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  • Kids Helping Kids
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  • Our Goal To help alleviate poverty by enhancing the education and learning experience of economically disadvantaged children in developing countries.
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  • Methodology Identify beneficiaries and their needs Raise funds and supplies in order to assist the beneficiaries in their goals
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  • Currently Identified Beneficiaries Tipas Elementary School, Taguig City, Philippines
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  • Tipas Elementary School History In 1900, the school was named Tipas Barrio School which was located in front of the church and situated in the plaza or the Liwasand Bonifacio. The teachers during the first years were all Americans. The Americans trained Filipinos and were able to teach independently in 1914. The first ever graduation rights were supposed to be held in 1942 but were delayed until 1945 due to World War Two. A Filipino, Fortunato Dinguinbayan decided to donate ten thousand square meters of land in Palingon in 1917 to improve the school. The school was then made of nipa and sawali and was made up of rooms only separated by blackboards. Recently, the school was improved by the municipal government and there are presently seven structures on site, with four of them serving as classrooms. The seventh building was recently donated generously by private donation and implemented by a local non profit organization named the Philippine Business for Social Progress. The Community It Serves Tipas Elementary School serves four local government units in the Philippines. It is the only public elementary school in place with a student population of 3,143. The community it serves is composed of low income families. The primary sources of income are farming, fishing, construction and other forms of skilled labour.
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  • How We Intend To Help We will aid Tipas Elementary School by collecting school supplies such as beginner English books, textbooks, full computers or computer parts, stationary, calculators, printers and cartridges, maps or globes, chalk and erasers, compasses, rulers, glue, and staplers. On top of academic supplies we will also collect sports equipment for recreational purposes and for physical education. We will collect the supplies by student drives at the school we attend, Island School, as well as coordinating our activities with other schools in order to increase our collection. We also intend to contact corporations for donations of the supplies mentioned above, especially computers and printers. Additionally, we have started fundraising money for the school to buy supplies which it feels necessary, and plan to continue this. We have found a shipping company to provide full shipping sponsorship so that we can move our collection supplies easily and without added cost.


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