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  • 1. Kinect Adventures! is a 2010 sports videogame for the Xbox 360, which utilizesthe Kinect motion camera and isincluded as apack-in game with thedevice. It was officially unveiled at the2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo in LosAngeles. The game is a collection of fiveadventure and sports minigames andwas developed by Good Science Studio,a subsidiary of Microsoft Game Studios.

2. Kinect Adventures! uses full body motion to allow theplayer to engage in a variety of minigames, all ofwhich feature jump-in, jump-out multiplayer play.Each minigame lasts about three minutes. While mostof the minigames are co-operative in two playermode, Reflex Ridge is a competitive game. Thegame also supports Xbox Live multiplayer. At manypoints during the game, Kinects RGB camera takesphotos, which are shown to the player(s) and savedto a storage device. These can then be viewedwithin the game, with the option of uploading theseto a private repository on anddownloaded to a computer or uploaded to socialnetworking sites. 3. The object of all the minigames is to get thehighest number of adventure pins, whichare collected in different ways. Adventurepins earn the player(s) medals which, instory mode, affect progression. Medals canbe bronze, silver, gold and platinum, inorder from least to most pins needed toacquire each. As a pack-in game, KinectAdventures! also contains features whichaid users in proper set-up and use of theKinect sensor. 4. In 20,000 Leaks, the playersavatar is in a glass cubeunderwater. The playerpositions his or her limbs andhead to plug cracks as crabs,fish, and bosses such as sharksand swordfish cause cracksand holes in the cube. Asdifficulty increases, up to fiveleaks must be plugged at atime to earn Adventure pins.Each game consists of threewaves, which end when timeexpires or when all leaks areplugged. Extra time left over atthe end of each wave isadded to the Adventure pin