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  • 1.Kerala CooperativeMovement

2. Minister for Co-operationCo operationSri C N B l k i hS i C.N.BalakrishnanMinister for Co-operationRegistrar of Co-OperativeSocieties 3. Travancore region A bill was placed in Travancore legislativeassembly on oct 12, 1912 on the direction of y ,then Diwan Sir. P. Rajagopalachari Passed an Act in 1914 during the tenure ofDiwan Sir M Krishnan nair C govonda pillai was appointed as the firstregistrar under Travancore Co-op Societies Co opAct In 1915, first Central bank was established. In 1923 first taluk bank was started as middlelevel institution In 1937 Travancore Credit Bank wasestablished for giving long term loans. 4. Cochin Region In 1911 cochin coop societies Act was 1911,passed during the tenure of Diwan Sir A RBanerjee Edvanacad Service Coop Bank Ltd wasthe first society A central bank was started with Thrissuras it h d its headquarterst 5. Travancore Cochin State Integration of Travancore and cochinregion in 1949 Travancore cochin Co-op societies Actcochin Co opwas passed in 1952 Travancore Central Bank was made asTravancore Cochin State Co-op Bank Travancore Credit Bank and Cochin landMortgagee Bank continued theiroperations in respective regionsp pg 6. Malabar region Madras Co op Societies Act 1932 andCo-opAct,Madras land Mortgage Bank Act 1934were in forceforce. 7. Performance of CooperativeMovement i K lM in Kerala Number of Societies : 10204 (in 2009) Dormant Societies:2548 S i ti under li id ti : 599Societies d liquidation 8. As on 1946As on 19991)? Total number of Co- 166911690operatives2)? Total Membership 0.02 2.903)? Share Capital0.32 0 32 936.06936 064)? Working Capital0.92 16146.325)? Loan disbursement oa d sbu se e 0. 0.119899.966)? Overdues at Society0.02 264.84level7)? Percentage ofPtf81.5% 9.5%overdues8)? Overdues at Member 0.17 958.61level9)? Percentage of48.1%13.5%overdues10)? Sale of Consumer2.25 2 25 408.48408 48goods 9. Growth of Co-operative movement in Kerala was during d i pre-independent erai d d t The growth of Co-operative movement in Kerala was g pinsignificant during pre-independent era. Only 1669 co-operatives were functioning in the statewith a total working capital of Rs.92.21 lakhs. The membership and paid up share capital were Rs.2.05and Rs. 31.79 lakhs respectively. C dit and non-credit operations d i th period were Credit ddittiduring thei dalso nominal. Loan disbursed during the y g year 1946 was Rs.10.62lakhs only. Performance in the area of Consumer, Marketing etc.were also not remarkable when compared to theexquisite achievements during the succeeding years. 10. Co operative Co-operative sector in Kerala The Co-operative sector has been p y g a distinct andp playingsignificant role in the process of socio-economicdevelopment of the state with special focus on ruralp ppopulation and livelihood. Through sustained efforts, co-operatives have madeimpressive progress in various segments of Indianeconomy particularly in agriculture credit disbursementdisbursement,fertilizer distribution, procurement and distribution ofagricultural commodities, promotion of consumeractivities, health, dairy fisheries handloomactivities health dairy, fisheries, handloom, coir etc.etc Attempts were made to develop the movement as a selfreliant one by augmenting the resources throughmobilization of savings in urban and rural areas areas. 11. Co operativeCo-operative sector in Kerala The co-operative movement in Kerala has a solidfoundation and ifd tid impressive t k record i ti trackd in terms of ffinancial stability and sound infrastructure to generateadequate funds. Th spread and growth of co-operatives in diffThed dth ftii differenttsectors were nurtured under development plans withGovernment initiative and Government finance. Kerala has a wide network of cooperatives engaged invarious promotional activities such as distribution ofcredit, marketing, agro processing, consumer activities,public health, education, insurance and infrastructurehealth educationdevelopment. There are 12996 co-operatives under the control ofRegistrar of Co-operative Societies, of which 10236 areCo operativefunctional in the various promotional activities in thesector. 12. Co operativeCo-operative sector in Kerala The strategy adopted for the developmentof Co-operative sector during Xth Planwas expansion and diversification ofcommercial ventures in selected areassuch as agro processing marketing processing,marketing,storage and promotion of SHGs. 13. Co operativeCo-operative sector in Kerala Before the formation of State of Kerala, Co-operatives under the area were administered bythe Travancore Co-operative Societies Act V of1112(M.E), Cochin Co-operative Societies Act (),pXXVI of 1113(M.E) and Madras Co-operativeSocieties Act 1932. After the integration of Travancore and Cochin Cochin,Travancore-Cochin Co-operative Societies Act1951 came into force with effect from 1.9.1952. Af the formation of Kerala SAfter h fif K l State, the K l h KeralaCo-operative Societies Act of 1969 came intoforce with effect from15.5.1969 in order to enacta uniform law on co-operation applicablethroughout the State. 