6oy and sorro"! $irth and death are a part of cosmic plan# &ou can

    never act aainst the la" of nature# ,ut still! man has $een created to live in harmony "ith nature# If

    everythin happens as pre-destined! then there is no purpose in $ein $orn as a human "ith si'th sense

    and intellience# =od did not send a pro$lem to earth "ithout a solution for it# There is a prover$ in

    Tamil sayin#

    “Vidhiyai Madhiyal Vellalaam”

    &ou can have victory over your destiny "ith your intellience# Thouh you could not chane your fate

    completely! you can shape your destiny to some e'tent $y follo"in Vedic remedies suested $y

    saints of different reliion#

    Mantra: 8antras are sacred vi$rations created "hen a fe" com$ination of "ords are chanted "ith

    resonance# Chantin mantras produces harmony on all levels "hich includes curin disease! mental

     peace! "ardin off neative planetary influences! protection from enemies! o$tainin "ealth!li$eration etc#

    em thera!y: =ems have the po"er to neutrali*e the ill effects of planets# )o"ders of ems "ere also

    used in ayurvedic preparations to cure hectic diseases and mind related pro$lems#

    Color thera!y: The colour that surrounds us has a fundamental effect on us at all levels! mentally!

     physically! emotionally and spiritually# Every color has its ood and $ad properties# ,y properly

    choosin the riht colour! "ell $ein of a person on every aspect can $e enhanced#

    ra!ho"thera!y: =raph is a =ree( "ord meanin 1"ritin2# Every men sho" their talents! "ea(ness!

    emotions! intellience and physical "ell $ein in their "ritin every time pen is put to paper# Thestro(es in the hand"ritin can $e decoded to reveal all aspects of personality# ,y restructurin your

    hand"ritin you can accentuate your ood points and diminish your $ad ones#

    #antra: &antras are the pictorial or a numerical inscription made on a metal sheet# An yantra is

    eneri*ed $y chantin mantras and $y performin pu6a to it# This yantra then ets activated and this

    then protects the person from all evils# &antras can $e (ept in a pu6a room or it can $e carried alon

    "ith "here ever you o# There are so many types of yantras for different (inds of fulfillment li(e

    sudharsan yantra for protection from evils! sriyantra for prosperity etc

    $oma%yagya: vedic pundits chant mantras in front of the fire donatin rice! curd! hee! fruits! cloths

    etc "ith the $elief that od "ould accept it and rant $oons to the person for "hom the homa>yaya ismade# This is one of the costliest remedy similar to em therapy#

    &udraksha: Rudra(sha seeds are considered very holy and it is $elieved to posses divine 0ualities and

    mystical po"ers# It is $elieved that one! "ho "ears Rudra(sha on their $ody! "ill not $e affected $y

    sins and they are also very influential in removin $ad effects of the planets#

    S!iritual !rayers: offerin prayers to the od "ith deep devotional love and faith is the $est of all

    remedial methods# This is also an easiest "ay of fulfillin your dreams $y placin your re0uest to od

    "ith a stron $elief that your "ishes "ould $e fulfilled#

    Charity: Charity is the act of donatin somethin useful to the needy person# Anythin that you

    donate returns to you in manifolds as fortune# %eedin poor "ith food is $elieved to $e one of the $est

    auspicious acts#

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    'asting: This is li(e an act of self punishment# ?ith a determination! you a$stain from food and deny

    the $asic needs of life and lead a pious life throuhout the day $y placin your re0uest to the od#

    Vasthu shastras: Vasthu shastras is an ancient science for the proper construction of $uildin# It is

     $elieved that the place you live has some effect on your life# If you live in a house constructed "ith

     proper Vasthu! you2ll prosper in all fields of your life#

    'eng"shui: %en Shui remedies are suested to increase the positive enery 4Chi5 in the livin place

    to ma(e a happy livin# %en Shui literally means "ind and "ater# It is an ancient Chinese study of the

    natural environment# %en Shui is $ased upon $alancin of the %ive Elements 4%ire! Earth! 8etal!

    ?ater! and ?ood5 and ta(in into account the physical relationship $et"een the natural environment

    and the manetic field# %en shui products are mostly used for interior decoration in most of the

    "estern countries#

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    ?hat is sade-sati@

    =eneral effects of sade-sati@

    Cycles of sade-sadi@

    )hases of sade-sati@

    E'ceptions on malefic effects of Saturn transits@

    Saturn transits a house>*odiac for . years and completes its one full cycle in

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    P$AS* (((: PA.$A SAN( & /+.+M0A SAN( This is the last phase of sade-sati# )ro$lems "ith

    family mem$ers! financial pro$lems and leal pro$lems in severe cases "ill happen durin this period#

    Accident! fracture or in6ury in the le miht happen durin )adha sani period# The family mem$ers in

    the family "ill $e seriously affected if more than t"o person in a house has sade-sati period

    simultaneously# This rule does apply for astama-sani also# In such a case! To protect yourself from the

    malefic effects of Saturn! it is advisa$le that any one from the home stays a"ay either in hostel or in a

    relative2s house# Thouh this suestion loo(s strane! this has "or(ed for many $y e'perience#

    ther Phases o1 Saturn: Astama"sani, Arthastama"sani ,eside the .th! st and .nd positions!

