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<p>Page 1~ Page 1 ~</p> <p>KEYS 4 KIDS AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMARTS FOCUSED: Students can choose from one of thefollowing focuses:</p> <p> Piano Drums Guitar</p> <p>OPERATIONSPee Wee Pianos Keys 4 Kids After School Program is a faith based program that operates by biblical principles and values to help your children become productive citizens in our community. In conjunction with our theme, Music, Education, and Fun, the program will provide a combination of art-focused specialties, as well as edu-cational and recreational activities for a well-balanced out-of school experience. Our program is affordable, fun, and educational.</p> <p>We will transport and pick your child up from school and bring them to our location. Transportation services will be offered to students who attend schools within in a 8-10 miles radius from our location. We accept all students. If your child does not attend a school listed, drop-offs and pick-ups are welcomed. </p> <p>Upon arrival students will be provided with a snack and prepare to complete homework. Students are provided with structured time for homework completion. All students will have instruction in the focus of their choice (piano, drum, or guitar). By participating in our Character Building workshops, they will gain essential values such as discipline, confidence, patience and much more. Days are also filled with arts &amp; crafts, constructive games, character building exercises, and indoor and outdoor recreational activities. </p> <p>REGISTRATION1. At the time of enrollment, an Application/Registration Fee of $80.00 is due.</p> <p>2. Parents must complete and submit a Registration, School Information, Emergency Form, HealthInventory forms and Policy Agreement at the time of enrollment.</p> <p>WEEKLY PAYMENTS AND LATE PAYMENTS1. Payments are due on Mondays. All payments are processed through Tuition Express. The weekly fee</p> <p>payments are as followed:</p> <p>SERVICES PROVIDED Homework Completion Recreational/Educational Activities Character Building Workshops Transportation Services AM/PM Snacks</p> <p>2. If parents decides to opt-out of the Tuition Express program, there will be $20.00 processing fee forpayments made in the office.</p> <p>3. Payments are expected on a continuous basis. In the case of unforeseen absences or excusedabsences, parents are still expected to submit payment upon childs return.</p> <p>4. If payment is not received your child will not be able to participate in our before and after careprogram.</p> <p>LATE PAYMENTSA $10.00 fee per day will be assessed to your accounts for each day late. If payment is not received after 7 days, service will be suspended. Once fees are brought current, service will resume based on space availability. If space is no longer available, the child will be placed on our waiting list and placed accordingly. Pee Wee Piano reserves the right to collect on all outstanding fees by way of legal recourse.</p> <p>SCHOOL CLOSINGS AND PAYMENTSIn the case of school closings (Inclement Weather, Spring break, Winter Break) weekly payments are still expect-ed. In order to fulfill our financial obligations, Pee Wee Piano must receive payment for each week of the school-year. </p> <p>ABSENTEEISMPayments are expected on a continuous basis. In the case of unforeseen absences or excused absences par-ents are still expected to submit payment upon childs return. If a child is sick or otherwise absent for any reason, on any given day for which payment has been made, or has been agreed to pay, there will be no entitlement to a refund or a reduction for amounts due or paid.</p> <p>~ Page 2 ~</p> <p>~ Page 3 ~</p> <p>REFUND POLICYThere are absolutely no refunds for the Registration fee, Weekly fees, or Activity Fees paid to Pee Wee Piano. In addition, fees are not transferable to other children. </p> <p>If a parent withdraws a student from Pee Wee Piano for any reason. There will be no refund of funds, or transfer of funds to other children. </p> <p>WITHDRAWAL In the case of withdrawal, parents must provide a written notice two weeks prior. If two week notice is not sub-mitted, parent is responsible for submitting payment for those two weeks.</p> <p>RETURNED PAYMENTFor all returned checks, a $25.00 return check fee plus a $10.00 per day late fee will be imposed from the day the check was written up to the date the check is posted by Pee Wee Pianos bank as insufficient funds. All re-submissions must be paid in full, in the form of cash, money order, debit or credit card within 2 business days. If all fees are not paid in full within 2 business days, service will be suspended until the account is brought current. For all automated payments returned, there will be a $10.00 fee.</p> <p>DROP OFF AND LATE PICK-UP 1. Child(ren) that are getting dropped off must be signed-in by an authorized guardian. Please do not</p> <p>drop children off on the street/ front of building. Children should be dropped off no earlier than 6:45a.m.