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Introduction As multiple skills and competencies combine to realize technology-driven business transformations, software development continues to be the largest software engineering activity across enterprises. Drivers for custom-built solutions for clients are based on innovative use of technology to achieve competitive advantage and differentiation. As organizations drive towards iteration of their business and IT strategies, outsourcing IT application development allows focus on core businesses with benefits across the business spectrum. KGISL's well-honed capabilities and service methodologies address specific needs of enterprise IT programs, and Internet technology product development. KGISL IT services complement to define, optimize and align enterprise business strategy with technology initiatives in a comprehensive IT outsourcing framework that ensures costeffective and efficient management of customer IT operations. An enterprise will benefit from seamless coordination across strategy, implementation, and management of their technology programs; and from KGISL's expertise in focused industries, strong quality orientation, cross-technology expertise, and distributed project management capabilities. A proper understanding of this synthesis motivates every engagement, enabling KGISL to deliver technology solutions that give its clients the decisive competitive advantage. KGISL has a strong record of success in custom-built solutions and through this process has perfected its processes which continue to be the key success drivers for these engagements. KGISL provides both end-to-end solutions (analysis to maintenance) and specific design/development services.


2. Industry profile3

PROFILE OF KGiSL KGISL is a division of $500 million KG Group conglomerate that has diverse interests in various fields like Textiles, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Travel, and Entertainment. KGISL is an EN ISO 9001:2000 company certified for its compliance to international quality standards and procedures, in Software Engineering and Engineering Design Services. KGISL is also an SEI CMM Level 4 company. KGISL was incepted in the year 1994, under the astute leadership of Ashok Bakthavathsalam, with the dream of becoming "The Most Admired Global IT Company known for its quality, timely delivery, and cost effectiveness of services." KGISL commenced commercial operations in 1996-97 and initially focused on meeting the Y2K remediation needs of Fortune 500 companies. Since then, it has successfully delivered cost-effective solutions in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Engineering Design Services and Web Solutions to clients worldwide. KGISL, an acclaimed Information Technology (IT) consulting company is also a provider of specialty Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. In December 2000, KGISL ventured into the US market with its wholly-owned subsidiary KG Information Systems Incorporated (KGISI) based at Detroit, Michigan. KGISI today also has a branch office at San Jose, California. KGISL also has a strategic interest of 33% in Swift Alliance Inc., US which provides ERP solutions to small and medium size enterprises in the US.


3. Company Profile5

3.1 INDUSTRY PROFILE The KG Group of Companies is one of the premier industrial groups in India. The KG Group is a conglomerate of complementary multiple business units with a rich and distinguished heritage based upon interests in healthcare, textiles, finance, information technology, engineering education, travel and entertainment. 3.1.1 MISSION

Will to win in the competitive world by exceeding expectations. Achieving the hallmark of success, a platform to attract customers. Treating every goal/target as a challenge. Creating value at every angle/turn in each of the business units. Motivation through team work.

3.1.2 VISION

Innovation: Striving to be the best through being the first in all services and solutions.

Quality Service: Always setting a target to exceed expectations. Diversity: Stamping the quality mark on a diversified community. Global View: Focus on the world market for constant improvement. Customer Satisfaction: Setting a chain reaction of satisfaction in each customer and creating reliability.


We make IT happen



Serving the community for an improved and better life through its multi commitments in healthcare and other services.

Providing means to the society for quality-oriented services. Opening new opportunities in the diversified business units. Keeping ahead with competitors in the market with services exceeding expectations.

Conscientious contribution to the society through free healthcare services. KGISL operates in the following domains

Manufacturing Health Care Finance & Banking E-Commerce Entertainment Logistics Communication Utility Retail Service Technology


3.4 Beyond Business At KGISL, success is measured not just in terms of financial or business profits, but more importantly in terms of the difference KGISL as an entity makes to the very society that has been the cornerstone of its existence. With its firm belief in its social obligations and responsibilities as a leading employer and corporation in the region, KGISL is a leader in the Society-Industry collaboration for betterment of the people of the country. KGISL along with the KG Group of Companies strives to contribute to the very society that nurtured its growth through its efforts in the Healthcare, Educational and Social Welfare sectors. It is this consciousness that makes KGISL a company with a difference!!

KG IIM KG NIVH KG Hospital KG Eye Hospital KGISL Effort in Gujarat ThenThirumalai - Venkateshwara Temple

3.5 Quality Initiatives Quality is the cornerstone of cutting edge IT solutions and as an SEI CMM Level 4 company, KGISL fully appreciates the importance of the quality paradigm. KGISL constantly benchmarks itself against international quality standards and is also today a certified ISO 9001 service provider. Its Quality Initiatives mean its development processes are sharply focused on enhancing the quality standards by aligning the people, the business objectives with the processes and technology. Constantly following up on this firm belief, KGISL has stringent quality assurance and control measures to ensure its clients have nothing but the best of services.8

Establishing a mature process and improving it continuously to make it effective and contemporary requires specialized process knowledge, quality management skills, and exposure to the latest trends in industry, technology and best practices. At KGISL it is equally important to innovate on project management and engagement processes that enable it to deliver robust solutions for its clients within time and budget.

At KGISL, dedicated groups responsible for thought leadership drive the organizational impetus to innovate. Process frameworks, methodologies, and reusable knowledge objects combine with topical thought leadership to demonstrate innovation in solution definition and engagement delivery for the client. KGISL's varied experience with multiple vertical domains has enabled the company to evolve a robust development process/methodology which ensures that client projects measure up to expectations. Extensive usage of process measurements helps KGISL constantly improve its quality, productivity and on-time delivery capabilities, thus enabling it to provide innovative software services.



Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam Chairman, KG Information Systems Private Limited

Alan H. Bushell Vice Chairman, KG Information Systems Private Limited

Ashok Bakthavathsalam Managing Director, KG Information Systems Private Limited

Sridharan Srinivasalu Executive Director, KG Information Systems Private Limited

IT Services KGISL provides consulting and IT services to clients globally and has always focused on leveraging new technologies in a proven, cost-effective fashion. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization's current IT assets. KGISL offers solutions that are robust, scalable and easily integrated with a diverse range of products and technologies. At KGISL, the focus is on continually defining, optimizing and aligning client's business strategy with IT initiatives. We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge.10

We offer the following Services

Software Solutions ECM Services Maintenance Services

Software Solutions

ECM Services

IT Service s

Maintenance Services


3.7 INFRASTRUCTURE @ KGiSL The Software Technology Campus of KGISL is spread over a 25-acre plot in Saravanampatti, a serene locality about 12 kms from the hustling city life of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. The Software and Business Process Outsourcing services division of the company is anchored on the campus in a four level, 100,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art building which provides a work environment comparable to any sophisticated facility in the West. The hi-tech facility houses over 400+ computers all linked to higher-end IBM Servers connected through Layer 3 manageable switches. The state-of-the-art hardware resources available at the facility are numerous like

IBM Netfinity Servers - Windows 2000/WINNT IBM RS6000 Servers - AIX IBM AS/400 Servers - OS/400 Linux Servers - Red Hat Linux Unix Servers - SCO, HP Sun Servers - Solaris IBM 300GL Workstations.

Fully realizing the overwhelming importance of secure and reliable communication network, the provision for a direct satellite communication earth station was included in the blueprint of the facility. This Earth Station, setup and run by STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) owned by the Government of India, provides KGISL with a non-stop high bandwidth IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) connectivity of 8Mbps. This also includes a T1 line for non-stop Internet connectivity. The setup is redundant at all levels, including redundant optic fiber channel backup bandwidth of 2Mbps, satellite modems, power amplifiers, and backup UPS. The entire facility functions on a 24 hours, 7 days a week work schedule. The campus is structured with a "walk-to-work model". Apart from the impressive infrastructure facilities, KGISL also has a residential complex within its campus for its employees. The campus also boasts of a 24-hour cafeteria.12

4. Technology & Product Range13

4.1 Software Solutions 4.1.1 Methodology KGISL's solutions are robust, scalable and will easily integrate with a diverse range of products and technologies. KGISL's expertise spans the entire gamut of application and custom development. At KGISL, its wide range of technological expertise, application knowledge and consulting experience, enable it to develop and integrate robust and scalable e-business solutions that keep end customer's requirement in mind. The software development process, supported by a proven onsite-offshore development methodology and quality management system, shortens application development timeframes, providing significant business benefits to customers. The Software Solutions provided by KGISL comprise:

Client Server Technology ERP Web Solutions Turnkey Projects Microsoft.NET Practice Linux/Open Source Practice Content Management Solutions - Zope, Vignette Workflow Management Solutions Migration Re-engineering services


At KGISL proven expertise and experience is backed by world-class engagement and development methodologies. The methodology used for Enterprise Software Solutions includes: 1. Scoping

The scoping phase of the process primarily involves the identification of the client enterprise requirements and the identification and isolation of exact scope of the development effort. This involves the following activities:

Requirements input from client Requirements Research Effort Estimation for Scoping Identification of Roles and Responsibilities Preparation & Presentation of Technical/Customer Scoping Proposal Signing of Scoping Contract User Requirements Study Project Estimation Technical Project Proposal & Plan Project Contract Signing

2. Study & Analysis

The Study and Analysis part of the development process involves elaborate study and analysis of client requirements identified in the User15

Requirements Study. At KGISL, professionals listen to client ideas, explore concerns, and contemplate all aspects of the problem - from underlying business processes to importance of change management to merits of various technologies - to craft unique information systems that move enterprise business forward and yield a measurable return on investment.

The study and analysis involves:

System Study User Interface Design SRS Preparation SRS Internal Review and Approval SRS Presentation Project Contract Review, Revision and Sign Off Preparation of Manuals

3. Design








architecture for their application as well as making correct technology choices based on client requirements. Important activities involve:

Preparation of Architectural Design Documento o o

Final Database Structure Data Dictionary ER Diagrams

Detailed Design Documento o

Standards, Design, Coding Documentation Program specification


4. Implementation

The Implementation phase involves the actual coding and development of the application keeping in mind the architectural design and technology being used.

This includes:o o o o

Coding Code Review Unit Testing User/Help Manual Preparation

5. Testing

KGISL adheres to international quality standards for building, testing, and implementation and conducts a multitude of quality adherence procedures and processes to ensure that the end product is nothing less than the best expected by the client. This includes:o o o o o o

Integration Testing System Testing Deliverables Verification User Acceptance Testing Alpha Release Beta Release


6. Installation

Following the full release of the application, KGISL consultants provide full back-up support in actual installation and during the runningin period.

The installation services usually involve:o o o o

Final Release End User Training Warranty Period Changes Project Closure

5.2 Maintenance Services 5.2.1 Introduction The experiences of the last century have forced users to adopt scalable and extensible architectures that can support 24x7 business availability to accommodate global customers and reduce development cycles to a minimum. Maintenance of such applications requires dedication of resources at the expense of focus on enterprise core competencies and significant cost. Targeting client's resource optimization, KGISL provides wide range of Maintenance Offerings based on enterprise requirements. At KGISL, the maintenance team relates easily to varying parameters such as age of the systems, processes and standards followed, poor documentation, and lack of18

expertise in relevant technologies. Perhaps the most important of all is the understanding of business functionality of systems and the built-in rules of the organization - the 'real productivity assets of the organization'. Mature application maintenance processes include inter-linked processes such as adaptive maintenance, preventive maintenance, and corrective maintenance. A comprehensive methodology for application maintenance captures the functionality and processes for the entire sustenance life cycle with the following benefits to the enterprise.

Client Server Technology Well Integrated Offshore/Onshore Team Model with a high degree of Ownership

Established Processes Project & Quality Management Onsite Coordination/Support (if necessary) A 24x7 offshore operation model Significant cost saving on basis of:o o

On Time & Material or Fixed Price Costs on actual, with visibility of Productivity Vs Cost

4.2.2 Methodology Mature application maintenance processes include inter-linked processes such as adaptive maintenance, preventive maintenance, and corrective maintenance.

A comprehensive methodology for application maintenance captures the functionality and processes for the entire sustenance life cycle with following features:


1. Scoping

The scoping phase of the process primarily involves identification of client enterprise maintenance requirements and the identification and isolation of exact scope of the maintenance effort. This involves the following activities:o o o o o

Requirements input from client Requirements Research Effort Estimation for Scoping Identification of Roles and Responsibilities Preparation & Presentation of Technical/Customer Scoping Proposal

o o o o o

Signing of Scoping Contract User Requirements Study Project Estimation Technical Project Proposal & Plan Project Contract Signing

2. Study & Analysis

The Study and Analysis part of the process involves elaborate study and analysis of the client requirements scoping. At KGISL, professionals listen to client ideas, explore concerns, and contemplate all aspects of the problem - from underlying business processes to importance of change management to merits of various technologies.


