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Kerrang Magazine Deconstruction Front Cover Contents Page Double Page Spread


  • 1. FontThe font used for the masthead is ajagged style and has a cracking effect.This makes it appear quite rough andheavy looking to link with the genre ofmusic the magazine is about. Themagazine focuses on rock music whichis often heavy linking with the fontstyle. This also attracts the targetaudience as they can tell the genre ofthe magazine through the font in themasthead therefore this will attractrock music fans.The masthead is slightly covered by theheads of the band members. Thissuggests the magazine is popular andalready has a current fan base that willstill recognise the masthead despite itbeing partially covered.ColourKerrrang have a house style mainlyconsisting of the colours yellow, red andblack. Yellow is a bright eye-catching colourand is usually used for the sell lines as theysell the magazine and have to stand out.Black is used as yellow stands out over black.Black could as link with the genre of themagazine as rock music is stereotypicallyassociated with dark colours. The brightcolours are quite striking which links withthe heaviness of the music.TextIt is clear the main article is about Fall OutBoy and Paramore as their names are largein the middle of the page in the form of amain sell-line causing them to be eye-catching.This will attract the targetaudience who will be fans of the bands. Keywords are emphasised through using boldletters to make them stand out. Forexample, MONUMENTOUR is in bold tomake it stand out in the sentence. A sub-headis used to expand on the main sell lineallowing the reader to know the main articlewill be about Fall Out Boy and Paramore onthe Monumentour. The sell line ispositioned over the dominant image todraw attention to it. The sell line also linkswith the band members in the imagetherefore it is places over them.A direct mode of address is used meaningthe text is speaking directly to the audience.This attracts the target audience as themagazine is being personal to them.Framing/ CompositionThe text is positioned around the bandmembers. This places emphasis ontheir faces so they are recognisable toattract the target audience.The position of the text and imagesmakes the cover appear very crowdedpresenting rowdiness which links withthe genre of the magazine as rockmusic sounds very rowdy.

2. Font- Bold capital letters are used for listingthe contents of the magazine. The font issimple in order to make it easy to read. Thesubheadings are a similar font to themasthead. Using a repeated font gives themagazine a recognisable identity and housestyle. The font is also yellow to emphasisethe important parts of the magazine and tomake the text stand out over the blackbanner.Text/Language- The editors lettergives the audience more of an insightinto how the magazine was made andmore about its contents. He speaks in adirect mode of address speakingdirectly to the audience using wordssuch as you. The language used in theletter is informal and uses words suchas Duh! This suggests the magazineaims to attract a younger targetaudience, most likely the teenagegeneration, who would use similarlanguage. The editor also speaks aboutrock stars smelling like unicorns whichadds an element of eccentric humourinto the magazine. This suggests themagazine is humorous and has its ownunique writing style which is usuallyinformal. The magazine often usesprofanity language which can beoffensive and unsuitable for youngerreaders therefore this shows themagazine is for older teenage readers.Necessary information is positioned small inthe top left of the page including the issuenumber and date. It is positioned small as itwould not interest the reader much howeverit is necessary to include.Images -The page includes 7 images ofdifferent sizes. The images are of bandsmentioned in the magazine. The 3 largerimages on the page are previews of articlesto give the reader an insight as to who thearticle is about. The largest image ispreviewing an article on page 40. As it is thelargest on the page, this suggests to thereader it is a more detailed, more importantarticle than the others. The band will mostlikely be more popular than other bandsmentioned in the magazine. Howevernothing about the article is mentioned in thecaption therefore the image acts as a teaser.The caption also adds an element of humourwhich is the magazines way of relating to theaudience. The image in the bottom leftshows a band member making an offensivegesture with his hand. The suggests themagazine is not for a young audience and canbe controversialMasthead- The masthead is positionedlarge in the right hand corner. The fontis a similar font to masthead on thefront cover which links with theKerrang house style. The colour of themasthead is white in order for it tostand out over the black background. 3. Columns are used to organise the textto make it easier for the targetaudience to follow. The fact the text iscoloured white makes it easy to readover the black background.The headline is large and takes up most of the double page spread. This makes itstand out and allows the audience to know this is the main, important article. AllWe Know Is Falling is the name of a Paramore album therefore All We Know IsTouring is a play on words. This links with the article as it is based on a tourinvolving Paramore.In the subhead,the band namesFall Out Boy andParamore are inbold writing andstand out from therest of the text.This makes theband namesnoticeable to theaudience so theycan identify thename of the bandsin the article.The images used are photos of the band membersthe article is based on. Both male and females arepictured to attract an audience of both genders. Thisexpands the target audience and makes the articleappeal to more people.Two images are usedin the article. Themain image takes upthe majority ofspace and is used asa background to thearticle. It is a photoof Fall Out Boyperforming whichlinks with the articleheadline as thiswould of most likelybeen a show on thetour. This gives theaudience a betterunderstanding of thearticle and makes itlook moreinteresting ratherthan being full ofwriting. As themagazines targetaudience consists ofteenagers, they willnot have muchinterest in reading alot of text.A pun is used inthe subheadrelating to thebackgroundimage. The wordExplosive linkswith the explosionof fireworks in theimage. Thelanguage used isquite colloquial tolink with thelanguage thetarget audienceare familiar with.