    Saturn ives more malefic effects similar to the sade-sati in 9th and th positions# If Saturn transits the

    9th house from the natal moon46anma rasi>moonsin5 it is called as astama-sani# Its period is for . of 

    years $ut ives more malefic effects than the sade-sati# If the Saturn transits the th house from natal

    moon it is called as artha-astama-sani! as the name indicates! artha 4half5! astama4eiht5# This period

    ives half the malefic effects of astama-sani#

    *2ce!tions on male1ic"e11ects Transit of Saturn such as Saturn period or astama-sani doesn2t

    harm people $orn in Li$ra and Taurus moon sins $ecause Saturn is the yoa(ara(a for Li$ra and

    Taurus# Transit of Saturn doesn2t harm Capricorn and A0uarius moon sins $ecause Saturn rules

    Capricorn and A0uarius# Saturn doesn2t ive much harm to people "henever it transits Li$ra 4Saturn2se'altation house5 and A0uarius 4Saturn2s 8oola tri(ona house5 ?henever 3upiter aspects Saturn in its

    transits! malefic effects of Saturn "ill $e reduced Sade-sati doesn2t harm much if it transits the stars of

    venus 4$harani! puram! pooradam5 and the stars of its o"n 4)ushya! Anuradha or /# ,hardrapada

    >poosam! anusham! uthratathi5 Sade-sati and astama-sani doesn2t harm much if in sarva-ashtaa-vara!

    the .th! st! .nd and 9th houses from the natal moon has ot more $indus 4more than .95# If the dhasa

     $u(thi is ood! Saturn transits doesn2t harm much# ,ut the native ets all the $enefic effects of ood

    dhasa-$u(thi only after a lon strule or after a delay# Saturn period and astama sani ives more

    malefic effects to leo! cancer and scorpio and aries moon sins# ,ut if they are $orn in any of the stars

    of venus or Saturn! it doesn2t harm much#

    m sanaisharaya Namaha3 m yamaya Namaha33 m $anumanthaya Namaha333

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    ?hat is Fu6a dosha@

    ?hat are its effects@

    ?hat are the E'ceptions for (u6a dosha@

    ?hat "ill happen if a manli( person ets married "ith a non manli(@

    Is there any remedy for (u6a dosha@

    Should a man have more dosha@

    8ars is considered as a cruel planet in astroloy# It rules over aression! fihtin spirit! $loodshed!

    in6uries! rudeness! aner! "arrior 0ualities etc#

    The planet mars adversely affects the houses that it occupies and also the houses it aspects "ith the

    a$ove said 0ualities# The houses in "hich the placement of mars produces the manal dosha are in

    some "ay or the other related "ith marital $liss# Hence much importance is iven to manal dosha in

    the 8arriae match ma(in process

    Mangal dosha% che44ai dosha%ku5a dosha: The planet mars is called $y different names as (u6a!

    manal! anara(a or chevvai# If the planet 8ars is posited in .nd!th!th!9th or .th house from one7s

    lana4ascendant5 or from 8oon or from Venus in their horoscope4$irth chart5! then the native is said to

    have (u6a dosha or chevvai dosha# A person "ith such a placement of mars is named as 7manli(7#

    *11ects o1 mars in di11erent house: 8ars $ein a fierce and aressive planet in the second house

    ives an aressive and harsh speech to the native# Second house also deals "ith the immediate family

    of the native "hich creates pro$lem in the 6oint family setup# The fourth house indicates relatives and

    domestic comforts# 8ars in this house spoils the domestic happiness# The seventh house rules over these'ual partner as "ell as the se'ual life of the native# 8ars in this house ma(es the native $ehave

    aressive and impatient in se'ual act# The eihth house indicates the lonevity of the marital life#

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    8alefic mars in this house $rea(s the marital life $y separatin the partners either $y ivin ill health

    to the spouse! divorce or death of the spouse# The t"elfth house indicates the pleasures of the $ed! and

    mars in this house spoil the pleasure of $ed and ives unnecessary travel#

    Se4erity o1 .osha: 8ars ives more adverse effects to a native if it is posited in 9th or th house#

    .nd!th and .th position are not much harmful $ut still creates dosha in marital life# The severity of

    dosha is very hih in 9th house! then the th! and then the .nd! th and .th houses are to $e

    considered consecutively# 8ars ives full dosha "hen seen from lana $ut ives only half 4>.5 dosha

    if seen from moon and 0uarter 4>5 dosha from Venus#

    *2ce!tions 1or ku5a dosha The follo"in planetary positions doesn7t create manal dosha even if

    mars is placed in .!!!9 and .th position

    # +o dosha in .nd house! if .nd house happens to $e =emini or Viro

    .# +o dosha in th house! if th house happens to $e Aries or Scorpio

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


     $enefic 3upiter "ith its Gth! th or ;th siht# Con6unction of $enefic 3upiter "ith mars also reduces the

    manal dosha#

    Common *11ects o1 Mangal .osha:

    # 8arriae ets delayed

    .# Juarrels "ith spouse and indifference opinion "ith>to"ards their family mem$ers

    "ido"er or divorcee "ill not affect a manli( c# if the irl crosses the

    ae of .9 mars doesn2t create dosha as .9 is the maturity ae of mars# d# in case of love marriae or

    inter-caste marriae e# if mars Dasha period in a irls chart is completed $efore marriae or if it comes

    after the ae of G

    ut of e'perience the only $est suestion for a mars dosha is that a irl "ith mars dosha should

    marry a man "ho also has mars dosha#

    It2s $etter if a irl "ith mars in th or 9th house is matched "ith a man havin mars in th or 9thhouse# At least he should have mars in .! ! or .th position

    m Angarakaya namaha3 m Prith4iyai Namaha33 m Su6ramanyai Namaha333

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    ?hat is (ala sarpa yoa@

    ?hat is (ala amrita yoa@

    ?hat is partial (ala sarpa yoa@

    ?hat are the effects of (ala sarpa yoa@

    ?hat are the types of (ala sarpa yoa@

    Fala sarpa yoaK As per hindu mytholoical stories! head of sna(e is called as Rahu! tail of sna(e is

    called as (etu# They $oth are placed opposite to each other at 9B deree and never meet toether# rahu

    and (etu are shado" planets# They do not have any solid form and can neither $e seen throuh na(ed

    eye or throuh telescopes# If all the seven planets are placed in $et"een Rahu and (etu then it is called

    as (alasarpa yoa# If all the seven planets are placed in $et"een (etu and Rahu then it is called as (alaamrita yoa# +ot much detail a$out this yoa is iven in any of the famous 6yothish scripts# It seems

    this yoa has $een inserted in the medieval period $y some 6yothish e'perts#

    Effects of (ala sarpa yoaK Falasarpa yoa stops other ood yoas in the horoscope to ive its fruitful

    effects to the native# Any$ody affected $y (ala sarpa yoa faces lot of pro$lems untill the ae of

