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1. Research in music magazines 2. KERRANG! 3. The main photo showed in the main optical area is a low angle mid-shotThe masthead of Kerrang is placed on the top of theof the lead singer/guitarist of Green Day. The photo is used to support themagazine, this is the first thing to be seen by the reader ascover story of the magazine which is shown on the right of the mainits at the beginning of the root of the eye.optical area, on the shoulder of the band member.The word Kerrang that is an onomatopoeia as it sounds likeThe cover story has Green Day wrote in the exact same stile of the logoa guitar once a note has been played. It is also a nonsenseof the band. This is used to help attract fans of the band to read theword as it has been made up for the purpose of themagazine as it is the main story within the magazine. The stand first of themagazine.cover story is shown in black writing high lighted green as it stands out ofThe title has been wrote in a bold white text as it standsthe background and its high lighted green as the band is called Green Day.out of the background, it also shown to have a crack in it asThe language of the cover story is informal as it is talking to the reader asthe magazine is heavily based around rock music and someit address the audience in a friendly term which appeals to the reader as itrock artistes are associated whit braking things while themakes the author more related to the reader of the magazine.artist are on stage.The imprint in the terminal area of the cover showsanother band from the same genre of rock as slipknot is aheavy metal band. The image of the band shows mid shotsIn the terminal area on the lest hand side there are sub headings of twoof the members at the back and close ups of the membersother articles which are in side the magazine. These have been positionin the foreground. The costumes of the band members arehere as they have no sugniacucse to the main headline of the cover butdark colours of blacks and greys as this it signifies a heavythey are still important to the magazine.metal band.The typography of the headings are sans serif fonts as the writing isThe imprint is shown in the terminal area as not asconsisting of big and bold text. The language of the text is informal as itsimportant as the main cover story, however it is used tomore of an everyday life speech as the anagram of WTF?! is anotherattract other rock fans who like heavy metal music andform of swearing. The mode of address to the reader is very caesural andwho like the band slipknot.inviting as its speeches to the reader as if they were good friends andThe typography of text used in the imprint is large, boldwont feel offended to the type of language that is being presented.text on a yellow background to help it stand out on theThe colour scheme of the sub articles are yellow and green which helpsdark background of the Green Day photo and the whiteseparate each article and it carries on the theme as the Green Day articletext shows up more brightly on the yellow in green and the Slipnot article which is in yellow.The word WIN! is in a larger font with a differentbackground as it shows its importance to the article.The tone of the text is quite foreseeing as quotesMEMORY LANE means the band could be see how theircareer has been so far. 4. In the top left corner of the contents page there is a letter from the The title of the contents page is in yellow text with a black highlight.editor of the magazine addressing the reader in a friendly manor asThe yellow, bold, sans serif font is used as it shows up on the blackhe has wrote informally as he is telling the reader what is inside the background. This colour scheme is used as it makes the text seemmagazine.more important as it seems the text it self has itself beenThe typography of the text is black, sans serif front as it shows up highlighted.on the white background and it is easily readied and Under the title, there is white, sans serif font which is much smallerunderstandable.than the title as it has less sugnifacunts to the page as it tell theNext to the text is a picture of the front cover of the current issuereader the date of the magazine and the issue number.of the magazine. This is used to show the reader what the editor isThe title of the page has been placed in the top right hand corner astalking about and what the cover looks like on the other page. it is important to the page. However it has less importance than theIt has been placed in the top left hand corner as its the first thing letter by the editor as it is the second thing to be seem by the rootto be seen by the reader which gives its importance as it is positionof the the beginning of the root of the eye.The imagers on the contents page are of bands and artist of therock genre of music as Kerrang is a rock magazine. The photos in Under the title banner there is a quotation from an article within thethe bottom half of the page are low angle close ups of the artist/ magazine. This is placed under the title as it is probably one of theband member how are talked about in the articles within themost popular article in the magazine that the readers of themagazine. The low angle, close ups of the artist/band member are magazine are interested in.used to show the faces of the main person that is linked to theThe typography of the text has sans serif fonts. The top part of thearticle so it is easy for the reader to recognize the person with in text is simple sans serif as it is a quote from the article. The bottomthe photo. Low angle shots are used because it give the person inpart of the text is in bold sans serif as it tells the reader who has saidthe photo more power and status, as the people who read thethe quotation, it is also in bold as it attracts the reader to the area ofmagazine look up to the people shown in the photos.the page. Under the name of the person there is a smaller piece of]The photos on the top half of the page are mid shots of different text which tells the reader where the text has been taken frombands from the music genre of rock. The photos on the right are of within the magazine.the band members in in smart, black, casual clothing to show the The piece of has been placed under the title of the page as thereader that the bands are in their element as they have normalarticle is properly the main story that is in the magazine.body language and they have a straight face on them as well.The large image on the left shows a mid shot of one of the bandmembers in the of the photo in a smart costume which is similar toa school uniform as he is wearing a tie. The prop of the cricket batThe list of the contents has been placed under the title in the rightshows that the band is English and quite young because of the terminal area as the list is used to sum up the hole contents, on topcostume of the uniform. The bat is covered in blood which seem to of the photos of bands/artists left of the blood of the two men behind him who are darkly dressed The headings of the contents are in