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VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNSVkvSxxUvVNUvVVvLEXINGTON: Printed by JOHN BRADFORD at his Office at tin corn'r of Main and Cross Streets, where Subscriptions, Advertijements, &c.for

this paper, are thankfully received, and Printing in its different branches done with Care and Expedition.

Lexington, Augufl 7, 1789.

5.SHOU1.D think myself wantinR into my kind Customers,

and unJcfervinR of their suture Favor,It 1 ihoulJ neglect to icturn them my


mo I humble and unfeigned Thanks for "'" -- al "'" uwv ""u'iI-- and Bcnilcencc they MaJor Dunn ce.t eate the

haveur.for nly fhevnm prcmoungthe fonveyances agreeable to sale. This'S rf the Kfstmtmt Gazeti e, s therefore to give to pur-f.o-

the fa. 1 loi, that ('apt lohnH to tr is day. The,d ft nu fte J of ' avor and e.oodw'cr Wl11 lake and five

thlhaveal each exrenenced the ncccflary ceitifica-c-s for com ey-f- r

ance toCapt.Gano, who will execute.'hem. 11c exceed "jlv flatte im


t me nd have lin e Tel on my Mindik1 a eful Sentiments a on never

bo cT iceJ b it w il always induce meto Lc.t mvfe'f to the of my

1 1. to iveanl ob'iee 'hem, andpar' cj re tJcr tin-- . Paper wor-- ot

' en Notice, as 1 w 1 ever be myh '1 ambition o obtain the appro-

bation ma Penle fi' entertainthe "ofo inileft e pel and veneration.JC n H ouii ex,) enngmy just Ac-l- v

e nen's 10 thore difintercftedF L ' ho kin I y rent Business and

Id i' 'e LCiom officeI'i ,e "our c! ihe f ivors 1 hive

xeoo el t om the u'i c, ffullbc ofarf ,1 jiitn;mi A 'our to tve themS " ' that thev thould p oveT.AVf o ves cot tp e cc and a icxer 10,1 of mv Ab lt.t rorendc.thi,p,Perii eve v re pc6tfpL ig hki initi rtive ineit'ticirSecr cy and I in l'ty fhiU ro lievm g, nor an Ca e Jr Industry np t lu ing and c miiHin'Li'iiig the eai-- 1

e'1- Intelligence of every Jnno 'anttrni a tion, bo'h I oceign and Poms

with whateve else may beby mv Corcrionde v. avoid-

ing jmii ich as noffi e, to the papr uh ine'e'Jn' tc tounances, andpecu m v.hieh.hepLbl c ate not m- -tec ed. No. (hall the difcouramcita ihng from'heexo tuiam t rice ot pa-- ji

lo'lierm'te iais, which nece "1ifiuiii ' al " 11 i. a 10 expenee,

mc nn--







ft 11 by


He to


not en


fuppori itI be fs'thcr, that

purpose c en r er cnfutViing yea , a 1 emflovaucrtooMrvey he nv ft convenient placesid c bo ji the

As prcfent year will cxpnc onthe 22 nftant, 1 myleif thatth6fc ibfcnbers who to

th eim of thisu expect their numbeisto be con.,,,iI, un'ersthcv pav up thcr lefpec

"tive la ances befoie the commence- -ment ( t the en'mpg yeari,i,,P,,,lujrA HIV UUML UlUllW"tu



ofIcy dc n a

the pnni.ipn.s otandfemng soul his fuipicion., of Mr.William BaidN of depri- -ving him of thetheieiioni torwant will appear in our next.

i I iti of L c ie

1 p'l i i , r "l ,(Ma-'- '

ClOiW t14U

General Wikinron inW 'he month of June gae notice

in the Gaze'tc, that MajorDunn wouM receive bonds from tho--


the fpint execute

.Vs notice, thechafersoflieg.nntiiR










purchasers of lots ax Frankfort, and.!. f Kl r,r.

ueeas agreeaoicwic. jnmi'i wii ii;mui,

IN1:S,h50 totneyin J act

The follown? traces of land foi r.'eCVENTEFN h mdrcd 'tt'O' Kent' cW. neailv oDi,o'"teto1'ranfort i,po in 'he 'ame re

160 between Arnrldsand Meux's fh'ion - i"0 a o 11 ngthetoui land of Harnn'fbRrafh-ciy- s 400 wi'h n sourmiles Town, on the N fi'eof the Isenti'ckv 1000 on ret'Tr

n.oco on the Ohio, northe big bote lie1 nt ''

.three forks Wthe Kentiickv, noftbL 40,oco 1 !"

fe,ent taAnLlcllIing and t' e Ohio.unneceLylt ls t0 anv trin m

recommendatpn ot tlmfe lands b itthat the grea:cr part arc equal inquality and situation to any in theD ftndt. Negre, Tobacco, Pcef,Pork, Hones, Oyws. kinds otpub'i k fccuntie, will be trken inpayirent," the tenn: he knownby applying to ML Peter Tardneauin Danville, or tohefulfci v hoh s a'fo a quann'ft of ao !s "h l,,c Wll m so lob Crn R(vs , . . A b

M. NiC EAug S, 1 789 1

mvn-'- i mrriun, rriut '11 fCoil', marked wtli a crop i u - xn each ear, wtth n calf i ct "V dP'hd md to i-- AmthhttJ, ahe, ,With a crop an i tn r "lit ,hole in thm wtth a : Pojiedcppiaijeilto 2 so.


nTAK'N up 6v the fubfcribei,

. r . -

old, u lianas high "tie hind soot white.branded : Anfiraifed to f . The

ow er is hereby deftred to come troveh s pnperty pay charges and taKe tl.emcnay.

