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  1. 1. Keep Your Employees happy: Allow them to shop!Mom: Son, when are you going to shop for New Years?Son: Mom. I dont have time, I have so many things going on in officeHow I am supposedto find time to finish themI will wear some old stuffanyways I hate shopping!!!Mom:What will your girl think of you??Ideal situation these days in every family I guess isnt it? With work pressures soaring andno time to spend with family but office, and whatcan be expectedwhen you spend morethan 12 hours in office than home!A major problem being since, employees are restricted from using internet, as they seem tospend all day on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and online shopping sites which cuts intoproductivity. But some recent research suggests that restricting access to non-work-relatedcontent entirely can actually impede productivity.Instead, some recommend a more measured approach in which employees are allottedpockets of time for browsing the Web, not unlike a coffee or lunch break.Well I am entirely in support of this approach; you can constantly be updated on yourimportant mails or can get into some serious shopping that you need to do while you are atwork. Maybe the chat option can be disabled as that is something which keeps employeeshooked up, but productive stuff like online shopping or to Google some project relatedstuff really helps.Instead of getting distracted by trivialchores like shopping or gifting on birthdays,anniversaries or for the humongous number of festivals round the corner always;employees will be motivated that they can order anything that they need online and be restassured of not taking trouble to drive down and get hassled about shopping in traffic andspend endless time discussing and deciding on what could be gifted or bought with veryfew options available on hand in retail stores!With firms focusing on employee engagement these days, employee motivation andfulfillment also counts big time to help them to put their hearts, minds and efforts entirelyintotheir work. How to effect change? Companies sometime seem as unmindful of work pleasure as
  2. 2. work appraisal! So, mild remedies like an internet break wont do. With day after day becomingmonotonous for employees, it may be time for some perks whether by providing a separateinternet PC where one can browse whenever they have time or internet option on PC withoutchat options. Its argued whether this is really an incentive to employees or an act of worry forthe company. But with employees spending an enormous amount of time at work, theres surelyneed of an online browsing facility for employees.Online sites meantime should more than introspect. They have very less time to attractconsumers, engage them and help them provide everything at the flip of a coin.