The study and analysis involves:

Project Management Acceptance User Requirement Study & UTAP hand over (preparation if not handed over by client)

URS & UTAP Internal Review and Approval SRS Hand Over (Preparation if not available) SRS & STP Internal Review And Approval SRS & STP Approval by Client

3. Design

The design phase involves defining fundamental software architecture documents and identifying the application technology choice based on client requirements.

Important activities involve:

Preparation of Architectural Design Documento o o

Final Database Structure Data Dictionary ER Diagrams

Detailed Design Documento

Standards, Design, Coding Documentation


Program Specification

Unit Test Plan And Test Case

4. Maintenance The Maintenance phase involves actual maintenance activities keeping in with change requests generated by the client.21

This includes:

Change Request Receipt Impact Analysiso o o o

Changes in Document Changes in Code Changes in Database Changes in Test Plan, Test Case, and Test Data

Effort Estimation Scheduling Effection of changes

5. Testing

KGISL adheres to international quality standards for testing, and implementation and conducts multitude of quality adherence procedures and processes to ensure that effected changes fit the proposed requirements. This includes:

Code Review/Unit Testing Integration Testing System Testing Deliverables Verification User Acceptance Testingo o o

Alpha Release Beta Release Final Release


4.3 Testing Services 4.3.1 Introduction Attaining and maintaining the highest level of quality is of paramount importance to today's businesses. To remain competitive, companies strive hard to increase productivity, reduce cycle times and deliver defect-free products. It is all the more complex in the info tech segment, where rapid changes in technology, manpower and opportunity render the overall process prone to failure. With the emergence of new economy, IT organizations worldwide are increasingly favoring the use of third party testing services. Third party testing enable enterprise gain confidence in IT investments and understand their application / product behavior in a simulated environment. Typical challenges faced by business critical applications are reliability of the applications, compatibility, scalability, and increased cost of fixing delivered defects. To meet these demands, KGISL provides third party, independent testing services for its client's business critical applications. KGISL's services / solutions offer the following benefits to the client:

Specialized testers with hands on experience in different testing tools for diversified testing requirements. Comprehensive testing tool evaluation with cost/benefit analysis report. Testing activities governed through structured processes. End-to-end testing approach as a solution for mitigating the deployment risk factors. Quality Improvements with tangible metrics. Secured testing lab environment for offshore testing of applications. Risk Sharing. Proven Process Implementation.

Software testing is a science that requires not only sound technical knowledge about the application, but also good domain knowledge to be able to visualize different23

scenarios of operations which may require testing. KGISL by virtue of its extensive domain knowledge and experience adds value not only in defect detection but also in building up a self-reliant closed loop process that works towards defect prevention. 4.3.2 Methodology KGISL strives to provide for every possible need of its clients. Many of KGISL's clients use its Remote Software Test Lab services for software testing needs or to complement their own test labs. This lab has the hardware, software, and experience to test software on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and most popular UNIX systems. Test Lab provides an isolated environment for testing, which comprises of various platforms, protocols and testing tools. Test Lab provides ever-ready facilities to test new products or versions upgrades, patches and service packs. Testing is carried out both manually as well as with Testing Tools with the setting up of Test environment done as per the client's requirement. Progress Change Management System, an advanced Workflow Management System developed by KGISL, augments the testing process by reporting and tracking defects to their closure with suggestions from customers. Acceptance Testing/Verification and Validation procedures are also carried out with 30 software professionals working as Quality Analysts who use leading high-end software tools for testing. The Testing methods include white box testing, black box testing, regression testing, unit testing, etc. It also uses automated test tools and follow writing automated test scripts so that software under development can be tested automatically, saving money by reducing manual testing needs. KGISL Software Testing Lab is strongly focused on Client Server and Web Application Testing with the commitment to meet it client's expectations of quality Software Testing "On Time, On Budget".


4.4 Testing Process The Software Testing Process at KGISL is a robust testing methodology that has been structured to provide the most effective and efficient testing solutions to its clients. Based on minimum requirements from the clients like

Client Server Technology Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Project Executable

The testing process provides for the testing needs of the client. 1. Testing Processo o o o

Preparation of Test Plan and Test Case documents Testing Reporting and Tracking Defects Test Results

2. Test Plan This includeso o o o o o o

Features to be tested Test Approach Environment required Testing Tasks Schedule Risks Responsibilities


3. Test Case & Test Data for

Business process GUI check Validations Non-functional cases like (Load, Performance, security)

4. Testing Methodologies includes

White box Testing Black box Testing

5. Testing Levels

This includes

Unit Testing Integration Testing System Testing Functional Testing Load Testing Stress Testing Security Testing Performance Testing Regression Testing Acceptance Testing


6. Defect Reporting and Tracking

Defects identified are reported through ProGress - Change Management System according to the Severity of the defect, classified as Minor, Serious, Critical, or Fatal. 7. Testing Tools


WinRunner Rational Robot Web stress Test Tool Web performance Trainer Astra Load and Quick Test

8. Test Planning and Defect Tracking Tools

Test Director ProGress (Intranet Tool)

9. Deliverables

Test Plans and Test Case, Test Data documents Test Results


10. Certification

After the completion of all the Levels of testing, the project/product Quality is certified.