WILLIAM PEYTON,Bourbon, July 10, 1789.

'TAKrNt;; t t' - fi1fairer, allack,

nor e rfJf 2 7rf old. 13y' ''a natural racer. Aptrvredto f. ;

SAMUEL CLAY.J 'j 2, I"3J. 51

pi le"; aconfide b c par of the, ro it ""m he i" 'eic e, a, I hxvePeafon 'T'AKFN up fubjrnler, ! w, gto hope, fiom the cxpeuenced ' ontbewefi fork of -- v rr"kyjofi of thepi'blic, that as the uo.k mv f"J Hore, abouty ecno'd,lha"aK nee mi its nie- -t it will in handshgh. brandcfroi far

ti n tavo.ed wuh an additionj buttockB. Apprniftd 1minNjof nibfciiHers JOSEPH

A p. per undei the'e embarrafments April 29, 1789 ro ;zv renii'es the mod pun&ua1 pay- -

men's Horn tvty ndividual, but needs ,.,,L rl the fubfenbtr mrrthfa eur g'Cite mber of fiibicnbeisto J . J.TT ,J , ,

'eae'oobrcve Ie"" paj thes7it

ch hood throughoutDill-i- c


have fa iedcrmp w thewii1








. v"h near aouroon time.rf"" ,s"f. wiA an bell on:, . '

te and tail.lome laddie spots,"" tra'id loyarsold, u hands high;

andverv Humble Se.vant,K""'-''-- , '" ,u "'""? "mUcrfx, ore to years has aJOHN BRADFORDSThr , hh sorehead, hind soot

'whit.r fume laddie spots hands high,a long mane and no brand:

advert ement, Dr. M'Ren traced to T 10 - The other a1 s, cr b machine and

reipetual motion,

mtemitrsadvantages ar sing

Ommed this week01 room,

i b P a Cocks's, 1 l. m? -

1 O o

,,lw.M3 1A. CiliCC

10 inetcmoi




forK. m





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sin til' r dlest calf 4;irf

AM..,..J T.L.....T.




Oei.e- -






tail, Ap- -N. vrr

j ust Arrived,Aid now opened for sale, by


At their new Jlore,nearh opposite the old Court hottfe. 9A large and general affertmtnt of

MERCHANDIZE,Particularly adapted to thefeafon

Together with a cotr.pleat ajjoitment of

MEDICINE,Vkichth'i as usual, are determined to

Jell on leafonable tetms.

X'OPCF sheicbv given, thattheSCHOOL underthed're'on of 'hecommittee ot theboi d of triiftLCsfor the TransylvaniaSem 't- ', is otencd at the Publicfchoo1 Hon e tdpeent to the Prcfbyte in.ri 1 1 ne1 mg house. near Lcxingto inmUfthen le'ibot'rhood of winch, boarai"! 'cionimo lations for ftuden's, maype hap, be had a good and cheap, as111 m parr of ihidilt ,V and tuitiona themoCiaterateof three pounds perannum By order of the committee.

W U ARL), ch com.

fnfi opened, and for sale by

BTNJAMIN BEALL & Co.At the r S ore, in Danville, a large and

ge serai ajjortnent of

T RY goods, hard waiear groce" ils vv ih a quantity of nails oT

diTrer ft es, alio lampblack andMli oil, wh lIi they aic determinedto e on hs mo1erate terns as possib e f "11 ca'Ti gtnfang, final fettlcmentcer '1 a e , I urrs, viz. lox, Racon,,O ie , nd Minkfkms. 421

v, 1 u avva fiom the fub-V-- Jkr b-- r, living near Shannon's

nrl', about the middle ofMia'i, a dark bay mare, a- -t

ou l.unt en hands andahalfu1 , he years old last IpnngJ

1i d d on thti near buttOLk

us t alonj tail, had on wher c wrnt awav a small bell'Whoever will deliver the said1. are tu the fubfenber, shalli cene twenty fhillmos reward,

GEORGE GRAY.juyi4, 1789

HPHere is in mv podeflion in-- - Mprre.r. , nnW. C. iin'.ainqJ-- fnrk...,

a brown bay ma-- e, about liveyears old, 13 and a half handshigh a lew wmte nairs in ersorehead, not docked, pacesand trots, branded on the nearfhou.der thus X. She was taken up wild near the mouthof Salt river, by my grandson,who thought he knew her ow-ner, but was rniftaken. Hehas put the mare in my pof-fcflio- n,

to-- take care of for theown-r- , who may have her onapplying to me

SAMUEL Du REE.July ax, 1789. 5i


P R I M E RMay be had, by the grofc, dozen

ot .iiglc, at this Office.

S? J--

WHER FAS a certain JosephVl'tullom, on the i8"h

of December one thousand se--ven hundred and eighty six,paiieci ins obligatioa 10 Robert Dime), for the convey-ance of two hundred and fiftyacres of land, l)ing on the ca--ney fork of Simplbn's creek,a branch of Salt Rner, in Nel-fo- n

count), being part of jolmM Cullom's pre empiion of one1 houfand acres, which said ob-ligation was, on the hfth ofJanuary one" Thousand, kvenhundred and eighty seven, af-lign-ed

by said R bert Dinielto Ri.rtin D ntel, and by laid'?Martui Dunel, on the four-teenth ofFebruan, on