</p> <p>2. Children must be picked up no later than 6:00 p.m. daily. Child(ren) who have not been picked upby 6:00 p.m. are automatically charged $1.00 per minute. (Late fees must be paid in cash at thetime of pick-up, failure to pay late fees will result in your child(ren) not participating in our program).</p> <p>3. Once students arrive they are not allowed to leave unless picked up by an authorized person.</p> <p>4. Please notify management if someone will pick up your child(ren) other than the authorized pick-upperson by 3:30 p.m. Child(ren) WILL NOT be released to an unauthorized person.</p> <p>5. If your child(ren) will be absent, please notify the counselors at 301-350-5397.</p> <p>6. If child arrives after the van has departed from Pee Wee Piano, it is the responsibility of the parentto transport child to school</p> <p>SCHOOL CLOSINGS AND SCHOOL BREAK CAMPSOur program will be open everyday except for the following Federal holidays:</p> <p>1. Labor Day2. Yom Kippur3. Veterans Day4. Thanksgiving Day5. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day6. New Years Day7. Martin Luther King Jr. Day8. Presidents Day9. Memorial Day</p> <p>10. Easter Monday11. Good Friday</p> <p>~ Page 4 ~</p> <p>EMERGENCY/INCLEMENT WEATHER SCHOOL CLOSINGS OR DELAYSIn the case of an emergency/inclement weather school closings or delays, please check your local news listing. Pee Wee Piano follows Prince Georges County Public School delays/closing schedule.</p> <p>SCHOOL EARLY-DEPARTURESIn case of early departure we will pick up students according to the schedule provided by Prince Georges County. Services will be provided until the time of our closing. Parents should check email or call in the event of our EARLY CLOSING. Under the discretion of the Director, Pee Wee Piano has the right to close early for extreme weather conditions that could affect the safety our cliental and staff.</p> <p>WINTER BREAK AND SPRING BREAK CAMPS Winter Break Camp</p> <p> Spring Break Camp</p> <p> During the camp the children will learn the art of playing the piano and participate in other rec-reational and educational activities such as Bowling, Skating, Field trips and more.</p> <p> Parents will be allowed to enroll children at least one month prior to Winter or Spring Break.</p> <p> In order to operate, there must be a minimum of 5 children enrolled in our winter break/springbreak camp.</p> <p>Winter and Spring Break Camp will be open to the public. You are encouraged to enroll your child in a timely manner. Current Before/After School Program Parents will have priority.</p> <p>BASIC SCHEDULE/ROUTINEAfter School</p> <p>1. Pick-Up from School</p> <p>2. Snack Time- Students will be provided with 10-15 minutes to have an evening snack, which will be provided.</p> <p>3. Homework Completion/Quiet Time- Provides (allotted time) for homework completion. If your child does not have homework, he/she may participate in a constructive quiet activity, such as leisure reading, puzzle construction or completion of an art-inspired activity.</p> <p>4. Music Instruction (Hands-On/Written Theory) Children will participate in private lessons. Children will experience the joy of learning the rudiments of music in a steady progress.</p> <p>5. Dance Instruction will occur once a week for 1 hour session. Dance classes will consist of modern, jazz, and ballet styles and techniques.</p> <p>6. Recreational Activities/Arts and Crafts/Character Building- Students will have full access to board games, art &amp; craft materials, educational books, and kids movies. Whether enjoying an exciting indoor game, or getting some quiet down time to read their favorite book. After School students will find our facilities the perfect environment for learning and fun!</p> <p>7. Pick-up/Departure- Parents will arrive to pick up children. </p> <p>Clothing and Personal Items-Personal items (clothing, shoes, jackets, book bags, etc.) should be clearly marked with the childs full name in permanent marker. Please ensure that your childs personal belongings are not left at the location. The staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Toys, games, radios, electronic devices, IPads, Ipods, Nintendo DS, tablets, kindlesjewelry or other personal items should be left at home. Students are not allowed to use cell phones during sessions.</p> <p>Martial Arts Attire: All students should come prepared on Martial Arts training days with provided T-shirt and uni-form pants. Students will be provided with a full-uniform at the beginning of the program.</p> <p>DISCIPLINARY SYSTEM1st Offense: </p> <p>2nd Offense: </p> <p>Verbal warning: Counselor will ask child if he/she understands what he/she has done wrong. Positively state the behavior that is expected.</p> <p>Inform Parent(s)</p> <p>3rd Offense: </p> <p>4th Offense: </p> <p>Age Appropriate Time Out4-7 years old 10 minutes8-13 years old 20 minutes</p> <p>Conference with parent (s)</p> <p>Child may be suspended or put out of program</p> <p>In addition, we will use the Behavior Light Color Changing System (Red, Yellow, Green). Parents are encour-aged to monitor their childs daily progress.