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  • KELZAN® S PLUS Xanthan Gum | E-mail: [email protected]

    A Dispersible Xanthan Gum for Industrial Applications

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    IMPROVE YOUR MANUFACTURING PROCESS with a more effective water dispersible

    xanthan gum?


    CP Kelco’s KELZAN Xanthan Gum range is globally recognized for providing effective and reliable rheology modification, stabilization, and suspension in many industrial applications. Our newest innovation, KELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum, provides all the key performance features associated with dispersible xanthan gum – easy dispersion; consistent hydration; and excellent stability while providing viscosity and suspension with greater efficiency.

    KELZAN® S PLUS Xanthan Gum

    COST AND PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGES For industrial applications, KELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum provides all the functional benefits that are synonymous with dispersible xanthan gum. These functional properties include effective rheological modification; suspension; stability; and compatibility with salts, acids, temperature, enzymes and high solids. Cost savings can be achieved through a reduction in the xanthan gum use level, ranging from 10% to 20%, depending on the type of application.

    Figure 2: Calcium carbonate slurries stabilized with the KELZAN S PLUS product versus the typical xanthan gum product. Better stability was obtained with KELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum even at 15% lower use levels.

    Figure 1: The shear viscosity profiles of KELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum and typical xanthan gum showing the equivalent or higher viscosity results of KELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum even when used at 15% lower gum level than the typical xanthan gum product.

    SUPERIOR VISCOSITY FOR ENHANCED FUNCTIONALITYKELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum was specifically designed to provide higher viscosities at low shear rates than those offered by today’s typical xanthan gums. Why is this important? Viscosity at low shear rates is the key to suspension of particulates and enhanced emulsion stability in a wide range of industrial applications using xanthan gum. The KELZAN S PLUS product’s higher viscosities at low shear rates allow it to provide stabilization superior to that offered by typical xanthan gum.

    The benefits an industrial manufacturer can expect from superior low shear rate viscosity are:• Improved stability over time• Enhanced cling• Opportunity to reduce gum use level to achieve the same


    Due to the high pseudoplasticity (high viscosity at low shear rates and low viscosity at high shear rates) of KELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum, manufacturers will continue to see the ease of pumping benefits that all KELZAN products offer.

    0.17% KELZAN S PLUS


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    with superior pseudoplastic rheology?

    PROVEN EFFECTIVENESSThe viscosity of industrial grades of xanthan gum is typically measured using a 1% solution of xanthan gum in de-ionized water, measured using a Brookfield LV viscometer at 60 rpm at 25 °C. While suitable for consistent and easy quality control, this measurement offers no true indication of the product’s actual performance in typical industrial applications due to unrealistic water type, use level, and shear rate.

    CP Kelco qualifies KELZAN® S PLUS Xanthan Gum’s performance with a more relevant viscosity test, Low Shear Rate Viscosity (LSRV). The LSRV method utilizes a 0.25% xanthan gum solution prepared in standardized tap water and measured at 3 rpm rotational speed on a Brookfield LV viscometer. This test method provides a better indicator of stability and suspension performance at a more relevant use level and shear rate. The enhanced viscosity of KELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum compared to standard xanthan gum can readily be seen by comparing product LSRV.

    EASE OF DISPERSION AND HYDRATIONKELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum disperses easily in most mix conditions for industrial applications and offers the additional advantage of swelling and hydrating more quickly after dispersion, resulting in faster hydration times than those for many dispersible xanthan gums.

    While customers can obtain fastest hydration for glyoxal-treated, dispersible xanthan gum by increasing the pH of the solution after gum dispersion to pH 8.5 or higher, many find this adjustment inconvenient and prefer to lengthen the mix time to fully hydrate the gum. KELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum hydrates twice as fast as typical dispersible xanthan gum under these conditions.

    Figure 4: Hydration time of KELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum using alkali addition to adjust pH to an optimal level for fast hydration (600 rpm mixing, Brookfield 60 rpm viscosity)

    Figure 5: Hydration time comparison of KELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum and a typical xanthan gum when hydrated into freshwater without pH adjustment (600 rpm mixing, Brookfield 60 rpm viscosity).

    Figure 3: Shear viscosity profiles of the KELZAN S PLUS Xanthan Gum and typical xanthan gum at 0.25% gum in freshwater and the approximate shear rate of the Brookfield 3 rpm LSRV measurement.


  • KELZAN® S PLUS Xanthan Gum | E-mail: [email protected]

    The information contained herein is, to our best knowledge, true and accurate. All recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee, since we can neither anticipate nor control the different conditions under which this information and our products are used. There are no implied or express warranties of fitness for purpose. Each manufacturer is solely responsible for ensuring the final products comply with any and all applicable federal, country, state and local regulations. Further, CP Kelco disclaims all liability with regard to customers’ infringement of third party intellectual property including, but not limited to, patents. CP Kelco recommends that our customers apply for licenses under any relevant patents.

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