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology



    Effects of Fala Amrita yoaK Very fe" lines have $een spo(en a$out the effects of (ala amrita yoa in

     6yothish te'ts# (ala sarpa yoa formed $y placement of all seven planets in $et"een Rahu-Fetu a'is is

    said to ive all (inds of materialistic comforts# ,ut still they have a restless mind# (ala amrita yoa

    formed $y placement of all seven planets in $et"een Fetu-Rahu a'is is said to ive proress in

    spiritual enlihtenment and they al"ays have a peaceful mind and do not et affected $y family

     $ondaes and materialistic comforts#

    )artial Fala Sarpa yoaK If only one planet comes out of the rahu-(et a'is then it is called as partial

    (ala sarpa yoa# this yoa does not harm the person too much# $ut still he suffers a lot durin the dashaof the planet "hich is placed outside rahu-(etu a'is#

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    Types of Fala Sarpa &oaK there are . types of (alasarpa yoa $ased on the positions of rahu and

    (etu# Each yoa is iven the name of different sna(es spo(en a$out in mytholoical scriptures#

    # Ananta FalaSarpayoaK If rahu is in lana and (etu in seventh house then this yoa is formed#

    This ma(es the individual tal(ative# %re0uent 0uarrels "ith the pouse and creates pro$lem in

    the marital life

    .# =uli(a Falasarpa yoaK If rahu is in second house and (etu in eith house then this yoa is

    formed# This yoa ma(es the individual spea( lies and "ill not (eep up the promises# They

    "ould also lac( "ealth and miht $e inclines to"ards occult studies#

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    ?hat is Falathra Dosha@

    ?hat are the effects of Falathra Dosha@

    ?hat is 8analya Dosha@

    ?hat are the effects of 8analya Dosha@

    ?hat are the effects of planets in different house@

    ?hat are the e'ceptions on dosha@

    The "ord Falathra means spouse# Amon the planets! Venus is the (alathra (ara(a 4planet indicatin

    "ife5# Amon the . houses! th house is the (althra sthana4house indicatin spouse5# Any malefic

     planet in th house creates (alathra dosha# Also! (alathra dosha is created if the th lord and venus isafflicted in the $irth chart# Falathra dosha delays the marriae and it is very hard to find a suita$le

     partner for marriae# Even after the marriae! they lac( ood understandin and live a separated life#

    They also lac( con6ual $liss "hich ultimately ends up in divorce# In some cases! the spouse suffers

    due to health pro$lems and even death may occur in severe cases#

    Similarly! 9th house is called as manalya sthana4house indicatin marital tie5# 8alefic planets in 9th

    house create 8analya dosham# )lanet 3upiter is called as the manalya (ara(a 4planet indicatin

    marital tie5# If the 9th lord! 3upiter and 9th house is afflicted! then the person faces trou$le in marital

    life due to manalya dosham# 8analya dosha "ill spoil the marriae life either $y separatin hus$and

    and "ife $y sendin someone a"ay from home or else $y divorce or $y ivin death to the hus$and#

    Common e11ects o1 kalathra dosha: 

    # Delay in marriae

    .# /nhappy marital life

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    Sani dasha: Saturn in th or 9th houseK Saturn creates (alathra dosha in th house and 8analya

    dosha in 9th house# This is also called as Sani dosha# Saturn dosha delays the marriae and marriae

    ta(es place only after the ae of

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    )/THRA DSHA 4)R=E+& )R,LE8S5

    ?hat is )uthra Dosha@

    ?hat are the houses indicatin proeny@

    ?hat are the effects of )uthra Dosha@

    )lanets indicatin curses in our horoscope

    ?ho is Farma )uthra@

    1)uthra2 means child# The "ord 1Dosha2 has several meanin li(e $lemish! mista(e! a pro$lem or an

    imperfection# )uthra dosha creates proeny pro$lems to the native# %ifth house is called as )uthra

    Sthana4house indicatin children5# Any malefic planet in Gth house creates puthra dosha# 3upiter is the

     puthra (ara(a4planet indicatin children5# If the Gth lord! 3upiter and Gth house is affected $y malefic

     planets then the person suffers due to )uthra Dosha# )uthra Dosha ma(es the native suffer due to proeny#

    Common e11ects o1 Puthra .osha:

    # Delay in child $irth

    .# 8iscarriaes

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    It is al"ays ood if no planet occupies Gth house 4puthra sthana5# Even $enefic planet li(e 3upiter in

    Gth house creates dosha# Gth house is also called as poorva punya sthana# Hence any malefic planet in

    Gth house indicates the curse "e2ve ot from our past lives#

    # )lanet sun indicates curse of father 

    .# 8oon indicates curse of mother 

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology



    What is &uthu 5athaka7

    Horoscope is usually cast $y the $irth time of a child and predictions are $ased on the planetary

     positions in their natal chart# ,ut for a irl! the predictions are done mostly $y loo(in at their Ruthu

    chart other"ise called as Ruthu 6atha(a#

    $o8 is &uthu chart cast7

    )u$erty or 8enses is a physical chane in the constitution of a irl# The irl is said have attained

    Ruthu "hen she ets her first menses# Ruthu chart is cast $ased on the planetary positions durin her

    first menses#

    What e11ect does it ha4e on a girl7

    Life of a irl chanes completely after her pu$erty# She ets all (ind of feminine 0ualities only afterRuthu# She loo(s at the "orld and people around her "ith a different mentality# ,eside this a ne" "ay

    of life is destined for her after her pu$erty#

    $o8 do 6irth chart and &uthu chart di11ers7

    ,irth chart of a irl reveals entire destiny of the "omen# Ruthu chart reveals only a$out the marital

    life! children! happiness! lonevity of hus$and! con6ual $liss and the character of the native#

