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Case Study Kerrang Magazine

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  • 1. I have chosen to do one of my casestudies on Kerrang Magazine as I believethat the magazine I want toproduce, will aim for a similar style andtarget audience. By looking at thismagazine I can see what are alreadythe conventions of rock magazines.

2. The Magazine focuses predominantly on rockmusic and aims its content at a teenage audienceof all sexes. Bauer Media Group are responsible for publishingKerrang on a weekly basis. James McMahon is the current editor of themagazine. Kerrang was first published on 6th June 1981 withGeoff Barton as the founder and editor and eversince the magazine has been published weekly. 3. Currently Kerrang is sold for 2.20 and can bebought in most newsagents, supermarkets andmusic shops. 4. Colour scheme is red, The general layout of the magazine iswhite and blue whichquite simple with everything easy toMasthead is big and clearfits into the theme ofsee and read. and stands out against theBritish bands for thispale background.particular issue. The magazine has 3 cover stars, that overlap theCover lines to informmain masthead, which isthe reader what thea convention of allmain feature of themagazines.magazine is.Buzz words, designed toPuffs advertising posters persuade the reader toin the magazine,read more.designed to convincethe reader to buy themagazine. Judging from the front coverof the magazine, you couldsay that they aim to targettheir magazine at teenagersThe magazine has a bar at the of all genres and that arebottom to give a last chanceinto rock music.attempt at showing the readerwho is featured in the magazine. 5. Title at the top of the page which also shows the date and issue number, a standardEditors note, so the convention of a magazinereader can readcontents page.about theparticular issue inmore detail.An list of the magazinescontent which is split into different sectiondependent on theMain image the readermore information onwhat they may findin this particularfeature of theImages which denotemagazine. pictures of featuredarticles within themagazine.Colour schemewhich sticks to thehouse style of themagazine(Yellow, Black The contents sticks has a basicand white) layout, but it manages to cover all the conventions of a contents page. 6. The colour scheme is a very basic black and red which Quotes taken from the The main articleTitle positioned relates well to the article to try and entice which is split intoat the top oftarget audience the reader to read on.two separatethe page.they are aiming for.columns. Side bar runningMain image down somedenoting the things youlead singercan expectperforming to comelive.from the band, to get the readerThe double page excited.spread has abasic layout, withimages and textclearly separatedand clearly visibleSecondaryover the basic image showingcolour scheme. the band doing various activities. 7. There are various aspects of the magazine thatwork well and that I would like to take inspirationfrom when it comes to producing my ownmagazine. For example, the way the magazinelays out its front covers, is busy yet simple whichaims at the same target market that I would belooking to sell to when it comes to magazine. Alsothe photo shoots and the style in which they dothem is very accessible and replicable. Also thereuse of bright vibrant colours appeals to the samedemographic I am aiming it. These are the featuresthat I would like to take inspiration from when itcame to producing my own magazine.