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2. Making a list of good and amazing books is a veryexciting job. And, if you are doing so, then let me addsome interesting books in your list. Here I go reading is the best time pass for most ofthe people as the books are said to be the best friendof humans. Individuals, who love has love forreading, always carry it on long journeys. By readinginteresting novels, one can learn a lot of things. Whether you are readaholic or not, there are somenovels that you must read before you die. Here is thelist top five amazing books that you should read. 3. Harry Potter SeriesHarry Potter is very popularand interesting serieswritten by J.K. Rowling. Theseries is very much popularamong the kids and adults.The main characters of themagical world are HarryPotter, Hermione, and Ron.Each chapter of this serieshas interesting twists andturns that maintainssuspense and thrill in thereaders. If you like fiction,you should go for it. 4. DraculaHowever, Dracula is not writtenbeautifully but there are manyinteresting folds in it. You musthave seen Dracula in your videogames, in cartons, movies, and inposters, so by name, you can dounderstand, that the story is allabout a blood sucking man.Written by Bram Stoker, Draculais one of the great horror sagasand I can bet it will make youforget those Vampire storiesafter reading it. You can get acopy of this book anywhere,either in stores or online. 5. The AlchemistIf you are young, then you must read this novel, written byPaulo Coelho. It will nourish your mind and heart and willmake you realize that even very impossible dreams can cometrue. The story in the novel revolves around a shepherd boyand every phase in the story will teach you something newand worthful . 6. War and PeaceWar and Peace is the best oneamong all the classic novels of theworld. The foundation of the novelis put in the 19th century. The novelhas excellent pages of humanconflict. The novel is written by theLeo Tolstoy, tells you- how to sustainyour moral high while facing flawedworld. Take some time and read thisnovel and you will know why it issaid to be the daddy of all novels. 7. Chokher BaliChokher Bali a novelwritten by famous Indianwriter Rabindranath Tagore,originally in Bangla. Thenovel defines the emotionalturmoil of life. RabindranathTagore has beautifullydepicted the humanemotion in Chokher Bali.However, if you dont wantto take the pain of readingnovel, then you should goand watch the moviereleased with the same title. 8. Aside from these, there are other novels thatyou must explore, like: Eleven Minutes byPaulo Coelho, Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol,The Lord of the Rings by professor J. R. R.Tolkien, The Count of Monte Cristo byAlexandre Dumas, Gone With the Wind byMargaret Mitchell. Reading books is said to bethe good time pass because reading never getwasted and will you teach something everytime. So, go ahead and read these books and Iam sure you will discover yourself. 9. Contact UsSmiley RileyEmail: support@smileyriley.comTwitter: realSmileyRileyFacebook: Smiley Riley Adventures 10. THANKYOU