10.1 Process of recruitment in IT o Initial round with HR o Technical Test (Written) o Machine/system round o Final HR round 10.2 Projects in IT o J2EE o .NET o Quality Assurance o Web Designing o Networking (Linux,unix)


4.5 Talent Management Systems (BPO SERVICES) "I have always believed that to ensure sustained growth, it is important to constantly look beyond our horizons to seek and break newer grounds" - Ashok Bakthavathsalam, (CEO - KGISL) KGISL is a pioneer in the field of Business Process Outsourcing services to India. Based in India, KGISL possesses strong infrastructural and intellectual strengths; judiciously used to evolve the technology and process that makes KGISL the success it is today. KGISL BPO Services division is a leading overseas service provider created with the objective of providing affordable quality services to various vertical industry segments in the US like Healthcare, Legal, Insurance, Business and Finance. KGISL offers the following BPO Services

E-Content Processing Engineering Design Services Back office Email Support Transcription Remote Data Processing CRM Services Recruiting Support


4.6 Engineering Design Services In the current global economic scenario enterprises remain under constant pressure to bring innovative products to market at lower costs in ever-reducing development time. KGISL's ability to complement clients business processes with high-value-added design solutions at economical costs enables clients to achieve these objectives. The Engineering Design Services Division at KGISL focuses on developing solutions around state-of-the-art digital technologies in Engineering product design. The Engineering Design Services at KGISL consists of a multi-faceted team of skilled engineers with immense experience in design, engineering analysis and product development for a variety of industries. Based on a combination of engineering knowledge, software skills, and industrial experience, the division offers a spectrum of engineering services in CAD/CAM, Modeling, Analysis, and Product Data Management. The Engineering Design division operating as per EN ISO 9001:2000 certified processes offers measurable time and cost benefits to its clients. The division has more than 100 engineers with high-end design expertise in diverse domains ranging from heavy engineering, aviation engineering to automotive tooling. KGISL EDS Division offers services in the CAD/CAM sector and boasts of comprehensive capabilities indesign services using Unigraphics / CATIA / ANSYS / PRO-E / IDEAS.


The various services currently provided are

Solid,Surface and Assembly Modeling using Unigraphics / CATIA / PRO-E / IDEAS / Solid Works

Simulation using DENEB and ADAMS Rapid prototyping using ADAMS Manufacturing - Generation of NC codes Reverse Engineering Analysis Using ANSYS/NASTRAN Product Data Management (PDM)

KGISL Design division constantly achieves high productivity rates enabling it to process and deliver high volumes within desired delivery periods. With constant measurements of the production process and productivity issues along with error control, KGISL ensures optimum process and quality systems within the design division. Project methodology, team philosophy and personnel policies are adapted to make these methodologies excel. The cornerstone of success of the Engineering Design Services at KGISL is the belief in the long-term relationships with its clients envisioned in the dedication of resources for long term service of each client. CAD/CAM Solutions KGISL's services cover all the well-known CAD applications including

Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, CATIA, IDEAS, and Solid Works. The services cover a range of engineering domains such as Automotive, Automotive Tooling, Aerospace, and Manufacturing. With concurrent engineering solutions, wellestablished quality processes and superlative design methodology, KGISL ensures shorter and more efficient design cycles.31

1. Design The Design team helps with the entire product design and development process, from design, product layout/assembly

planning, and component design, to assembly design, assembly analysis and product packaging design. This is done in close interaction with the client to ensure the required result. Services include Legacy Conversion of old drawings (paper/CAD package) to the latest CAD packages with ensured cost effectiveness, consistent quality and quick turnaround. 2. Modeling Complex 3D geometrical models are used to express built-in design intent while behavioral modeling is used to optimize the design. The models created can be completely parametric with interdependent dimensions driven by relations. The most efficient possible

techniques are used to obtain the optimal CAD model.o

Drafting KGISL design team generates engineering production drawings or assembly layout drawings matching customer specifications using international drafting standards


Assembly KGISL Design team also creates initial layouts and top-down assemblies with modular methodology for requiring clients.



Tool/Die design Design and development of press tools, jigs and fixtures, dies and punches, die design for cast, forged and sheet metal components is also carried out at the Design Division using latest tools and technology. These are carried out as per client requirements with precise attention detail and quality.

4.7 Product Data Management KGISL also offers Product Data Management solutions and services to manufacturers. These integrated solutions provide collaboration among the internal product development team, partners, suppliers, and customers dispersed across different locations and organizations. The customized PDM solutions connect, control and manage the Data and Processes of the Product through its lifecycle, across the supply chain on a project-by-project basis. The accurate and synchronized product information is made available based on levels and rights of access in a scalable environment. The implementation of PDM solutions derives advantages to KGISL's clients like

Access to a pool of highly trained and resourceful manpower in industry-standard PDM packages.

Prior Experience in implementation of solutions to provideo o o o o

Data Integration and Security Connectivity to Legacy Applications and Databases Office Workflow Process Automation Change Management Re-engineering and Optimization of Business Processes


Vast industry expertise in different CAD/CAM applications / tools and their customization.








customized "point solutions" in the ever-changing environment.

A deep understanding of the industry requirements.

Product Data Management implementation and support coupled with KGISL's domain expertise in providing Engineering Design Services by leveraging the latest technology and state-of-the-art tools provides the ideal way to create a collaborative product development environment between itself and its clients. 4.8 Email Back Office Support KGISL offers advanced email support services both inbound and outbound that unites hosting, configuration, campaign production, testing, delivery, and reporting as a complete outsourced solution. With the right message, the right timing, and the right channel, email is the most effective opportunity to track success factors like customer acquisition and retention KGISL's outsourcing services maximize value for clients seeking to communicate with key audiences via dynamic email. By providing a complete email management service, KGISL enables clients to focus on the message while KGISL focuses on technology and efficient delivery. At KGISL the emphasis is on quantifying the 'return on investment' for clients by using a variety of proprietary tools and methodologies to ensure clients' online marketing and advertising becomes increasingly effective and efficient over time. The KGISL team is comprised of professionals from all corners of the Web and34

brick-and-mortar business sectors including web engineering and programming, sales and marketing, business development, new media and online creative. The email campaign experts on hand manage every aspect of client's enterprise email marketing requirements. They look at specific needs and goals to design the best email marketing plan for the enterprise. There is absolutely no use of "canned" email campaigns as each and every company has unique strategies and goals. At KGISL, the Email Management services provide the following:

Design email marketing campaigns Define opt-in acquisitions lists and their sources Plan & execute testing strategies Craft email design, layout Launch campaigns (at just the right time!) Analyze tracking and link reports Measure each campaign's effectiveness Learn and focus client campaigns Unlimited data storage

KGISL executes and manages permission-based email campaigns with advanced list management capabilities, sophisticated message template configuration and personalization, high volume deliveries, and complete ROI (return-on-investment) tracking and reporting. KGISL's email solution allows clients to:

Outsource customer newsletter development and email delivery management

Enhance customer service and improve customer relationships Re-target existing customers with advanced personalization and


tracking features

Automatically target multiple formats and versions for distribution (HTML, text, AOL)

"Unique Features" 1. Dynamic grouping Unlike many others, KGISL offers dynamic grouping or customizing of subscriber lists and the message they receive by demographic information. 2. Template Design Clients who request KGISL template design get full attention from its creative staff. The right look and feel for the message is intensely scrutinized, and is always subject to the final approval by the client. 3. Low-cost Managed Services At KGISL , our main goal is to increase client's sales or improve communications. But at the same time, KGISL saves time and money. The more services KGISL handles, the better deal it is for the client's business. The team at KGISL designs client template, tests it, manages subscriber list, plans campaign strategy, and analyzes its resultsall at a highly economical cost to the client. 4. All Services Include

Quality assurance across multiple email client Complete subscription management and hosting


Advanced bounce handling Unlimited segmentation Message sizes up to 250k Online reporting updated eight times a day HTML Production and Email Formatting Email newsletter trafficking (sends)

5. Advanced Features & Services

Integrated customer surveys ROI conversion tracking Personalization Data synchronization with client data bases Multi-campaign subscription management E-business integration Custom reporting Strategic planning and integration services Track views, click-stream data, and friendly forwards Complete online ROI reporting


4.9 Transcription KGISL initiated its Overseas Documentation Services in 1998 as an Overseas Transcription Provider for the US based Transcription major Heartland Information Services, a part of the S&P 500 HCR ManorCare Group. By the year 2000, this operation had grown to be the largest of its kind in ASIA employing more than 1300 quality transcriptionists providing valuable support, on 24x7 day schedule, to the Healthcare industry in the US. In the year 2001, this support division was spun into an independent entity called the HeartlandKG Information Services with independent service capability dedicated to Heartland needs. Outsourced Documentation Services offered offshore at KGISL provide numerous advantages to its clients abroad. Abundant English proficient manpower and significant cost advantages are just some of them. KGISL is one of the few overseas transcription service providers that have been able to dispel the notion that "Cheap Manpower Yields Cheap Quality". KGISL is committed to providing complete and comprehensive documentation solutions by offering a wide range of dictation options and transcription services. To fulfill this commitment, KGISL has developed a fully integrated dictation and transcription system that provides unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and management capabilities. At KGISL, we clearly understand the fact that processing of documents, as in case of healthcare, business, and legal, usually requires a high degree of confidentiality. The fact that our clients repose their faith in our services time and again stands testimony to KGISL's quality of service.


4.10 Data Processing "As a business manager, you need to take a hard look at your core competencies. Revisit the areas of your company that aren't directly involved in those competencies, and consider whether Web technologies can enable you to spin off those tasks. Let another company take over the management responsibilities for that work, and use modern communication technology to work closely with the people - now partners instead of employees are doing the work. In the Web work style, employees can push the freedom the Web provides to its limits." - Bill Gates (Times - Apr'99) Almost every business can become overwhelmed and backlogged by the tremendous volume of paper that generates tons of data which requires sorting and analysis to be processed. Banks, Financial Institutions, Airlines, Healthcare, insurance companies, government agencies, hospitals, advertising, and retailers are businesses that typically handle forms that have been filled out by individuals or are machine-generated. Business entities are dependent upon speed and accuracy as this has a direct impact on their efficiency, resources and profits. For small one-time keyboarding requirements to complex Order processing & entry, KGISL caters to a huge magnitude of clients. Data Processing essentially involves collecting data, creating a master data, tabulating available data, validate the data as per given rules, create a database and transfer the output back in acceptable media. KGISL offers a wide range of data capture and document management solutions for litigation support, publishing, scientific and engineering applications, insurance and medical forms. Captured data is delivered to KGISL's Data Center where various edit checks, data validation, and database management functions are performed. The Data Center provides application design and development as well as statistical and39

analytical reports for a wide variety of corporate customers. The programming staff at KGISL boasts of expertise in COBOL, Oracle, Visual Basic among others and address clients' most complex database management, on-line access, and data reporting needs on a continual basis. The powerful complement of systems at KGISL involves use of state of art latest generation technology supported by an array of IBM Netfinity servers providing the very vital technological backbone to its Data Processing operations. The Data Center is networked to client sites via dedicated IPLC communication links through the earth station based at KGISL's facility with a redundant Optic Fiber Cable link. Regular scheduled nightly or weekly data backups ensure full support in the event of a disaster. The various Data processing offerings at KGISL cover a host of industrial segments like..


service offerings include:

The data processing operations at KGISL follow a robust and time-tested methodology to ensure the veracity of data processed or analyzed or entered before delivery to the client. The Data Delivery Methodology at KGISL follows a multi-level, multi-stage process illustrated as. Custom-built programs are utilized for efficient processing and effective quality control.



4.10.1 Advantages The distinct advantages that KGISL offers to its international clients are superior quality, low cost & timely solutions. Being ideally positioned with an extensive experience in this field, KGISL continues to give advantages through a range of data conversion & processing solutions to multiple industries the world over.

Major benefits can be calculated in terms of organizational responsiveness and not just cost savings. In other words, redefinition of jobs, plus better use of people and corporate resources are very likely to play a greater role in the decision to outsource the data, forms and document processing. At KGISL, the benefit of outsourcing has thus been field tested and proven.


4.11 Customer Relationship Management Services KGISL is a leading service provider in Customer Relationship Management through voice and email based support services and solutions. World-class customer care requires continual, timely and accurate communication with customers. KGISL CRM services offers customized outsourced services to consistently improve quality and customer satisfaction ratings while also lowering overall cost of operations. 4.11.1 Voice Based Services The KGISL CRM operations facility is a high performance center offering exceptional quality of service. This primarily involves telephone support covering sales, customer service, technical support, help desk, and collections. The facility offers clients integrated, multi-channel communication service to provide a consistent, high-quality customer experience through highly trained customer services representatives and contact center technologies. The Nortel technology based solutions are offered on Point-to-Point optic fiber based communication links providing toll free voice quality. 4.11.2 Email Support At KGISL, Email support forms an integral part of the CRM service bouquet enabling web-enabled businesses to respond to customer email queries within 24 hours. Sophisticated infrastructure, talented people, and defined processes ensure high Quality of Service (QoS).