</p> <p>Pee Wee Piano has the right to suspend a child from the program due to gross misconduct. After a child is suspended, upon return the child will be placed on probation. If gross misconduct continues, Pee Wee Piano reserves the right to remove a child from the program permanently. </p> <p>If a child is suspended from program due to gross misconduct, parents will not receive refunds for previous pay-ments made to Pee Wee Piano.</p> <p>If a child damages Pee Wee Piano property due to misconduct, parents will be held liable. Parents will be re-sponsible for paying for all damages to Pee Wee Pianos property. </p> <p>If a parent withdraws a student from Pee Wee Piano for any reason. There will be no refund of funds, or transfer of funds to other children.</p> <p>FIRST AIDThe safety and well being of your child(ren) is of the utmost importance to us. We are prepared to assist your child(ren) at anytime should a medical problem or emergency arise. A CPR trained staff will be on duty at all times.Please be reminded that as your child will sometimes be in a recreational environment, minor cuts and bruises can happen. In the event your child is hurt</p> <p>~ Page 5 ~</p> <p>~ Page 6 ~</p> <p>and needs emergency treatment, the staff will attempt to reach the parents, the emergency contact or the family doctor. </p> <p>ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The ratio of staff to student is 1: 15 students. This does not include the assistants who provide extra supervision. The adult staff members are Spirit-filled Christian College Students and Graduate Students who will be super-vised by the Director and Assistant Director. All staff are CPR and First Aid Certified. </p> <p>FOR OFFICE USE ONLY:Processed by: _________________________________________________ Date_______________________________________</p> <p>Directors Signature: ___________________________________________ Date:_______________________________________</p> <p>~ Page 7 ~</p> <p>PARENTAL POLICY AGREEMENT</p> <p>Please sign and date, and return to our Office. Please note, your child will not be considered enrolled until this official document is submitted.</p> <p>As I enter my child (ren) __________________________________, into Pee Wee Pianos Keys 4 Kids Before/After School Program. I _________________________have read and understand the before mentioned Keys 4 Kids Before/After School Program policy and agree to adhere to the policy. I un-derstand that I am financially responsible to fulfill any acquired account balances. Pee Wee Piano reserves the right to collect on all outstanding fees by way of legal recourse.</p> <p>Parent/Legal Guardian Signature:_______________________________________ Date: _____________________________</p> <p>Print Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________</p> <p>FOR OFFICE USE ONLY:Processed by: _________________________________________________ Date_______________________________________</p> <p>Directors Signature: ___________________________________________ Date:_______________________________________</p> <p>~ Page 8 ~</p> <p>AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM TRANSPORTATION</p> <p>Please sign and date, and return to our Office. Please note, your child will not be considered enrolled until this official document is submitted.</p> <p>I give permission for my child/charge (child) to be transported in a motor vehicle driven by the individual identified Pee Wee Piano, LLC to Pee Wee Pianos location _____________________. I understand that my child is expected to follow all applicable laws regarding riding in a motor vehicle and is expected to follow the directions provided by the driver. </p> <p>I recognize that by participating in this activity, as with any activity involving motor vehicle transportation, my child may risk personal injury or permanent loss. I hereby attest and verify that I have been advised of the potential risks, that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in this activity, and that I assume any expenses that may be incurred in the event of an accident, illness, or other incapacity, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses. </p> <p>As a condition for the transportation received, I, for myself, my child, my executors and assigns, further agree to release and forever discharge Pee Wee Piano its Board of Trustees, governing members, agents, officers, employees and volunteers from any claim that I might have myself or that I could bring on my childs behalf with regard to any damages, demands or actions whatsoever, including those based on negligence, in any manner arising out of this transportation.</p> <p>I have read this entire waiver and permission form, fully understand it, and agree to be legally bound by its terms. </p> <p>Parent/Legal Guardian Signature:_______________________________________ Date: _____________________________</p> <p>Print Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________</p> <p>Registration must include the following: (1) Completed registration and enrollment form (2) Medical Information and Emergency Consent Form foreach child attending (3) School Information Sheet (4) $80.00 Application Fee (5) First week fee of progr...</p>


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