    Ruthu chart can reveal very "ell a$out the marital life of a irl $etter than the $irth chart# After the

    Ruthu chart is cast! prediction from an astroloer can $e had only a$out her marital life! Falathra

    dosha and 8analya dosha if any# Any steps for marriae should $e ta(en only after doin properRemedies#

    ,ut this chart cannot $e used for determinin any (armic pro$lems! assets etc# this chart stops "or(in

    after menopause 4end of menses5

    Shall ( use &uthu chart 1or marriage match making7

     +o# nly $irth chart should $e used for marriae match ma(in# If Ruthu occurs on auspicious time

    she7ll have a very happy marital life even if she has any (alathra dosha 4marriae $lemish5 in her $irth

    chart# If she ets Ruthu on inauspicious time then her marital life "ill not $e peaceful# She miht face

    lot of pro$lems "ith her spouse#

    S+*S9(NS '& A $APP# MA&(9A) )('*

    Happiness in marital life can $e achieved $y properly follo"in the suestion iven $y vedic

    shastras# ne should ta(e advice from a ood astroloer $y properly castin their $irth horoscope and

    Ruthu horoscope and do the remedies "here ever needed $efore her marriae# Then! )roper marriae

    matchin such as a5 $irth star matchin 4B porutham5! $5 mars dosha considerations! c5(althra dosha

    considerations! d5 manalya dosha considerations e5 dosha samyam should $e done# After the

    marriae! proper 8uhurtha for +ishe(am 4first se'ual contact5 should $e chosen#

    A '*MA)* $&SCP*

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    Thouh the horoscope is cast in the same "ay as for men! predictions vary for "omen in fe" aspects

    due to their anatomy and life style differences# ,y anatomy! $reasts and ovary are indicated $y the

    fourth and fifth house of the female horoscope#

    Gth and ;th houseK 4conception and children5

    Children are indicated $y the Gth house for a male# %or a female ;th house indicates children! Gth

    house indicates conception and a$ortions# A "oman $ecomes childless if the ;th house is seriously

    affected# Any malefic planet in Gth house creates ovary pro$lems# Rahu in Gth house creates minute

    erms in the ovary "hich eats a"ay or harms the ovum or em$ryo and distur$s the conception of the

     $a$y# 8ars in Gth house creates more heat in the ovary and spoils the conception $y hurtin the

    em$ryo# Saturn in Gth house fills up the ovary "ith vayu 4as5 due to its vatta nature and prevents the

    floatin of sperm cells in to the ovary# Fetu in Gth house damaes the tissues of the ovary delays the

    conception of $a$y#

    Gth and ;th house of the female should not $e affected $y any malefic planets to have a healthy

    delivery of child# )roper remedy should $e done if the Gth and ;th house is affected in order to have a

    healthy $a$y#

    th and 9th houseK 4hus$and and marriae5

    th house is called as the (alathra sthana# th house indicates the characteristics of hus$and! position

    of hus$and! happiness and se'ual pleasure# Any malefic planet in th house creates (althra dosha and

    spoils the a$ove said 0ualities in the life of "omen# A irl "ill et a ood hus$and and have a ood

    con6ual life only if the th house is not affected $y malefic planets li(e mars! Saturn! Rahu and (etu#

    In case of (alathra dosha! proper remedy should $e done in order to have a ood hus$and and to

    maintain ood relationship "ith him#

    9th house is called as 8analya sthana# 9th house indicates the marital tie and the lonevity of thehus$and# Any malefic in 9th house creates 8analya dosha# 8analya dosha "ill spoil the marriae

    life either $y separatin hus$and and "ife $y sendin someone a"ay from home or $y divorce or $y

    ivin death to the hus$and# It is hihly recommended to perform some remedy $efore the marriae in

    case of manalya dosha#

    0 &+9$+ $&SCP*

    8arriae should $e arraned for a irl only after follo"in proper remedies if the Ruthu of a irl has

    occurred on inauspicious day! thithi4lunar days5! constellation! months! yoas ! (aranas and planetary


    Happy future of a irl is also determined $ased on the clothes "orn $y the irl durin her first menses

    and the person "ho chec(s the menstrual dischare in the irl#

    The colour and the 0uality of the cloth "orn $y the irl durin her pu$erty also sho"s some effects in

    her marriae life#

    If a irl "as "earin "hite cloth durin her first menses she "ill $e happy and healthy# She2ll live li(e

    a 0ueen and $e fortunate if she "as "earin sil( durin her Ruthu# Happy and polite if ne" cloth "as


    Torn cloth! red cloth! $lac( cloth! dirty cloth ives poverty! disease! "ido"hood and sorro"


  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    Hence parents should concentrate in choosin riht arments and niht cloths for their irl child "ho

    is a$out to attain pu$erty# ?hite! yello"! reen is $est recommended for irls "hose ae crosses .

    and a$ove#

    ,lac( and red should $e strictly avoided#

    Similarly the person "ho confirms the first menses in the irl also has effect on her life# %uture of the

    irl "ill $e ood if a manalya stri 4"omen happily livin "ith her hus$and5! devadasi4prostitute5

    confirms the first menses# ?ido"! childless "omen! "omen currently in menses and the mother of the

    irl should not $e allo"ed to confirm the pu$erty# This "ould ma(e her life an unhappy one#

    The irl ta(in manal snan 4first $ath5 after her first menses should loo( at any auspicious o$6ects

    li(e sandal "ood! lotus! mirror! co"! elephant etc

    Effects of "ee(days on %irst mensesK

    • SundayK suffers health pro$lems! pro$lems in proeny

    • 8ondayK "ill $e affectionate and $e a chaste

    • TuesdayK short marital life! ill health to hus$and

    • ?ednesdayK more children! happy family

    • ThursdayK happy! ood character! fortune to hus$and

    • %ridayK "ill $e healthy and devoted to hus$and and family

    • SaturdayK /nhappy and vicious

    Similarly Thithi2s li(e Chathurthi! shasti! astami! navami! chaturthasi and amavasya are inauspicious#

    Stars li(e )uram4)u$$a5! Frithi(a! )ooradam 4)urvashada5! )ooratadhi 4)urva$hadrapad 5! ,harani!