4.11.3 Chat Support KGISL's 'live' chat support offers a number of advantages due to the immediacy of the interaction and the ability of experienced agents to react to individual customer requests.

4.12 Process of Recruitment in BPO o Initial Round with HR o Grammar test -1 o Grammar test -2 o Audio Round o Operations Round o Final HR round 4.12.1 Projects in BPO o CRM (Customer Relationship Management) o eTag (Executive Talent Acquisition Group) o Online Education 4.13 Training Process in BPO Only ON-JOB training available in KGiSL o Voice and accent training Trainers need to have a natural instinct for the language, sound knowledge of grammar and voice, an ability to accept feedback while training, assertive yet positive body language -- as the old adage still holds true "a picture is worth a thousand words" people closely observe the actions of a trainer in a classroom, which makes it essential45

for a trainer to understand that people tend to follow their favorite trainer for specific styles. Strong thought connectivity, an good sense of humor, and a suave speaker with the idea of transforming individual potential with the power of voice. o Neutral Accent Neutral accent training helps us to reduce our regional accent to speak a language in an elegant Style and pronounciation. This training majorly deals with accent neutralization, jaw movements for vowels and consonants, voice and accent, phonetics, sounds of English, pronunciation and mock practices. This training is mostly required by BPO workers and call center [Eg. Best outsourced call center company] executives whose profession is to speak with foreign clients. Voice overs, actors, pilots, business people, leaders and socialites show much interest to learn neutral accent. This Module teaches you to reduce the mother-tongue-influence while speaking the native language. Native speakers never expect you to speak English in their way of pronunciation. They expect you to speak English clearly so that they can communicate well. No one can be able communicate without a hint of accent. But if you speak with heavily accented English, no one can get what you are trying to say. So speak in a neutral English. This training develops you to communicate in a standard way that is universally accepted.

Today the word 'neutral' is often used in accent training centers. Trainers teach about neutral American accent, neutral British accent, neutral Spanish accent, neutral pronunciation, neutral English, etc.46

The main objective of the neutral English trainer is to improve the communicative skills of the trainees and guide them develop a neutral accent that is globally understandable. They have to make use of software and modern techniques to modulate the voice and reduce the accent to ensure the people speak neutral English perfectly. o Process Training Business processesranging from customer service processes to support processes such as accountsare the backbone of any company. KGiSL develops training programs to prepare employees to streamline and speed up the

automated/non-automated processes involved in their day-to-day work. The process training developed by KGiSL focuses on the application rather than just acquisition of knowledge of processes. Thus, the training program focuses on creating real-life scenarios and practice activities. Process training benefits anybody in a company who needs to execute business processes, fully or partially. Process training is essential for companies, in any industry vertical, to keep up with the stringent demands of a competitive marketplace.

KGiSL has a variety of approaches for process training, depending on the intensity of training required:

Simple, linear step-by-step teaching model, which is presented in the context of a scenario. Reinforcement activities include simple problem-solving questions.

Complex decision-tree-based training where the learners explore the multiple process outcomes that are possible based on their decisions.


Although our process training can be applied in any company at any level, it is especially relevant in:

Organizations that are undergoing business process changes Large, geographically dispersed organizations that want to ensure standardized processes across locations

Day To Day Activities: o Flow of workings everyday

KGiSL employees use workflow for various H.R functions like ;

Recruitment And Selection


Benefits management

Training and Development

Performance management

o Head Hunting

Headhunting refers to the approach of finding and attracting the best experienced person with the required skill set. Headhunting involves convincing the person to join your organization.


Head hunting is now one of the most used technique of recruitment. however the same is used mostly for top notch positions like CFOs, CEOs, FMs, GMs, HR Mgrs etc.. the same is due to the reason that people for such position rarely circulate their cvs and also the company who wants the position to be filled may require candidates who is presently either working for the competitor or another company in the same line. Also head hunting is used because it gives a guarantee for the credibility for the candidate. Head hunting is becoming highly popular and is used more than it was in the past. Another reason for the same is that it saves time - time for screening and short listing etc... Also the qualifications for such position may be kind of rare to find.


o Offer Letter

An offer letter is the first document using which a company contacts the employee who is selected for appointment. It contains the designation offered, general terms, salary figures, payment details, working hours etc. The employee can either accept or reject the offer. If he agrees to the conditions given in the Offer Letter, he will inform a convenient joining date. Then the company issues the Appointment Letter as a confirmation of his job. o Induction happens everyday


When a new employee joins in an organization, he completely a stranger to the people, work place and the work environment. Therefore, he is likely to feel insecure, shy and nervous. In the absence of information and support these is likely to be anxiety and fear in his mind. He may undergo reality shock caused by a gap between his expectations and the real situation. Induction or orientation can help overcome these problems. Once an employee is selected and placed on an appropriate job, the process of familiarizing him with the job and the organization begins. This process is called induction or orientation.

CONTENTS OF INDUCTION PROGRAMME A formal induction programmer should provide information concerning the following: 50

Brief history and operations of a company. Product and services of the company The companies organization structures

Location of departments and employee facilities Policies and procedures of the company Rules, regulations and daily work routines Grievance procedures Standing orders and disciplinary procedures Terms and conditions of services including wages, working hours, Overtime, holidays, etc. Suggestions schemes Benefits and services for employees Opportunities for training, promotions, transfers, etc

o Responding to the profiles that comes The employees will be responding the profiles by using ATS (Applicant Tracking System). This is the software package specially made for KGiSL. o Coordinating with manpower agencies Coordinating with Manpower Agencies to get in right people for right job at right cost in right time. o Walk-in Reports To give an official statement on daily basis of number of candidates attended the interview. [Recruitment will be done during the period of September to February]

Role of HR in economic downturn 51

Try holding on the employees (Give opportunities). No benches as of now. At this point project vs resource is high.

