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Keeping Pets. Part 1 Warm-up Section A Dialogues Directions: Listen to the following dialogues and repeat after the recording. Then role-play them with your partner. Section B Pair work. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Keeping PetsPart 1 Warm-upSection A DialoguesDirections: Listen to the following dialogues and repeat after the recording. Then role-play them with your partner.

  • Section B Pair work Directionsdiscuss the following questions with your partner. Try to answer them with the help of the hints.

  • Q 1: Do you like to keep pets?

    Why or why not?Hints:Yes. Tame animals, lovely and interesting, faithful, bring us a lot of fun, do sth. for us, catch mice, guard our property, do police jobs, feel lonely, interact with people, our good friendsNo. noisy and dirty, expensive to keep it, take it to the vets, buy food, devote a lot of time and energy, barking, disturb neighbors.

  • Q2: What kind of people are most likely to keep pets? Why?Hints:Retired people, lonely people, feel left out, regain a sense of importance and being needed, have much free time, kill time,companion.

  • Q 3: What do you think would happen if everyone in China kept a pet?Hints:Shortage of food and other resources, limited space, noise and mess, homeless pets.

  • Q4: Should people be discouraged from keeping pets? Why or why not?Hints:Yes: Humanize, keepers, family members, cage birds, chain dogsNo: emotional reasons, tense competition, psychological problems, best listeners, keep their lips sealed, share sorrow, anxiety

  • Part II Making PresentationsDirections: Now lets move to something more specific. Youll be shown three pictures. You will have one minute to prepare and one and a half minutes to talk about the picture.

  • Accompany, well-to-do, show off, social trend, symbol of wealth and power

  • Helpless, aggressive, hurt, weep, frighten, ban

  • Blind, lead, helpful, the disabled, provide, traffic light, a guide dog

  • Picture 1In this picture there is a very well-to-do and fat lady walking in the street. She is accompanied by a puppy. Its a very common social trend nowadays. Those who are wealthy often keep pets to show off. I think they dont really love animals. They just want to find something to kill time. More likely, the animal is intended as a symbol of their power and wealth.

  • Picture 2This picture describes a big black dog barking at a helpless child. The child is weeping and running away from it. I think the picture wants to tell us it is not good to keep pets, especially dogs. They are dangerous and aggressive. They will hurt people. We often read such stories in the newspaper.

  • Picture 3On the contrary, my picture shows a good aspect of dog ownership. On it there is a guide dog leading a blind man across the street. It can stop at a red traffic light and go at a green one. Animals like this are very helpful to the disabled. There are other ways in which animals can help us. They provide us meat, help in farm work, and are useful in research. Animals are our good friends.

  • Part III Further discussionTopic: Keeping pets or not?Directions: Now you are required to discuss the topic further. You will have five minutes for the discussion.

  • Step 1 Some useful words and phrases are as follows:Obedient, master, comfort, favorite, hygiene, messy, get rid of, vet, bill, make better use of, disturb, be tired of, epidemic, abandon.

  • Step 2Try to think about the advantages and disadvantages of keeping pets. You may refer to the points below. Discuss with your partners in your group and then give an oral report.

  • Advantages Disadvantages1) A pet is animal kept by a person as a companion2) Pets are obedient to their masters3) Many owners feel that their pets understand them4)A pet in the family keeps people in closer contact with nature1) A pet may cause problems of hygiene2) Keeping pets is just a waste of time and resources..3) Some pets are dangerous and aggressive4) Those who keep pets do not always treat their pets with kindness and responsibility

  • Step 3Record your presentation on a tape recorder. Correct your errors. Keep practicing until you feel that you can talk about this topic freely.