kerrang deconstruction

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Kerrang Deconstruction

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  1. 1. Kerrang Deconstruction
  2. 2. The yellow colour scheme makes the issue look like a special edition and excites the potential reader as they feel like they will be getting more out of this magazineThe yellow colour pallet connotes the grittiness and grunginess of Nirvana like their genre There is not much on this magazines front cover- This will connote that it is so popular that it does not need to use many methods to draw the reader in. Also because the band almost take up the entirety of the front cover they are a big deal.The masthead is behind the band- this connotes that the magazine is well known and the the band are well knownThe barcode will contain the price, date the magazine has been published and url of the magazineThe unfinished text makes somebody looking at the cover want to know what is said next
  3. 3. The contents page highlights the main story shown on the front pageThe main stories will have a caption showing a part of the article or describing the pictureThere are three columns on this page and a picture at the top taking up two of them. The columns have a picture in them to break them up and draw the reader into something from each of them
  4. 4. The yellow colour scheme within this issue has been kept up and is obviously part of a house style for the issueA quote from the text is likely to be a key part of the article and will draw the reader in to read itThe crease in the page is not situated on anything important within the picturesThe colour pallet for this page is different shade of yellow red white and black with some other various colours used in pictures There is a separate column on the side of the page with a different but related storyThe pictures are taking up the centre of the pages. The use of large pictures means that the reader will not have a lot of text to be looking at which may overwhelm them