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Stay well this Winter! I am very glad to introduce you to my actual December 2008 issue of KieFit Journal. “Happy and Healthy Life in Winter” inspires you for maintaining and upgrading your fitness. Start reading, now!


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    W I N T E R W O R K O U T 7 B E T T E R T I P S F O R W I N T E R E X E R C I S E S

    3 S U R F I R E W A Y S K E E P W E I G H T O F F D U R I N G C H R I S T M A S

    C O L D W E A T H E R : R U N N I N G S A F E T Y T I P S

    D I E T T R E N D S 2 0 0 9 !

    December 2008

  • Hello Fitness Fans! I am very glad to introduce you to my actual December 2008 issue of KieFit Journal. Happy and Healthy Life in Winter inspires you for maintaining and upgrading your fitness. Start reading, now! Start reading now and get inspired from KieFit Journal for a Happy and Healthy Life in Winter Season! Go Fit and Healthy Through Winter Season! This is our KieFit Journal motto for this December edition in 2008. Learn about the winter athletes nutrition (Page 4) and effec-tive diet trends in 2009 (Page 6). What do you know about alternative medicine? On Page 7 you can read how Home-opathy works and when you should use it to support your health. Stay fit through the whole winter. In KieFit Journal you will discover three most important information about your winter running plan. This KieFit Journal issue gives you seven efficient tips for your successful winter training (Page 10). Yours in healthy! Heidi

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    D E C E M B E R 2 0 0 8

    H E A L T H Y A N D H A P P Y L I F E !

    I S S U E :

    S T A Y W E L L T H I S W I N T E R


    N U T R I T I O N F O R W I N -T E R A T H L E T E S


    3 S U R E F I R E W A Y S T O K E E P W E I G H T O F F D U R I N G C H R I S T M A S


    D I E T T R E N D S - T H E D I E T S T O W A T C H O U T F O R I N 2 0 0 9


    H O M E O P A T H Y - H O W I T W O R K S A N D W H Y Y O U S H O U L D B E U S I N G I T


    Y O U R W I N T E R R U N -N I N G P L A N T R Y T H I S 3 - P O I N T P L A N O V E R T H E W I N -T E R M O N T H S A N D C O M E B A C K S T R O N G I N T H E S P R I N G


    C O L D W E A T H E R R U N -N I N G S A F E T Y T I P S


    7 B E T T E R T I P S F O R T H E W I N T E R E X E R C I -S E S

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    A L P I N E S K I I N G - A T O T A L S P O R T

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    A D V E R T I S E O P P O R T U N I T Y S K I E F I T . C O M

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    C O N T A C T K I E F I T . C O M

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    S E N D M E Y O U R C O M -M E N T S A N D I D E A S F O R F U R T H E R A R T I C L E S .

    1 5

    W H Y M O S T S K I W O R -K O U T P R O G R A M S D O N ' T S T R E N G T H E N Y O U R L E G S O R E N D U -R A N C E A N D I N V I T E I N J U R I E S


    Stay well this Winter!


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  • Winter brings snow and the fun snow sports, along with holidays such as Thanksgiv-ing, Christmas and Valen-tine's Day. But along with the fun comes the not so fun colds and flu. Probably the reason that the common cold is so named is because it is so common. Yet it is possible to survive the cold and flu season without coming down with a cold. One secret to doing this is building a strong immune system. One enemy of your immune system is lack of rest. You may even notice that when some stressful activity demands that you burn the midnight oil, you catch cold shortly thereafter. During periods of deep sleep, your body is busy re-plenishing its stock of white blood cells. And white blood cells are your body's infection fighters. So it is important to get a good night's sleep. And it doesn't heart to work in a little extra. Sleep late on Saturday or Sunday guilt free. You aren't lazy; you are saving time, energy, and money for medi-cal bills by strengthening your immune system. Take some extra time to germ proof your home. Open your windows and air out your house. Stale, heated air invites germs and provides an environment for them to thrive. Mix bleach with water and wipe down doorknobs, telephones, and remotes. And remember to sanitize toothbrushes. When toothbrushes are stored close together, in holders or