    Ayilyam4Aslesha5! thiruvadhirai 4aridra5! visha(a! (ettai46yestha5! are inauspicious#

    &oas li(e vish(am$a! anda! shoola! vyahata! va6ra! patha! vydhruthi are inauspicious#

    Faranas li(e $hava! ara6a! vani(a! $hadra! sa(uni! chatuspath! naa! (imsthuna are inauspicious

    8onths li(e chithirai4chaitra5! Aani46yeshta5! aadi4ashadha5!puratasi4$hadrapada5!

    (rithiai4(arthia5!thai4pushya5 are inauspicious#

    ?omen "ho have attained their pu$erty on the a$ove inauspicious 8uhurtha "ill face trou$les in their 

    marital life# The $ad effects of these muhurthas can $e minimi*ed to a certain e'tent $y doin a proper 

    remedy recommended $y our Vedic scholars#

    C MA&&(A* MA9C$(N

    8arriae match ma(in is done mostly $y comparin the $irth star of $ride and room# ut of Bmatches made $y comparin $irthstars of $ride and room at least five matches such as dhinam4health

    and lon life5! ana 4for dominance and peace of mind5! yoni 4for se'ual satisfaction5! rasi4proeny5!

    racchu 4lonevity of spouse5 should $e present for a happy marital life# Apart from this! proper

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    horoscope matchin should $e done $ased on the planets posited in .!!!9 and .th houses# A

    manli( should $e matched "ith a manli( alone#

    . N(S$*/AM ;'(&S9 S*

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    • thursday N polite

    • %riday N o$edient

    • saturday N vicious

    Result of cloth on the first menses

    # "hite cloth N happy

    .# sil( >fi$re N 0ueen or fortunate

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    Sharmistha "as the dauhter of asura Fin Vrishaparva# Shu(racharya "as the daitya uru to the

    Fin# ne day Sharmishtha and Devayani !dauhter of Shu(racharya "ere playin in the arden #

    )layfully Sharmistha pushed Devayani into "ell o"in to an arument as to "ho "as more po"erful !

    as dauhter of (in Sharmistha or Devayani as the dauhter of ,ramhin #

    &ayati a po"erful Fin passed $y pulled Devayani out helpin her throuh his riht hand# As &ayati

    had held the hand of Devayani ! Devayani insisted he marry her o"in to have ta(en her hand

    )anirahanM #

    &ayati "ith the $lessins of Shu(racharya married Devayani #And As a punishment Vrshaparva (in

    to pacify his uruM made Sharmishtha the maiden of Devayani #

    Sharmishtha accompanied Devayani to the land of &ayati # In course of time Sharmistha attained

     pu$erty # &ayati "as around at the same time#

    Sharmistha as(ed &ayati to marry her # &ayati refused # Sharmistha e'plained shastra "ords to &ayati

    sayin K

    Oh (in ! Those "ho refuse to marry the irl havin attained her first rutu durin rutu (ala out of

    her o"n "ill if "ishes to have proeny from a manM "ill et sin e0ual to $Hrun hatya#

    Fin says P marriaes are to $e performed $y the "ishes of parents of Fanya ! and "ithout the "ish of 

    the Vrishaparva or Shu(racharya it is not possi$leP

    Sharmishtha says P oh Fin smriti says ! parents have riht onto the irl only till she attains pu$erty !

    after the rutu (ala has passed even "hen a )arent is una$le to find a suita$le room for the irl ! then

    irl has an independence to choose the man for herself# Therfore $ein the dauhter of a (in thouh

    livin li(e a slave in your house ! I choose you to $e my hus$and ! (indly accept me# else you "ill

    have to em$race the sin of stree hatya and $hrun hatya as if you "ill not marry then I am sure(ly notoin to $e alive# O

    hearin this Fin &ayati secretly married Sharmistha and $ore her three sons# Devayani after seein

    three healthy $a$ies in her courtyard as(ed her a$out their father # ?hen the (ids pointed to the FIn !

    she felt decieved and Shu(racharya instantly cursed &A&ATI to $ecome old aed # ?hen yayati

    narrated the circumstances in "hich he had to marry Sharmistha ! Shu(racharya said his curse cannot

     $e reversed $ut he can e'chane his old ae "ith any youn man#

    &ayati called all his sons to accept his old ae ! none accepted e'cept )/R/ # Thus puru ave up his

    en6oyments in youn ae and em$raced the old ae of his father ! after a la(hs of years too &ayati

    found that his thrist for se'ual pleasure did not "ea(en or die# Thus concludin this thirst cannot $e0uenched unless renounced# He renounced the "orld and ave $ac( his youth to )uru and also the

    (indom #


    =th $ouse > Children

    Children are indicated $y the Gth $hava in the horoscope# A son is called as putra in Sans(rit#Those

    "ho die "ithout $earin a son are destined to o to )/TA nama( Hell # all the ancestors of that tree

    fall in the hell named )uta# Since a son protectsra(shatiM his ancestors from the )uta hell !that meanshe does QraQ(sha M from QputQaM hence he is (no"n as “!utra”


  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    Woman 6ecome !regnant to concie4e a child? 'or this their rutukala !lays an im!ortant role?

