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    Sl. No. Topics Page No.

    1 7 to 8Examinations Specifications

    2 8 - 9Tips to Score better in English

    3Reading Comprehension 10 to 19

    4Advanced Writing Skills 20 - 54

    5Literature: Flamingo 55 -87

    Vistas 88 -1036 103 -131

    Sample Papers(Solved)

    7 131 -144Practice Papers (Unsolved)

    8 144- 149CBSE Previous Years Question Papers

    9. 150 - 163Changed Question Paper Pattern CBSE Model Sample Question



    As a student of Class XII, you must be wondering how to score better in E nglish in the BoardExaminations . How to Prepare for Exam is a big question that you always ask yourself. Here are

    some tips that may help you. Many of you may be working hard and getting good marks and someof you may not be working hard but still manage to get high marks in exams. Others maybe wondering how it happens? Also there will be a few who study well but still are not able toscore well in exams. Dont worry; these simple tips will tell you 'How to prepare for Exams.

    STEPS1. Set an aim and regulate your habits and works towards attaining the aim.2. READ-Spend about 30 minutes reading at home every day. You will be amazed by the

    number of new words you can learn and use these words to improve writing skills.3. ASK QUESTIONS! - Nothing pleases a teacher of English more than a question about

    the topic at hand. If you dont know, then ask! Do not hesitate.

    4. STAY FOR EXTRA HELP AFTER SCHOOL hours to sharpen your skills to answerquestions from areas such as Prose, Poetry ,Reading Comprehension & Writing.

    5. Make sure to practice the reading and comprehension skills on a regular basis.Solve at least one unseen passage and one passage for note making every week andget them evaluated by your teacher. The passage can be picked up from the Newspapers. Speaking Tree from Times of India, Editors column from other NewsPapers.

    6. Practice minimum two writing skills every week and get it evaluated by yourteacher. Rewrite and improve upon as per the teachers suggestions.

    7. GO ABOVE AND BEYOND YOUR TEACHERS EXPECTATIONS The topics given forwriting articles should be written in more words than expected first and try to reduceinto the expected word limit. Write and practice the common issues..

    8. Identify the areas of doubts about the topic discussed in the class and get themclarified at the immediate possibility and do practice

    9. Have a thorough idea about the pattern of question paper, specifications andmarking scheme to score better in the exams.criteria, better scores in final exams will be ensured.

    10. Participate in the class discussions on the lessons. Support your opinions with quotesfrom the lesson.

    11. Try to relate the lessons in your text books with current events. (if possible)12. Read English books regularly.13. Attend your English class with interest. Pay attention and you will definitely learn

    something of value and interest in every class.14. Dont miss the valuable study materials, question papers given to be solved by the

    teacher. Solve them meticulously ,get them evaluated and incorporate thesuggestions. Unnnnn744566+525

    16. Take down short notes while studying so that they will help you revise the lessons.There is no short cut to success. WORK HARD and success will be yours.




    Comprehension means understanding or perception. The following points are to be carefully notedwhile attempting questions on comprehension.Go through the passage carefully and arrive at the general idea of the subject the passage presents.

    Read a second time to get a better understanding of the passage.Arrive at the meaning of difficult words by relating them to the preceding and following sentences.Underline relevant words and phrases of the passages which can help you deduce the answers.Read the questions carefully.

    Answer precisely using simple language.Answers should reveal your understanding of the passage.If you are asked to provide a suitable title or heading to the passage remember the title is hidden

    either in the beginning or ending of the passage.Title should relate to the main idea of the passage and should be brief.

    Unseen passages for comprehension (Solved)

    A. 1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that (12 Marks)1. First, a warning. The journey is tough, steep and peppered with hairpin bends. If you are not a

    hardened traveller, by the time you reach Tawang your head is likely to be spinning. Add to itthe breeze which pierces through all your protective clothing and you could well be wonderingwhat prompted you to make this arduous trip to such Himalayan heights.