the same style as the title as itwith blood poring down there faces, because of the pale white carries on through out the page. The style of the font that is used ismake up on the two mens farces makes them seen like zombiesyellow, bold, sans serif font with a black highlighted background.attacking the man in front. The title of the list, however has a black, bold, sans serif font with ayellow highlighted background. The page numbers are inblack, bold, sans serif font with the title name of the article next to itin black, sans serif font.The language of the titles of the articles are names of artists andalbums, popular features that have names related to the theme ofrock music and names of places where gigs have been healed. Themode of address to the audience is informal as certain parts of thelist has aspects of informal language as it trying to talk in the sameThe text under the photos on the page uses the same text as the tone as its of the page to carry on the theme through out the page.In the bottom right corner has the information for how to subscribe to the magazine so itThe typography of the text under the photos that are explaining can be posted to the reader.about the articles have a black, sans serif fort. Title of the articles The subscription of the magazine is in the bottom of the page in the terminal area as itshave the same font as the information about the article but it is a the last thing to be seen by the reader in the root of the eye. This has been placed hear as itlarger size and ins bold. The font of the page numbers areis separated from the contents as it is a hole different subject.yellow, bold, sans serif font with a black highlighted background.The language is informal as it is talking to the reader in a similar tone to how the readerThe language of the text is informal as it is addressing thewould speak.audience in in a tone that is friendly and easy to understand.The colour of the subscription part of the page is red as it is different to the rest of the pageand the reader I less likely to get it mixed up. 5. The logo/ title of the page is in the top left hand corner as its the first thing to be seen byThe typography of the pull quote is large sans serif font in a mixture of red and white which flows through the rest of the page. The language of the pull quote isthe through the root of the eye. It has been placed here as it tells the reader what page theyinformal as is addressing the audience in a expressive tone as it is shouting, by the use of an exquemation mark. The text has been placed in the middle of theare reading and that its a world exclusive which would make the reader want to go andtop of the page as its the first piece of text to be seen by the reader by the root of the the rest of the article. The typography of the stand first is white, sans serif font as it shows up on the black background. The stand first is under the the pull quote as its the secondpiece of text related to the article that the reader sees by the root of the eye. The My Chemical Romance part of the stand first is in bold, white, sans serif fontThe typography of the title is red, bold, sans serif font which shows up of the black as it hi lights to the reader, that the article is about the band My Chemical Romance.background, there is smaller white, sans serif font under the title telling the reader that The article itself is in the main optical area as it is the most important piece if text on the page as its the article of the page and its the third piece of text to bethey can go on to the website for more. Next to it on the right is white, bold, sans serif font seen by the reader as the other pieces of text are to attract the to read the main article. The typography of the article is white sans serif font with a red kicker atthe begin of the article to show where the main piece of text is. The language of the article is informal as it address the reader in a friendly tone as it specks toon a red background which makes it stand out from the background photo, which tells the the audience as someone how they have known for ages.reader that the article is a world exclusive which would make the reader want to read on. On the right terminal area of the double page is a lowdown of the bands latestThe language ofsongs that are coming soon.the text is informal The typography of the text isas it is addressingbold, red, sans serif font which is used forthe audience bythe titles of the songs that are beingshouting at thetalked about. The review of the songs arereader to make in black sans serf font, however thethem lesion to the sounds like part of the review is in boldauthor.sans serif font as it is used on eachThe tone of theparagraph as a common feature and ittext is expressive stands out in bold. The text under theas it is shouting at sounds like part is in smaller sans serifthe to gain theirfont as it is a different part of the reviewattention. and it wouldnt get mixed up with previous parts. The text is on a white background as its a different part of the double page to the interview which as a black background. The review of the bands latest songs is placed in the right terminal area as it is separated from the rest of the article which is a interview with the band and the text in the terminal area is the extra content to the interview on the left of it. The photo in the primary optical area of the left page is aThe photo in the bottom right long, mid shot of the lead singer of the band, with the The photo on the bottom left terminal areaThe photo in the bottom right terminalterminal area of the left page is a drummer of the band in the background of the photo. In theon the right page is a long shot of three ofarea is a close up of one of the bandclose up of a guitar player from the photo it shows the two members of the band performing a the band members in a studio working on members recording a song in a playing the guitar on stage. rehearsal on stage as the lead singer has a pass around his their music.The man is in casual clothing as he isThe man is wearing normal, casual neck. The men are wearing everyday, casual closerecording for a cd and not in front ofchose with a dark t-suit and the prop The men are dressed in everyday, casual close which consist ofas they have no need to wear costumes aspeople in a concert.of the guitar showing that the man is jeans and t-suits doing a worm up gig. The props of the they are not in front of an audience in a The photo is in the bottom right cornera guitarist of the band. microphone, the speakers and the drum kit show that the men its the last photo to be seenThe photo is in the terminal area of are play music on the stage.The photo is in the terminal area in thethrough the root of the eye and its thethe page as its one of the last things to The photo covers the hole background as it is the first photo middle of all of the photos on the double last photo on the bottom of the seen by the reader by using the seen by the reader through the root of the eye as it shows twopage showing all of the band members.root of the eye.