    Moon and mars are im!ortant in determining rutukala that may lead to !regnancy? When moon

    is anu!achaya !laces 1rom a 5anma rashi o1 the 8oman , i1 6eing at any o1 these !laces ,i1 it is

    6eing as!ected 6y mars ,that !eriod%month 8ill 6e ca!a6le in 6ringing a6out the conce!tion

    @gar6hgraharta4 to those 8ho 8ish to ha4e a child?

    that means i1 a 8oman 6ecomes rutumati in an u!achaya rashi 1rom her 5anma rashi ,she 8ill

    not concie4e in that cycle? (1 in such a com6ination the moon is as!ected 6y 5u!iter ,the cou!le

    8ill try 1or a 6a6y?

    i1 on the 1ourth day at the time o1 rutu4irama i1 as!ected 6y 4enus 8oman 8ill ha4e e2treme

    !assion to8ards her hus6and?9he se4enth 1rom lagna at the time samyoga ,i1 it is aries ,taurus

    ,leo sagitarius then they 8ill engage in the se2ual act akin to animals? i1 it is gemini 4irgo or

    aBuarius ,then it 8ill 6e like humans?i1 there are male1ics as!ecting then union 8ill s!ring out o1

    anger and di11erence o1 o!inion? i1 as!ected 6y the 6ene1ics they 8ill ha4e a11ectionate union? i1

    not as!ected 6y any !lanet it 8ill 6e a Buiet union?i1 6oth 6ene1ics and male1ics as!ect ,then

    union 8ill start 8ith a11ection and end u! in discord or 4ice 4ersa?

    All these 8ill ha4e 6earing on the 6irth and li1e o1 the child? 4enus ,mars,5u!iter

    sun,moon,saturn,mercury,lagnadhi!ati@gar6hadaan,moon and sun are seBuentially guardians

    o1 the child in the 8om6 1or D months till 6irth o1 the child?

    # &ahu "ith $enefics in fifth and 6upiter also "ith $enefics ive many sons

    .# a $enefic fifth lord "ith $enefics and 6upiter in (endra ives many sons

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    ,a$ruvahana "as $orn to chitranada -Ar6un !he "as incarnation of manmath#

    Iravant "as $orn to /lupi-Ar6un "as the incarnation of 8ars manalM

    All these died in the "ar of 8aha$harath e'cept ,a$ruvahan "ho did not participate#

    )ari(shit "as son of A$himanyu /ttara and thus "as the only heir left after the "ar and hence "as

    throned onto hastinapur#Since Frishna "as protectin him throuh sudarshan ! "hile in the "om$ he

    "as inspectin the presence of Lord He is (no"n as )ari(shit#

    Marriages and Astrology" an o!inion

    8any a times "e see )eople claim marriaes are made in heaven#

    • Then "e see many people calmourin after "omen fol(s to marry them #

    • )arents of elii$le irls floc( around to et a suita$le match for their dauhters#

    • In the process many seems to $e stronly opinin their li(es and disli(es "rt each room or


    If marriaes "ere to $e made in heaven ! does this not seem to $e a superflous e'ercise@

    • 3ust "ait for a riht riht time and the prospective people "ould $e married@ is it possi$le# Do

    "e $elieve in it@

    • If marriaes are made in heaven then "hy at all "e see a $rea( in a marriae @

    • If marriaes are made in heaven "hy one oes throuh so much of rind in identifyin

     prospective room or $ride#

    • %inally almost every star matches "ith other star in some "ay or te other does that mean

     people of these stars eventually marry

    • even after Astroloer proclaims a match is ood ! people dont2 marry ! tal(s fall off

    • Even after horoscopes dont match people marry

    • Some elope to marry

    • some suffer in marriae

    • some elate in marriae

    • Some marry to $e happy ever after ?hat2s so heavenly a$out it ! ho" astroloer can say

    "hether the t"o horoscopes in 0uestion "ill definitely marry or not@

    Astroloy does have ans"ers to all this##@

    ?Hen t"o horoscope are matched ! its the nimmitta that suests that "hether the marraie "ill occur 

    or not# The position held $y the messener spea(s a lot a$out the marital proceedins # The nadi of


  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    astroloer primarily holds s"ay on the marriae to $e solemned # Also muhurtha chosen sometimes

    lays foundation for destroyed marriaes# Called off $araats#

    There are three types of people in this "orld ! for the fisrt cateory 8arriaes are indeed made in

    heaven# These people need not "ory a$out their marraies ! they inavaria$ly marry those they are

    destined to ! "hether the "orld arees aor not ! "hether it is practical or or not aor ho"vevr impossi$le

    ! the marriae ta(es place even if these t"o prospective room and $ride live at the opposite pole of

    earth ! they marry !simply $ecause they are destined#

    The second type underoes marriae yoa every B years and every month in a year# These people if

    ma(e an effort end up marryin someone or the other and its the muhurtha of the marriae that

    determines the 0ualities of this marraie# Here marraies are not made in heaven# Its the instantaneous

    Farma that $rins a$out such union#

    The third type of people ! marriaes are only meant to ive unhappiness # Such people invaria$le

    marry "ron types ! et decieved in marraie! marriae is a curse for them !they suffer for it # It is

    there destiny to suffer#

    8ost of the males if $orn as females in this $irth ! marry only for conveneince and rarely there is any

    sense of $elonin $et"een the pairs#

    %or those "ho have $een not luc(y to have a partner $orn for them ! usually "ith remedial measures

    marry the second types#

    So the real true devotees of =od need not "orry a$out the marriae at all # 3ust "ait for heavens to

    sho"er the $lessins# ,ut e'cessive contemplation "ill result in early marriae "ith the second types#

    So choice is your2s#

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology



    ?hat is numeroloy@

    ?ho developed numeroloy@

    ?hat numeroloy can do for me@

    ?hat are the different systems of numeroloy@

    ?hich numeroloy system shall I follo"@

    What is numerology7

     +umeroloy is the study of the occult or supernatural meanins of num$ers and their influence on

    human life# A +umeroloist studies the influence of num$ers in your life $ased on your $irth date and

    your full name#

    Who de4elo!ed numerology7

     +umeroloy has $een follo"ed for thousands of years around the "orld# ,ut no$ody (no"s "ho

    actually discovered the system of numeroloy# Accordin to records availa$le )ythaoras! a =ree(

    mathematician and a philosopher "ho lived around G;B ,C esta$lished a school in "hich he tauht

    numeroloy amon other su$6ects# Accordin to him the entire universe is composed of num$ers# He

    sa" every letters and "ords in terms of num$ers#

    Thouh +umeroloy has $een follo"ed for hundreds of years! the only person "ho is responsi$le for

    the fast spread of numeroloy durin the last century is ?illiam 3ohn ?arner! $etter (no"n as Cheiro#