    2. To get acclimatized to high altitude, the recipe is simple and strict take it easy on the first day,lest you find yourself out of breath and panting. Tuck yourself in a warm bed and sipsomethupka (Tibetan noodle soup) and begin your adventures the following day.

    3. In fact when you get up the next morning, you will scarcely believe what you see. The picturepostcard beauty of the hill station in Arunachal Pradesh will simply take your breath away. Thescenery is pristine and the Himalayan ranges are lush with pine, oak and rhododendron forests.There is also a rich growth of bamboo, which is the favorite food of the red panda found in thispart of the Northeast.

    4. Located about 10,000 feet above sea level, the Tawang monastery is the second oldestmonastery in Asia, which explains the rush of tourists to this remote settlement. Themagnificent monastery overlooks the valley and surrounded by mountains that seem to be

    towering around it like guards. The monasterys enormous yellow roof and white walls standout like a beacon. The place is completely isolated from the world.

    5. One of the biggest attractions of the monastery is the three storey dukhang (assemblyhall)

    that has a magnificent eight-meter-high gilded image of Buddha.6. The ancient library, leading onto the parkhang (main courtyard) has an excellent collection of

    old scriptures, images and t hankas (traditional paintings and monastery or gompa in locallanguage is over 350 years old and is an important centre of pilgrimage for Buddhists.

    7. The sixth Dalai Lama was born here. Also known as the Galden Namgyan Lhatse , the monasteryis a repository of Tibetan Buddhist culture.

    8. Tawang does not have an airport or railway station of its own. It is connectedwith other town in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam by road. Reaching Tawang fromKolkata is braving a long but rewarding journey. The drive through the picturesque

    mountain country is spectacular and can leave you breathless as you wind aroundsteep hill-roads and maneuver sharp hairpin bends. In parts, the road can berather treacherous. This is definitely not a drive for the faint-hearted.

    9. The journey to Tawang starts from Guwahati on a bus or a taxi to Bomdila. Past theDirang valley with its old dzong (fort), the road climbs sharply to Sela Pass at 13,940

    feet. This barren, desolate landscape is softened by a serene lake that lies below Sela Pass.

    10 Twang has one main street and a warren on alleys to the houses that climb up thehillside towards the towering monastery. It also has one quaint little bazaar whichsells products ranging from talismans and prayer wheels to garish sunglasses andtransistors. The snack stalls are a plenty offering solja, the yak butter tea, thupkaand hot memos, the delicious steamed meat dumpling with chilly sauce.

    1.1 Answer the following questions briefly. (9 marks)(i) Why is the journey up Twang so arduous? (2)(ii) What should a visitor do to acclimatize to high altitude? (1)(iii) Why do people like to visit Tawang? (2)(iv) Describe the Tawang monastery. (2)(v) How can one reach Tawang? (2)

  • 1.2 Pick out words or phrases which convey the same meaning as the following.(3)(i) Extremely attractive ( Para 4)(ii) Holy place (Para 6) (iii) Huge, in great (Para 3)

    Answers1.1.i. The breeze pierces the protective clothes. The travelers head starts spinning.ii. He must get acclimatized to high altitude. He should take it easy on the first day.iii. Greatly attracted by the beauty of this hill station. The scenery is wonderful.

    iv. It is the second oldest monastery in Asia. It is located about 10,000 feet aboutsea level and overlooks the valley and seems isolated from the world.

    v . Tawang does not have any airport. It is connected with other towns in ArunachalPradesh and Assam by road.

    1.2. (i) Magnificent (ii) Pilgrimage (iii) Rhododendron

    Unseen Passages for Practice

    1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.Light Pollution

    1. Every urbanite knows the bright lights of the city make it impossible to see the stars in a night sky.What most of us do not know is that those lights also may be making us sick. The cause islight pollution the unearthly glow of billions of street lamps, security and porch lights,searchlights, office lights and signs as people everywhere try to dispel the darkness of the night.

    2. For the first time, light is being investigated seriously as a pollutant and a health hazard apossible cause increased incidenc