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  • M O M E N T U M




    Follow the stories of five Kelleys who each experienced a life-changing moment that propelled them forward.

  • You cant be successful living a life created by other people or copying what they do. Kelley helps you identify your interests, understand your strengths, and embrace your weaknesses.

    When you discover the power of your own individuality, youll seize opportunities that were once inconceivable.




  • Taylor Sidwell has always been into sports. Soccer, softball, racing:

    You name it. She wasnt sure how her passion as a fan could be an

    entry point for a careeruntil she took a Kelley study abroad course

    through which she experienced the business of sports in Spain.

    This program really piqued my interest because it focused on sports

    as a business, says Taylor. Over spring break, we visited sports

    companies and training facilities in Madrid and Barcelona. We learned

    how they operate as businesses and studied the industry differences

    and similarities between sports organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

    Taylor discovered many similarities in the racing industry.

    Confident in her new knowledge, she landed a coveted

    internship at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) the

    following summer.

    In Spain, we toured a company that works closely with

    the IMS on Formula One races. It was eye-opening to see

    what I learned abroad and during my internship related so

    closely to racing in my hometown, says the Indianapolis

    native. Through my internship, I became a much better

    communicator, and I realized how fortunate I am to live in

    the Racing Capital of the World.

    Both experiences at Kelley Indy have guided Taylor in

    choosing the sports industry for her future career in

    marketing after graduation.

    I want to be passionate about what I do for a living, says

    Taylor. Thats why I plan to work in sports when I graduate.

    I want to love the work I do, and the experiences I gained at

    Kelley will help me accomplish that.


    BS15, BFA16

    Every school has good professors. At Kelley, you have supportive coaches and mentors who tell you like it is.

    Our unique culture of direct, open, and respectful dialogue helps students build emotional intelligence and confidence.

    M O M E N T



  • Lynnette Sauer always knew she wanted to study both

    art and business. She chose IUPUI because it offered

    the respected, well-known Kelley School of Business and

    Herron School of Art and Design, the only professional art

    school in Indiana.

    As she worked toward dual degrees in business

    management and painting, Lynnette wasnt sure how her

    two interests would merge to form a careeruntil a direct

    and honest conversation with a Kelley professor.

    I took David Steeles entrepreneurship class in the spring

    semester of my freshman year. I remember very clearly

    our conversation about my future, she says with a grin.

    He told me, The kind of people who are going to be CEOs

    of art museums need to know the things youre learning in

    business school. Its not just someone who can paint well.

    You need to know the business side of things to be a leader.

    Id never thought of myself taking on such a big goal

    at a museum. But five years later, I have a much greater

    interest in museums, and thats where I want to go when I


    This new direction steered Lynnette toward internships at

    galleries, a public relations firm, and even alongside Kelley

    alumna Paula Katz MBA14 at the Indianapolis Museum

    of Contemporary Art. With study abroad experiences in

    Europe for both art and business, Lynnette is confident

    in the direction she wants to take her art and business


    These experiences helped me to appreciate museums

    as institutions that make art accessible to the public,

    she says. Im interested in how museums function as

    educational outlets beyond just presenting the art. My

    interests have evolved because of Kelley and Herron.

    Lynnette is thankful for the straight-talking, honest

    perspective David Steele and other Kelley professors

    provided as she painted a picture of her future.

    Having other people encouraging me to pursue this path

    really boosted my confidence, she says. It was so valuable

    to have these business professors interested in my art

    perspective. No matter what your interests are, theyll find

    a way for business to support it.



  • Collaboration breeds success. Kelley students learn this on the first day of class.

    They learn that working together is hard, but its worth it. They discover how to be successful teammates and leaders because they are taught that those who put the most effort into a group endeavor are those who will get the most out of it.



    M O M E N T



  • Year after year, IUPUI is recognized for community engagement; its one of

    the reasons U.S. News & World Report named us a top 10 up-and-coming

    university. Its also how Caleb Martin developed a passion for volunteering at

    Kelley Indianapolis.

    I learned about Kelley Indianapolis Cares, a volunteer-oriented student

    organization, and it sounded like something fun to do with my friends,

    says Caleb. I discovered that Im very passionate about giving back.

    Caleb began volunteering to stock shelves at Gleaners Food Bank. He

    makes breakfast for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House and

    raises money for IU Health Riley Hospital for Children through the IUPUI

    Jagathon dance marathon.

    Hearing from the Riley families how much we impact their lives by

    volunteeringtheres nothing more rewarding than that, says Caleb.

    At the same time, Im gaining professional experience that will help

    me down the road. And Im forming friendships with hundreds

    of other students who are passionate about the same

    causes as I am.

    The accounting and finance major says his volunteer

    work has expanded both his business knowledge and

    interpersonal skills.

    Ive gained experience in data tracking,

    managing budgets, and forecasting

    five-year plans, says Caleb. But some

    of the biggest lessons have come

    from personal growth. Im an

    introvert, so its been a real learning experience for me to

    lead committees of upperclassmen, to ask for donations,

    and to forge partnerships with local businesses.

    As a Kelley ambassador, incoming freshmen always ask

    me for one piece of advice. I always say: get involved. Thats

    the easiest way to meet people, the easiest way to discover

    passions you never knew you had. Getting involved has

    been the single most valuable thing Ive done.







    At the Kelley School of Business, momentum is built by connecting one moment to the next, and success is all about the connections you make.

    We believe business is personal and relationships matteramong professors, students, and alumni. And each is invested in you.

    A M O M E N T OF




    It was the schools reputation and accolades that

    attracted Andrea Allensworth to Kelley Indy, but it was the

    connections she made here that helped her succeed.

    As a transfer student, it was so helpful to receive constant

    encouragement and support from Kelley, says Andrea,

    who transferred from Ivy Tech. I spent a lot of time

    with professors outside of class. They talked through

    every question I had. And when it came time to apply for

    scholarships, the staff in Career Services helped me rework

    my rsum and develop my first cover letter. That support

    was instrumental in helping me win multiple scholarships.

    Earning the scholarships boosted Andreas confidence.

    Excelling in her coursework and getting involved with

    student organizationsalongside classmates of similar

    values and goalsmade Andrea feel as though shed found

    her true place.

    I looked for organizations that I would enjoy and that

    would apply to my career goals, she says. Im now the vice

    president of finance for Women in Business, and Im the

    Accounting Association representative for Kelley Student


    Through networking at events hosted by these student

    organizations, Andrea learned more about the accounting

    industry and what to expect after graduation. Interacting

    with guest speakers and Kelley alumni helped her gain

    greater perspective on how to use her Kelley experiences to

    prepare for the real world.

    With a career path in mind, Andrea turned her focus to

    discovering the direction to take with her accounting and

    finance degree.

    My academic advisor really helped me define my goals,

    says Andrea. She helped me develop an individual

    academic plan from now until graduation. My long-term

    goal is to sit for the CPA exam.

    Andrea feels shes met and exceeded the goals she made

    for herself when she set out to earn her degree.

    Part of my application essay for Kelley Indy was t