    a glass, it is easy for germs to transfer from one to an-other. And toothbrushes are also subject to contamination from airborne germs. Run hot water over your brush after use or rinse it in perox-ide or mouthwash. Encourage family members to wash their hands more often. They definitely need to do this after using the rest-

    room and before and after eating. Also, increase your intake of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps strengthen delicate nose and throat membranes, prevent-ing penetration by cold and flu germs. Vitamin E is also beneficial as it increases your immune system's ability to attack invading flu viruses. Exercise, even in small incre-ments, also helps power your immune system. This can be just a fifteen-minute walk in the morning, at lunch or after dinner. However, if you al-ready have a cold or the flu, suspend the exercise until you are feeling better. One of the most effective treatments for a cold is extra bed rest. Try to shop and do your er-rands at a time when the

    crowds are thinner. Many cold and flu viruses are air-borne. In crowded stores you are exposed to other peo-ples' coughs and sneezes making it very easy to catch cold. And when you use restrooms in public buildings, don't throw away the paper towel you dry your hands with. Save it and use it to open the

    door exiting the restroom. Also, in addition to your daily Java, treat yourself to a cup of Ginseng tea. Researchers have discovered that 100 mg of gin-seng taken every day can reduce your risk of catch-ing cold or coming down with the flu. If you don't care for the taste of the tea, try a supple-

    ment. Ginseng is readily available in health food stores and nutrition centers. Employing these simple strategies can ensure that you have a healthy, happy, sniffle-free winter.

    Raleigh Implant Dentistry Quality Raleigh Dentist Article Source:

    Stay Well This Winter By Brenda Williams

    3 S T A Y W E L L T H I S W I N T E R

  • Athletes who participate in cold weather ac-tivities have a variety of special needs when it comes to performing at an optimal level while staying comfortable and safe as tem-peratures drop. But how you fuel your exercise in the cold can also help you perform your best and stay comfortable and safe. Proper nutrition can help regulate your core temperature, and keep your body warm while fueling your mus-cles. In the summer it's easy to sweat to regulate your temperature and remove ex-cess heat. In cold weather, you need this heat to stay warm. In the cold weather your body temperature normally drops. Your metabolism increases to warm and humidify the air you breathe and you tend to burn slightly more calories to stay warm. Breathing in cold, dry air forces your body to warm and humidify that air and with each exhala-tion, you lose significant amounts of wa-ter. Winter ath-letes need to consciously drink more fluids to replace the water that gets lost via respira-tion. Add this to a decreased desire to drink (the thirst mechanism is reduced in cold weather) and you can see why one of the biggest nutritional needs during winter exer-cise is replacing lost fluids and getting proper hydration. Dehydration is one of the main reasons for reduced performance in the cold. When it comes to eating during cold weather exercise, warm foods are ideal, but not very practical. The problem with cold foods and fluids is that they can chill the body. In sum-mer, this cooling effect is helpful during exer-cise, but in winter hot foods are the better choice.

    Ideal foods are complex carbohydrates con-sumed 2 hours prior to exercise. Soups, chili, bread, bagels, pasta with tomato sauce baked potatoes, cereals, peanut butter, lean meat, and low-fat cheese are good choices. It's also important to eat continually to re-place carbohydrate stores that are being used for exercise and warming. If you don't replace this energy you will likely feel more fatigued and chilled. Children get hungrier more often and fatigue quicker. This is espe-cially important for children. Plan ahead and bring energy bars, chocolate bars, trail mix, bananas, sandwiches or something that you like and will eat. Recommendations for Cold Weather Nutri-tion

    Drink plenty of water Eat a variety of high carbohydrates

    foods Plan to eat a small snack every 30-45

    minutes (100-200 calories) Eat warm or hot food when possible Decrease caffeine consumption Don't drink alcohol. Alcohol dilates the

    blood vessels and increases heat loss. And finally, it's important for winter

    athletes to have an emergency food source with them. This is beyond what you plan to eat. Hide an extra energy bar somewhere just in case

    Nutrition for Winter Athletes

    By Elizabeth Quinn,

    4 N U T R I T I O N F O R W I N T E R

    Winter athletes need to consciously drink more fluids to replace the water that gets lost via respiration.

  • 5 K E E P W E I G H T

    The holiday season is the season of weight gain. No matter how har