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CLE on Crowdfunding. Session 1 - Kickstarter, Terms of Use, and the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)


  • 1. Prosperds Price:A Lovecraft and Shakespeare Tale .__ i

2. My DMCA Story PUBLIC DOMAIN PUBLIC DOMAIN 3. .. .V I A. - __ __:A __ :,,:, _ __ ~, ___ r.- r~ ~ ~ > ~W' z 9! . .gu . ..I. "'. i': '.f: ;. , .= : nmsmwm-uum-ncwysmwwzmmvemhaumwlwm -~ " 4. Cancellation LettersDoug Cane' Droso ro s F'K idulullvDoug cm. . ldge to Prcsaero s Price A Lovezra d She espeare TaR>p| y4 nun,All or rnrwaui i Mmu 5. The Full Letter From KickstarterYour proye: : IS the ; ulzyect of an ntellectua pilDQEITy` dispute and ha:been caused z l: :Kklnarlw copyright 6. This Had Been Sent To A| | of My BackersClalmanl Intoriuianou(ngmgm smm mm.sun:;nai-u r or, SuuPusul ; adaCounty', : mailCopyright IMc-rmation- mmm - Dncriptlun of (anynghud mami- Ulitvipnun o' . nhlngtng mun-HalPage 1 7. This Had Been Sent To All of My BackersRequired statements- SIPfIJIdnawIotSq-mnnl.v GoodI-irh sam.v lo u. ..,nlnowlodgomniul.. . 8. Reached Out for HelpTalked to Brian Rowe and other lawyer I knew Massive Web researchOnline legal resource sitesRead the Digital Millenium Copyright ActBegan to draft my response 9. Reached Out for Help|drafted a very neutral response and had it edited |made sure that it was in on time My response would go to the complainant|was REQUIRED to include my home address 10. What do |do?. . wait 11. Authors and Creators. ..Jo/ m Smfz* Twnas* Dauiv/H (IF/ Hs SKU/ l (J/ aizcj' 12. Authors and Creators. ..Jo/ m Smfz* Twnas* Dauiv/H (IF/ Hs SKU/ l (J/ aizcj' 13. Finally,A ResponseFad Nen: * CNCA evowcatlon Irom D R O ? menKlcknnrun (opyvlghl 14. The EndJust because it is cool. .. T/ z/. v is a / Ncturc of' Hc/ czz . II/ Iw/ z/ >/tI_r/ n_q' Prox/ nvzI in . lu/ ic Taymorc . x- zwn/ itio/ z o/' T/ zc Tcnz/ navt.