5. Research and Methodology


Statement of Problem:

Human resource has gained a wide acceptance in the industry. The objective of the study was to access employee satisfaction. This has led to the need for more experienced and skillful employee where to be trained to meet the organization requirement. People in an organization are the most productive resource and also the most expensive organization spends on this resource in order to extract the best contribution out of them. A small judgment error in rectifying a non-retainable employee could lead to decal losses in terms of time and money spend on his training and job socialization as also initial losses in terms of job held up due to vacancy in position and other related job being postponed in todays fast pace corporate world, time management being important, such errors are not called for therefore more stress is laid on efficient, effective and potential worker for the organization corporate world today recruits people directly and prudently rather simply hire and fire people. The mobilization of money, the construction of factory building, the purchase and installation of machines and procurement of materials are the initial measures taken by a management in the establishment of a company. The recruitment and selection of people to man and machines and auxiliary services form a part of these initial measures. Without people to man and plant, the collection of physical resources by itself will not serve only purpose. The hiring of men and women required is more important than the marshalling of physical resources in the establishment of the company and the attainment of its objectives. Note that the hiring of people is confirmed to the initial stages in the formation of an enterprise. The employment is continuous one and it ends only when the enterprise eases to exist.


More important, an enterprise grows and diversifies, and so there is great need for men and women. Recruitment and selection, therefore becomes a specialized function and is disclosed by the personnel department. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the employment function i.e., recruitment, selection, interviews, placing and orientation of personnels. HR is the major inputs for any organization to achieve its objectives. Therefore its important for any organization to spend time and money till the right personnel are found. Field of study: This project work was carried out at KGiSL. Research samples: IT and BPO industry plays a very important role in the economy. The sample was therefore chosen as it portrays the needs of the researchers. Research provides an insight into any study top basically evaluate and judge the data or to find the solution to any given problem a simple is representative of a group or population that identifies itself as part of it. Objectives of the study: Background Verification & analysis are one of major HRM function that helps manager to keep the skilled members in the organization. Data Collection: The data collected contains primary data and secondary data. The primary data has been collected mainly by interviewing and also observation and audit. Secondary data has been obtained from published journals, company broachers, books, internet, etc.


Limitations of the Study: 1. As the project is prepared for academic purpose only, it suffers from the limitations of time and money, due to which analytical study into all the strategies adopted by the organization was not possible. 2. The study was completed within short span of time that was available. 3. The report also suffers from the limitations of exhaustiveness as far as the information is concerned. 4. All this study is limited to KGiSL, Coimbatore.



Table 1: Partner with training institutions, companies, in the design will deliver better training opportunities Particulars Yes No Total No. of Respondents 26 4 30 Average 87% 13% 100%


Yes No


Feed Back: The above chart shows that 87% of respondents say yes and 13% No.


Table 2: Weightage during recruitment

Particulars Attitude Key Functions Quality Improvement Total

No. of responders 10 18 2 30

Percentage 33% 60% 7% 100%

Chart Title7%

33% Attitude Key Functions Quality Improvement


Feed Back: The above chart shows that 60% of respondents give weightage for Key Functions, 33% Attitude, quality improvement 7%.


Table 3: Priority given while recruiting


No. of respondents

Percentage 37%

Individual need which affect 11 maximum in link performance Group need which affect 19 minimum level in performance Total 30



Chart Title

37% Individual need which affect maximum in link performance Group need which affect minimum level in performance 63%

Feed Back: The above chart shows that 63% of the employees give priority to the group need which affect minimum in performance, 37% for individual need which affect maximum in link performance.


Table 4: Does KGiSL follow different recruitment process for different grades of employees?

Particulars Yes No Total

No. of Respondents 16 14 30

Percentage 53% 47% 100%

Chart Title

47% 53%

yes No

Feed Back: The above chart shows that 63% of the respondents said yes for different recruitment process for different grades of employees, 37% answered No.


Table 5: Does the recruitment policy treat everyone fairly? Particulars Yes No Total No. of Respondents 21 9 30 Percentage 70% 30% 100%

Chart Title


Yes No


Feed Back: He above chart says that 70% of respondents satisfied with the recruitment policy, 30% are not satisfied.


Table 6: The major recruiting source which is mostly used for recruiting in KGiSL? Particulars Internal Source External Source Total No. of respondents 23 7 30 Percentage 77% 23% 100%

Chart Title23%

Internal Source External Source


Feed Back: The above chart says that 77% of recruitment is from internal source, 33% from external source.


Table 7: Which external sources are effective in recruitment?

Particulars Job Advertisement Placement Consultants Job Portals Employee Referrals Total

No. of Respondents 11 9 5 5 30

Average 36% 30% 17% 17% 100%


36% Job advertisement in Newspaper 17% Placement Consultants Job portal Employee Referrals


Feed Back: The above chart says that 36% of respondents prefer job advertisement as the effective external source of recruitment, 30% placement consultants, 17% job portal, again 17% Employee referrals.63

Table 8: External recruiting brings out more desirable employees than the internal recruiting.

Particulars Yes No Total

No. of Respondents 21 9 30

Average 70% 30% 100%


Yes No


Feed Back: The above chart says that 70% of respondents feel External recruiting brings out more desirable employees than the internal recruiting, 30% feels internal recruitment brings out more desirable employees.


Table 9: The mode of recruitment of the organization is helpful in fulfilling the need of organization?

Particulars Yes No Total

No. of Respondents 28 2 30

Average 7% 93% 100%


Yes No


Feed Back: The above chart shows that 93% of respondents says that the mode of recruitment of the organization is helpful in fulfilling the need of organization, 7% says No.


Table 10: Rating of the overall recruitment and selection process of KGiSL?

Particulars Excellent Good Fair Poor Total

No. of respondents 7 15 6 2 30

Average 23% 50% 20% 7% 100%

7% 23% 20% Excellent Good Fair Poor


Feed Back: The above chart shows that 50% of the respondents rates good for the overall recruitment and selection process of KGiSL, 23% excellent, 20% fair, 7% poor.


Table 11: Employees relation with colleagues?

Particulars Very Good Good Satisfactory Not Satisfactory Total

No. of Respondents 2 22 5 1 30

Average 7% 73% 17% 3% 100%

3% 17%


Very Good Good Satisfactory Not Satisfactory


Feed Back: The above chart shows that 73% of respondents believes that their relation with their colleagues is good, 17% satisfactory, 7% very good, 3% not satisfactory.


Table 12: Work relationship with superiors?

Particulars Very Good Good Satisfactory Not Satisfactory Average

No. Respondents 20 7 3 0 30

of Average 67% 23% 10% 0% 100%




Very Good Good Satisfactory Not Satisfactory 67%

Feed Back: The above chart shows that 67% of the respondents says very good work relationship with superiors, 23% good, 10% satisfactory.68

Table 13: What do you feel; you will get being an employee?

