kerrang! textual analysis

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Kerrang! Textual analysis

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Kerrang! Textual analysis

Kerrang! Is the Masthead of the magazine. The word Kerrang sounds like the use of onomatopoeia, a sound associated with something. The black colour font at the top appears to be broken in places symbolising it feels like its been broken. Black is dark, mysterious mainly showing a rebellious side. The image is interesting as it does not follow the standard rule of thirds. Hayleys head is tilted to the side with a wink insinuating of being cool and flirty. Down the left third of the magazine is a huge advertisement of 4 free posters with significant rock bands, this makes it attractive as the target audience can get their favourite bands on their walls for free. There is a standard conventional bar code. Above says Marilyn Manson 10 years on: how we took on the world. The magazine seems to want to cram everything it for the audience The advertisement under Paramore has been carefully placed, immeadiatley the audience will look towards paramore as it is in the middle but as the WIN is in bold and yellow it makes it even more attention grabbing.

Interestingly there is a combination of colours which is good as it highlights the magazine into sections. The yellow colour reminds me of something radioactive with contrast on the black. A greetings from the editor is always good as it seems like shes interested into giving her audience what they want. The contents has been split into sections making it easier to find. The contents follows a housestyle of including the headings Feedback from the artists, News whats going on currently, Swag prize giving competitions, Live Reviews of different artists etc. The small numbers represent the page numbers, therefore it is easier to get too, Bring me the horizon have a double page spread on page 12. The snapshots of the pages making the audience excited to read it more. The 30 seconds to mars poster special is in a different font and colour making it leap out, and show that the font is varied.

Double page spread analysis

The double page spread is very effective. The clear presentation has been thought about carefully, I can clearly identify that the double page spread was an interview also. The contrast of red and black suit it to the magazines style. The image of The All American Rejects is quirky as they have all different facial expressions and poses. The snapshots of the band photos round the side of the main image make it seem as the audience have insight into their personal lives as well matching with the whole idea of the interview. The Dirty little secrets makes it seem revealing and appeal to girls. The Dirty little is in a different font, almost making it look a bit sexualised in a violet colour. The secrets is in bold making it seem like the band are going to reveal all. The black is a good foundation colour for making the white writing stand out. The use of colours has been carefully constructed as there is only 4. The start of the interview says The All American Rejects might look and sound like a band your mum would approve of, but dont be fooled, Tyson and his crew dish out the dirt. This automatically makes it revealing that the bad do have a rebellious side which may be attractive to girls. The line dish out the dirt almost makes it seem like they will spill the beans and tell all about their personal lives which I think the magazine aims to do. The main artist in the band has his own small interview on the right hand side of the page.