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Comenius Dive in the Sky


  • Dive in the sky. Meeting in kaunas. activities for priMary school stuDents.
  • During the meeting, primary students from Turkey, Portugal and Lithuania had opportunities to participated in different activities, which promoted to learn astronomy. Firstly, they saw the performance The solar system.
  • All preparations and decorations were made by Lithuanian students. They made eight planets, the sun and the moon by themselfs.
  • The performance was very interesting. All students could move like planets . They were very happy.
  • While teachers and secondary students participated in a conference, primary pupils had a lot of activities. Felting celestial bodies from wool was exciting activity. Portugal girls liked it very much. They made the beautiful sun.
  • The next activity was folding from paper. Students made aliens. Lithuanian student Dovydas showed how to make the alien.
  • Lately we all became scientists. We saw a short film about the solar system.
  • We were making craters like in the Moon.
  • We tried to be astronauts. We launched a rocket. The kids were interested.
  • Our solar system. We imitated the solar system.
  • We made the sun and stars from clay.
  • We drank tea and had very good time! Everyone was happy !

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