Kids Helping Kids at Kurn Hattin 2014

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<p> 1. Kids Helping Kids 2014: Were on Our Way! 2. Traveling to Kurn Hatting, we stopped at Our Place, a drop-in center, food pantry, and soup kitchen in Bellows Falls, VT. 3. Lisa Pitcher, the Executive Director, coordinates more than just meals. 4. Lisa explained how they try to do so much with so little. 5. After we helped feed others, we got a chance to feed ourselves . . . Greek pizzas and a "Gorilla" at Pizza Palace! 6. Then it was on to Westminster, VT 7. and Kurn Hattin Homes. 8. We began with "circle" time led Tom Fahner, Executive Director, and the Eighth Graders. 9. Then we got to know each other better . . . 10. with a little competitive volleyball! 11. We also played a card game where everyone wanted to be an ace. 12. No one wanted to be a deuce. 13. Meals are done cafeteria style, and residence staff and students sit with their respective cottages. 14. After our rst dinner there was a panel discussion about the transition from middle to high school. 15. Eighth grade students prepared questions for us, asking how they could get ready for change. 16. KH and NHS students pondered homework and social issues from both sides of the spectrum. 17. Fears were shared . . . 18. technologies were put into practice . . . 19. and support was offered. 20. Prognosticating came easy for some! 21. For others it was harder. 22. We found we had similar smiles. 23. Kurn Hattin was already set up for success. 24. We used iPads with fth graders to show and to tell personal narratives. 25. Everyone learned together. 26. We used images, drew pictures, and made connections. 27. For some of us it was easy to remember Middle School. 28. Some teachers just continue to teach regardless of the age or the classroom. 29. Working one-to-one, connections led to smiles. 30. Though not easy, bridges were made over chasms. 31. Students became teachers to each other. 32. NHS students also helped KH teachers. 33. Kids were truly helping kids. 34. We all helped each other present our true selves. 35. We also shared our hopes and dreams. 36. Some still needed help to make a connection. 37. Some were ready to stand alone. 38. It all depends on how you look at it. 39. Regardless, you have to have a sense of humor. 40. Have you ever considered a horses opinion? 41. Listening to horses can be very therapeutic. 42. Some who listen to horses can whisper back. 43. Others have a hard time attracting attention. 44. If you cant whisper, maybe you can rock! 45. Kurn Hattin boasts a Grammy nominated music teacher. 46. Some use painting as an artistic adventure. 47. Some just roll with the punches. 48. Did we mention we did some painting? 49. Through the generosity of donors, new residences have been built. 50. Safe, inviting homes provide students and respected cottage directors support in a structured, family-friendly environment. 51. No chore or ritual was left to chance. 52. Study Hall and . . . 53. crafts can be done . . . 54. side by side . . . 55. or en masse! 56. We learned to communicate regardless of our ages, 57. despite our native and second languages . . . 58. no matter how difcult it is to see eye to eye . . . 59. because we can always nd a way to get along. 60. Together we learned to embrace and to celebrate challenges . . . 61. and hard work can lead to togetherness. 62. Kurn Hattin is certainly a very special place. 63. The school means so much to so many. 64. Our days were rugged but rewarding; such is the hope for a better tomorrow. 65. Given our newly found friendships . . . 66. our future success is assured.</p>