    He "as $orn on +ovem$er ! 9 in Du$lin! Ireland# Cheiro "as a clairvoyant "ho used palmistry!

    astroloy! and numeroloy to ma(e accurate predictions and "ho inspired hundreds of numeroloists

    and astroloers around the "orld#

    What are the di11erent ty!es o1 numerology7

    There are several types of numeroloy follo"ed in different areas# ,ut popular amon them are

    Chaldean method and )ythaoras method#

    What is the di11erence 6et8een Pythagorean and Chaldean Numerology7

    )ythaorean method is more easy to use and called as modern numeroloy# )ythaoras is the father of

    this system# This system ives a materialistic meanin and is "idely follo"ed in "est# Alpha$ets from

    A to : are allotted num$ers from to ; in se0uence# All compound num$ers are reduced to sinle

    diits for predictions# 8aster num$ers li(e ! .. and

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    What Numerology can do 1or me7

     +umeroloy can reveal the hidden aspects of your destiny# &our career! health! family life and your

    relationship "ith others can $e predicted# &ou2ll et to (no" a lot a$out your o"n self! your li(es and

    disli(es! your positive and neative characteristics# ,etter understandin of your friends! lover! family

    mem$ers and their relationship "ith you#

    $o8 does it 8ork7

     +um$ers have vi$rations# Each num$er has a rulin planet and the num$er sym$oli*es the planets

    0ualities# +um$er holds the 0ualities of the planet S/+# Similarly +um$er . resonates "ith moon! <

    "ith 3upiter! "ith Rahu! G "ith 8ercury! "ith Venus! "ith (etu! 9 "ith Saturn and ; "ith 8ars#

    Similarly every alpha$et from A to : has vi$rations# A holds the vi$ration of sun and hence ta(e the

    value # , has the vi$ration of moon and ta(es the value .# Li(e"ise every alpha$et resonates "ith a

     particular planet and holds a numerical value and its characteristics#

    $o8 can ( 6ene1it 1rom numerology7

    Every$ody has a psychic num$er! destiny num$er and a name num$er# These three num$ers

    sym$oli*es the planets control over an individual#

    Thouh you could not chane your $irth num$ers you can chane your name num$er $y addin or

    deletin fe" letters in your name#

     +umeroloy uides you to alter your name in Luc(y num$ers so that you can ma(e a luc(y future# It

    insists you to carry out important "or(s on luc(y dates so that success is uaranteed# &ou can $e

     $enefited to the level $est $y (eepin luc(y num$ers for your house! phone num$er! vehicle num$er


    Chanin name "ill surely $rin happiness and luc( in your life#

    $o8 can ( choose a lucky name7

    All the nine num$ers representin nine planets ma(e a mutual relationship amon themselves as a

    friend! enemy and e0ual#

    )sychic and destiny num$ers controls the entire life of a man to a reater e'tent# &our luc( or a failure

    depends on ho" "ell your name num$er resonates "ith your psychic and destiny num$ers# &ou can

    mitiate the ill effect and increase the luc( factor present in our $irth num$ers $y choosin a riht


    The name num$er you choose should not $e an enemy num$er to your psychic and destiny num$er#

    Luc( increases in many folds if your name num$er is a friendly num$er to your psychic and destiny


    Which name should ( use 1or !rediction7

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    The name that you have in your certificates and leal papers should $e ta(en for prediction# Callin

    name does have effect only on relationship level# verall improvement in all aspects of your life can

     $e determined only "ith your full name#

    Which system shall ( 1ollo87

    )ythaorean method ives a detailed analysis a$out your personality# you2ll et to (no" more a$outyourself $y havin an analysis throuh )ythaorean method# Chaldean method can $e used to select

    your luc(y num$er for choosin mo$ile num$er! $an( account num$er! and num$ers for ettin

    lotteries and num$ers to dra" luc( in speculation# Luc(y dates for startin ne" ventures! for

    conductin marriae and other ceremonies etc#

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology



    )anchana is used for selectin an auspicious time for startin ceremonies and important "or(s li(e

    8arriae! $uildin house! startin a $usiness etc# The "ord )anchana means 1%ive Lim$s2# The five

    lim$s include Vara! Thithi! +a(shatra! &oa and Farana#

    Vaara ;.ays o1 the 8eek: Sunday! 8onday! Tuesday! ?ednesday! Thursday! %riday and Saturday#

    one complete day is rec(oned from one midniht to the ne't midniht# This system is follo"ed

    throuh out the "orld# ,ut for calculatin muhurtha a complete day is considered from one sunrise to

    the ne't sunrise# ?ednesday! Thursday! %riday are very auspicious# Saturday and Tuesday are


    9ithi ;)unar .ay: In one month! there are .9 tithis! one poornima or full moon and one amavasya or 

    ne" moon# The first tithi $eins after the amavasya# There are tithis in the shu(la pa(sha 4liht

    half5 and in the Frishna pa(sha 4dar( half5 of a month#

    # )rathma 4first5! .# D"itiya 4second5!

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology



    Divyadesams are B9 sacred places "here the reat . Al"ars have sun 8analasasanam 4praisin of 

    the )erumal5 on Lord Vishnu#

    .(V#A .$*SAM C$(*' .*(9# S?N


    .(V#A .$*SAM C$(*' .*(9#

    Sriranam Sri Rananathar GG +aththam Sri Thiruvarau +amanai!