14. Co operativeCo-operative sector in Kerala Consequent on the introduction of Kerala Co-operativeSocieties Act 1969 S i tiS i ti A t 1969, Societies with unlimited liability ith li it d li bilitceased to exist and societies with limited liability cameinto existence. ThThereafter Government of Kerala passed the Kerala Co-ft Gt fK l d th K l Coperative (Amendment) Act 1999 which came into forcewith effect from 1.1.2000. Providing of membership to local body institutions institutions,Deposit guarantee scheme in Primary Agricultural CreditSocieties, Consortium Lending Scheme, Co-operativeDevelopment and Welfare Fund Independent Election Fund,Commission, Separate Audit Wing and Vigilance Wing,and Co-operative Examination Board are the newpprovisions made in the Amendment Act. 15. Mission and Vision of the department By regaining peoples faith and the hard work of the co-operators, the co-operative sector could achievetremendous victory victory. There are about three thousand various institutions inthe co-operative credit structure. The Government paid greater care in increasing theirfund position by implementing special depositmobilisation programmes, in addition to the traditionalp gprogrammes conducted every yy year. Now the whole deposit is Rs.47827.13 crore as againstRs.20827 crore at the time when this governmentassumed power.p Ensuring the financial health of the co-operatives is asimportant as strengthening its resource base. Therefore spec a overdue co ect o d es were e e o e special o e due collection drives e elaunched for recovery of long pending overdue loans. 16. Mission and Vision of thedepartmentThe intervention of Consumerfed in the market tocontrol th price of essential commodities i another t l the if ti l diti is thmilestone in the history of social welfare activitiesundertaken by the co-operative department. T facilitate th lTo f ilit t the lower i income group t obtain to bt iprofessional education, steps were taken to startprofessional colleges. Already 19 of such institutionsstarted functioning. functioning The Sahitya Pravarthaka Sahakarana Sangam wasabout to be liquidated during UDF rule. Now the societysettled its liabilities and regained its past gloryglory. All together the co-operative movement plays a veryimportant role in the socio-economic development of theState by careful planning and extending all possibleassistances to the co-operatives by the government. 17. Organization Under the Minister of Co-operation, theCo operation,department is headed by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies who looks after theadministrative matters relating to 11690 Co-operative Societies. The affairs of the following categories of Co-operatives are administered by the Head ofDepartment noted against each to whom thepowers of Registrar of Co-operative Societieshave been delegated by GovernmentGovernment. 18. Line departments, Institutions andorganizations under the departmenti tid th dt t Crumb Rubber Factor, Chenappady Inter i factory, KaduthuruthyI t mix f t K d th th Procured Tread Factory Rubberised Coir Product Manufacturing Unitg Rubber Wood processing and Furniture Manufacturing Unit Sreekantapuram Latex Ltd Tread ManufacturingUnit Cycle Tyre and Tube Manufacturing Unit Hawai Chappal ManufacturingUnit Note Book Manufacturing UnitN t B kM f t i U it Neethi Gas Refilling Plant Curry Powder Manufacturing Unit Coconut Oil Complex Malanad Tea Factory 19. Line departments, Institutions andorganizations under the departmenti tid th dt t Priyadarsini Tea Factory Cattle Feed Factory Milk Pasteurization Plant Honey Processing Unit Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Unit Kerala State Co-operative Rubber Marketing Federation Kerala Rubber Co-operativesp Kerala Co-operative Consumer Federation RAIDCO KERAFED Malanad Service Co-operative Bank Idukki District Cattle Feed Manufacturing& Mkg.CS. Elacckal Milk SSupplies CS CS. Kerala Co-operative SC/ST Federation. Kerala State Co-operative Housing Federation 20. State level co-ops in keralaState Co-operative Unionwww.scukerala.orgwww scukerala orgCo-operative Service Examination Boardwww.csebkerala.orgKerala State Co-operative Bankwww.keralacobank.comKerala State Co-operative Agricultural and Rural Development Ltd.Kerala State Co-operative Coir Marketing Federation Ltd Co operative Ltd.www.coirfed.comwww coirfed comCo-operative Academy of Professional Educationwww.capekerala.orgKerala State Co-operative Consumers Ltd.(CONSUMERFED) Ltd (CONSUMERFED)Kerala State Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd. www.marketfed.comKerala State Kera karshaka Federation(Kerafed)www.kerafed.comKerala State Rubber Coop Ltd(Rubco) www.rubcogroup.comPariyaram Medical College Kannurwww.mcpariyaram.comKerala State Co-operative Rubber Marketing Federation Ltd.www.rubbermark.comRegion


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