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Ignite presentation by Kevin Buck of the University of Oklahoma. Presented at University of Central Oklahoma, Sept. 20, 2013.


  • 1. iPads to Replace Paper Kevin Buck Desire2Learn Administrator University of Oklahoma @kevinbuck9

2. Why? Reduce print usage 95% believe printing is vital to academic success College iPad Rollouts College of Education College of Journalism 3. Impact so far Campaign Kickoff May 2013 Reduced usage: Aug 2012: 400,649 Aug 2013: 348,725 4. Desired Features LE integration Ability to share out Type or handwritten Collaboration Budget friendly 5. D2L Binder Fetch or push from the LE Notes, highlights, etc. Tag, search Respects content dates Share annotated document 6. D2L Assignment Grader Grade offline. Inline comments/annotations Video and audio feedback 7. EduDentity Used for multiple D2L services Binder Assignment Grader MyDesire2Learn Ability to tie to multiple institutions 8. TurnItIn Works w/ assignments in the Dropbox! No need for site login QuickMarks, comments, strikeout Grade 9. Paper Collection of journals Great for handwritten notes, drawing Easy to use, feature rich 10. Google Drive Personal or collaborative Edit/create Docs Spreadsheets View Any Google Drive file Available in LE 11. Explain Everything Insert: Freehand Type Images Videos Browser windows Create images, PDFs, or videos 12. MyScript Memo Converts handwriting to digital text Share to other destinations Multiple languages 13. Recommendations Stylus Usage type Expensive isnt always better. 14. Recommendations Keyboards Cases Stand-alone Even existing!