Particulars Exposure Growth Competitiveness Total

No. of Respondents 7 14 9 30

Average 23% 47% 30% 100%

23% 30%

Exposure Growth Competitiveness


Feed Back: The above chart says that 47% of respondents feels growth being an employee of KGiSL, 30% competitiveness, 23% exposure.


Table 14: Are you happy with company salary structure?

Particulars Yes No Total

No. of Respondents 25 5 30

Average 83% 17% 100%


Yes No


Feed Back: The above chart shows that 83% of the respondents says that they were happy with company salary structure, 17% are not happy with their salary.


7. Findings & Suggestions71

7.1 FINDINGS: 1. From the three months, the cost spent on advertisement is higher from the other sources of recruitment. 2. Campus interview is the best in terms of least cost spent for recruitment in KGiSL. 3. The period of recruitment is from September to February. 4. The number of candidates recruited through job portals increased from 5-17. 5. External source is mostly used for recruiting in KGiSL.

6. The approximate turn up rates in KGiSL is 20% - 30%. 7. Employees are happy with their salary structure. 8. Total time taken to complete the recruitment process is 170 mins on an average


7.2 SUGGESTIONS 1. The cost spent on advertisement can be minimized 2. The effectiveness of recruitment can also be improvised by carrying out behaviourbased interviews, motivational fit inventories, computerized resume screening, and training/experience evaluations, simply structured comprehensive psychometric

questionnaire will throw light on the temperament, attitude and drive of the individual. 3. The most important factor being the quality of the candidate in terms of work efficiency, the cost and time factors are taken into consideration to make the process economical 4. The time taken for the HR interview can be reduced to some extent. 5. Total process for selecting a candidate can be minimized.



CONCLUSION: Recruitment and selection process are important aspects in staffing and the decisions regarding them have to be taken keeping in view the fit between the employee and the organization. The organization has to decide whether to hire temporary or permanent employees or recruit from the internal workforce or select through external sources. Interview is one of the most important selection methods. In the modern day selection methods, situational and behavior description interviewing are gaining importance. The core concepts in staffing include matching individual needs with organizational needs, the importance of staffing as a process, the importance of organizational and job analysis, the person- job fit for an organization and the growing emphasis on personorganization fit.




Primary Source

1. Principles of Management - By R.N.Gupta.

2. Business Management - By Reddy and Appanaiah

3. Personal Management and Industrial Relations -By Dr.T.N.Bhagoliwali

Secondary source





Questionnaire: Personal Details

Name: Gender: Male Female

Educational Qualification: Job Designation: Age: Years of experience:

1. Approximately how many people are employed by your organization? In Total Male Female

2. Approximately how many people are employed in your HR function by your organization? In Total Male Female 3. Has your HR function increased in scope and responsibilities in the last three years? Yes No

4. Has your HR function changed its structure over the last three years? Yes79


5. Rank the following methods does your company choose for sourcing? Check all the apply S.No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. SOURCES Campus Employee Referrals Consultants Walk in Existing Data Base Advertisement Job Fairs Portals Websites Gate Crashing Head Hunting Internal Promotion Campus Recruitment RANKING


6. How many rounds of interviews are conducted before a candidate is offered the employment? Levels Junior Level Middle Level Senior Level One Two Three More

7. Rank the following according to importance given while recruiting employees? Junior Level Middle Level Senior Level


8. Following which test organization conduct for selection of candidate Aptitude Intelligence Personality Psychological Any other

9. What are the job sites from which you source resumes? Others

10.Is there a reward for referring employees? Yes No

11.In terms of your workers training background, do you hire already trained professionals for the most part? Yes No Sometimes

12.What is the maximum time for the vacant position to be closed in KGiSL? 3 Week

13.Is there any contract signed by the employers while joining the organization? Yes81


14.Do you partner with training institutions, companies, in the design and delivery of training opportunities for your workers? Yes No Sometimes

15.Which human soft skills do any of your partnerships with these agencies involve training in? Negotiating Time management Supervisory skills Team building Strategic planning Stress management and wellness Balancing work/life issues Setting boundaries Effective communication Career planning Workplace morale Enhancing productivity Strategies for worker retention vs. downsizing Effective hiring strategies

16.Do you give more weightage to (Prioritize): Attitude Key Functions Quality Improvement

17.Do you apply Competency Map in Interview Evaluation Techniques? Yes No


18.Which one do you give more priority? Individual need which affect maximum in link performance Group Need which affect minimum level in Performance

19.How many stages are involved in the selecting the candidate? 1 2 3 3 & More

20.Does your company follow different recruitment process for different grades of employees? Yes No

21.Which of the following recruiting sources is mostly used for recruiting in KGiSL? Internal Source External Source

22.Does the recruitment policy treat everyone fairly? Yes No

23.What is the approximate turn up rates in the organization? 30% 24.In terms of cost incurred rank the following recruitment sources followed in KGiSL?


S.No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

SOURCES Campus Employee Referrals Consultants Walk in Existing Data Base Advertisement Job Fairs Portals Websites Gate Crashing Head Hunting Internal Promotion Campus Recruitment


25.Which of the following external sources are effective in recruitment? Job advertisement in Newspaper Placement consultants Job portal (e-recruitment) Employee Referrals 26.External recruiting brings out more desirable employees than the internal recruiting. TrueT

Very True

Not True


27.The mode of recruitment of the organization is helpful in fulfilling the need of organization? TrueT

Very True


Not True


28.How do you rate the overall recruitment and selection process of KGiSL? ExcellentT







29.Who is the decision making authority in the manpower planning decision? MD/Chairman V.P HRD/GM HRD/SBU Heads Manager HRD/Functional heads Divisional Manager/ Profit Centre heads 30.Your relation with colleagues? Very goodT T T T T





Not satisfactory


31.Your relation with your superior? Very goodT





Not satisfactory


32.What do you feel; you will get being an employee? ExposureT





33.Are you happy with the Company Salary Structure?85





34.Please mention if you have outsourced any of the HR activities in your company Recruitment Payroll Management Manpower outsourcing ( contract employment/ temporary staffing) Employment verification / back ground checking Labour laws &statutory compliances Training & development