    Sri Vi6ayasanar

    Thiru /rayur Sri A*haiya 8anavalan G Thiru((udanthai Sri 8aya(uththan

    Than6ai 8aamani Foil Sri +eelameham G Thiru((urunudi Sri A*haiya +am$i

    Thiru An$il Sri Vadiva*haiya +am$i G9 Th(iru((olur Sri Vaitha 8anidhi

    Thiru Faram$anur Sri )urushothaman G; thiruvananthapuram Sri Anantha )adhmana$han

    Thiru Vellarai Sri )undaree(a(shan B Thiruvanparisaram Thiru((uralappan

    Thiru )ulla$oodanudi Sri Val Vil Ramar Thiru(at(arai Sri Fat(ariyappan

    Thirupper +aar Sri Appa((udathan . 8oo*hi((alam Sri 8u*hi(alathan

    Thiru Aadhanoor Sri Aandu Ala((um aiyya < Thiruppuliyur Sri 8ayapiran

    Thiru A*handhur Sri Aamaruviyappan Thiruchenannur Sri Imayavarappan

    Siruppuliyur Sri Arul 8aa(adal )erumal G Thiru +avi Sri +arayanan

    Thiru Cherai Sri Saranathan Thiru Valv*sh Sri FolapiranThiru Thalaichanadu Sri +aanmadhiya )erumal Thiruvan Vandoor Sri )am$anyappan

    Fum$a(onam Sri Aaravamudhan 9 Thiruvattaru Sri Aadhi(esavan

    Thiru((andiyur Sri Hara Chaa$a Vimosana


    ; Thiruviththu((odu Sri /yyavandha )erumal

    Thiru Vinnaaram Sri ppiliappan B Thiru((adithanam Sri Amrutha +arayanan

    Thiru((annapuram Sri So"rira6an Thiruvaran vilai Sri Thiru((uralappan

    Thiruva*hi Thirunaari Sri VayalALi manalan . ThiruvahIndipuram Sri Devanathan

     +aapattinam Sri Soundarya ra6an < Thiru((ovalur Thiruvi(raman

    ThirunARay/r Sri +arayur +am$i Fancheepuram Sri Varadhara6ar

     +andhipura Vinnaaram sri 3aannathan G Thiru(acchi -


    Sri Aadhi(esavan

    Thiru Indhalur Sri )arimala Ranan Thooppul -


    Sri Deepa )ra(asar

    Thiru Chitra Foodam sri =ovindhara6an Thiru(acchi -


    Sri 8u(undanaya(an

    Seera*hi Sri Thadalan 9 Thiru(acchi -


    Sri )andava Thoothar

    Thiru Foodalur Sri Vayyam (aththa )erumal ; Fanchi -


    Sri 3aadeesan

    Thiru Fannanudi Sri Shyamala 8eni )erumal 9B Fanchipuram



    Sri +ilathinadl Thundan

    Thiru((annamanai Sri ,ha(thavatsalan 9 Fancheepuram -


    Thiru oraathan

    Fa$isthalam Sri =a6endra Varadhan 9. Thiruchen(udrur Sri Imayavarappan

    Thiru Vellianudi Sri Fola Vil Raman 9< Fancheevaram -


    Sri Faruna(aran

    8ani 8ada Foil Sri +anda Vila((u )erumal 9 Fancheepuram -


    Sri Falvar )erumal

    Vai(untha Vinnaaram Sri Vai(unthanathan 9G Fanchipuram -


    sri Aadhi varAhan

    Arimeya Vinnaaram Sri Fudamadu Foothan 9 )avalavannam -


    Sri )avalavannan

    Devanar Thoai sri Deivanayaam 9 )arames"ara

    Vinnaaram -


    Sri Vai(unthanathan

    Thiruvanpurushothamam Sri )urushothaman 99 Thirupput(u*hi Sri Veerarahavan

    Semponsei Foil Sri )erarulalan 9; Thirunindravoor Sri ,ha(thavatsalan

    Thiruthetri Am$alam Sri Senanmal ;B Thiruvallur Sri Veerarahavan

    Thirumani((oodam Sri 8ani((uda +ayaan ; Thiruneermalai Srineervannan

    Thiru((avalam$adi =opala Frishnan ;. Thiruvidanthai Sri La(shmi varathan

    Thiruvella((ulam Sri Fannan +arayanan ;< 8aha$alipuram Sri Sthalasayanan

    )arththan )alli Sri Thamarayal Felvan ; Thiruvalli((eni Sri )arthasarathy

  • 8/16/2019 Kalachakram Vedic Astrology


    Thiru 8aliruncholai Sri A*haar ;G Sholinhur -


    Sri yoa +arasimhar

    Thiru((ottiyur Sri So"mya +arayanan ; Tirupathi Sri Srinivasar - ,ala6i

    Thiru 8eyyam Sri Sathyairi +athan ; Aho$hilam Sri +arasimhar

    Thiruppullani Sri 3aannathan ;9 Ayodhi Sri Ramar

    Thiru Thanal Sri Thanalappan ;; +aimisaranyam Sri Devara6an

    Thiru 8ohur Sri Falameha )erumaL BB Salaramam Sri 8oorthy

    Thiru((oodal Sri Fudala*haar )erumal B ,adrinath Sri ,adrinarayanan

    Srivilliputhur Sri Vada$hadhrasayi B. Deva )rayaai Sri +eelamehamThiru((uruur Sri Aadhinathan B< 3oshi 8utt Sri )arama )urushan

    Tholaivilli 8analam Sri Devapiran - Sri Aravindha


    B D"ara(a Sreenath6i

     +anuneri Sri Vara 8anai! Sri


    BG 8athura Sri =ovardhana

    Thiruppulinudi Sri Fasini Vendhan B =o(ul Sri +ava 8ohana Frishna

    Thirupperai Sri 8a(ara +edunu*hi


    B Thirupar(adal Sri Fsheera$dinath

    Sri Vai(untham Sri Fannapiran B9 )aramapadam Sri )arandaman