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Kerrang! Magazine Cover Analysis


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Kerrang! is a UK-based magazine devoted to rock music published by Bauer Media Group.

It is published weekly with a circulation of 43,400 magazines sold.

The audience is wide regarding rock-they tailor for all kinds of rock and other types of music aren’t really considered.

Genre-fairly obvious from what I’ve said.

Kerrang! Magazine

Page 3: Kerrang! magazine cover analysis

MASTHEADThe title “Kerrang” implies are harshness to the magazine also shown by the block font. This shows the magazine is for a specific “rocker” audience. This is also shown by the “splattered paint” effect of the font, adding the imagery of non-conformity. The name “Kerrang” derives from the strum of a power chord according to the Kerrang spokesman,

The black background makes the writing stand out behind the main image confirming the magazine’s identity and it’s audience.

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STRAPLINE/SKYLINEThe strapline breaks typical conventions as straplines are usually black, which adds to the rebellious image of the magazine. The colour also ties in with the colour scheme, giving the magazine an high-quality look. However, the typography within it is outlined with black, allowing the words to stand out so we, the audience, can still see the additional information well. We are enticed to buy the magazine with a “free CD” with well known bands like: “BFMV, Aiden, Lostprophets”. This illustrates celebrity contribution and the additional superlative of “exclusive” to extend the audience

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Sell Lines

The lack of sell lines are important to note as it implies the magazine doesn’t need to be “sold” as it already has a large audience. It could imply that the audience also know the variety of good material within the magazine. Celebrity contribution is noted again with mentions of bands like “Muse” and “Paramore” which shows the diverse rock spectrum portrayed within.

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Main imageThe image of Pete Wentz (Bass player in the band Fall Out Boy) conforms mainly to the colour scheme and that of a rocker. However, the ice cream juxtaposes the image as it doesn’t correlate between rockers and this type of music. Also, he’s looking at the camera which creates the image he is looking at the audience. This gives the reader the feeling they belong in a figurative “friend group” with the band.

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Colour Scheme

The main theme is Red/Orange, and Yellow with shades of black and white. This is indicative with fire and night. These two images contrast each other considerably. The image of fire and night, although contrasting each other is common with rock as it fits with image of anarchy. The main character matches the colour scheme/the scheme matches him creating the sense he is important to rock.