keep in touch: channel, expectation and experience

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Presented at CHI 2012, Austin, TX. This work got best paper honorable mention award.


  • 1. KEEP IN TOUCH: CHANNEL,EXPECTATION AND EXPERIENCERongrong Wang, Virginia TechFrancis Quek, Virginia TechDeborah Tatar, Virginia TechJames K.S. Teh, National University of SingaporeAdrian D. Cheok, Keio University, Japan CHI May 7, 2012

2. Im Hugging You, Dad! 3. Was Paul Sending a Coded Message? 4. Encode DecodeMessage Message Touch ChannelTouch as a Symbol Mediation 5. TouchTouch as Immediate 6. GoalTo understand whether and how remote touch in conjunction with speech can influence the sense of connectedness & emotional experience 7. Touch Touch & Emotion Communication Valenced Emotions [Wolff 1963, Brossard 1968] Emotion Amplifier [Knapp 1997] Distinct Emotions [Hertenstein 2002] Context Is Key [Jones 1985]Touch Conveys Affect in An Immediate Non-symbolic Manner. 8. Remote Touch Digitally Mediated Touch Focused on design Either by design or user decision Message PassingRemote Touch Doesnt Inherit The Immediacy of Real Touch? 9. ArmbandShape Memory Alloy 10. Story-Telling StudyC1: Audio OnlyTouchTouchC2: Audio + Touch PointPoint 11. Results shows Significant reduction in sadness General trend toward greater joviality Remote Touch can influence the affectivecomponents in communicationWang, Rongrong and Quek, Francis, Talk & Touch: Contextualize Remote Touchfor Affective Conveyance, TEI 2010 12. Is the specific modality of touch important?How does the context influence the effect of remote touch? 13. Type of ChannelSpeech + Remote TouchSpeech + Flashing Light 14. Expectation of Communicative Intent Communicative Remote touch is intentionally sent by the story teller to expressher emotion states. Measurement Remote touch is triggered by a measurement of the story tellersemotion state. 15. Study Design:Channel x ExperienceSpeech +Additional Channel Speech Only ChannelRemote TouchFlashing LightExpectation Communicative Communicative Touch Communicative Light Base Condition (CT) (CL)MeasurementMeasurement TouchMeasurement Light (MT) (ML) 16. Study Procedure Story Practice Session Pre-PANAS (Positive Affect Negative Affect Schedules) Story Post-PANAS Semi-Structured Interview How close do you feel to the storyteller? Please use thelikert scale 1(not at all) to 7(extremely) to indicate. Why do you feel connected this way? 17. Data Collection & Analysis PANAS Semi-Structured Interview Audio Recorded (about 4 hours) Transcribed (90 pages) Open Coding 18. Upper-Arm Squeeze Device 19. Result 1: The Sense of ClosenessOne WayANOVA Communicativ Measurement Communicative Measurement Speeche TouchLight Light OnlyTouchCT has the highest rating in the sense of closeness whichis significantly higher than Base(p< 0.05) 20. Result 2: Interaction Effect Between Channel and Expectation Two-Way ANOVA on ClosenessInteraction Plot Variables6 Channel x Expectation 5 5 4.4375 4 4 Dependent Variable 3.625 3 Closeness Rating 2 1 0A statistically significantCommunicativeMeasurement Touchinteraction effect (p