Kirkland roof, pro roofing for roof and gutter replacement!

Download Kirkland roof, pro roofing for roof and gutter replacement!

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<ol><li> 1. Kirkland Roof, Pro Roofing for roof and gutter replacement! </li><li> 2. About a Kirkland Roof. When the Eason Family called Pro Roofing they were eager to get their roof replaced. </li><li> 3. They were experiencing issues with leaks through their soffit areas of their Kirkland home. </li><li> 4. Their gutters were also failing. They had spoken with other contractors, but when Pro Roofing came over they immediately knew who they were going to go with. </li><li> 5. The Kirkland family was really impressed with the way the proposal was laid out. </li><li> 6. They also loved how it was more of an educational process and a problem solving session rather than a sales call. </li><li> 7. Pro Roofing recommended the CertainTeed Landmark TL Composition Roof because of the Architectural look it has. </li><li> 8. Pro Roofing, of Kirkland, also recommended the K-Style gutters in white and the MicroMesh gutter filter system. </li><li> 9. The gutters paired with the new Asphalt Roof look terrific! </li><li> 10. The Landmark TL has a very thick look and appearance. Its almost like having a cedar shake roof on your home. </li><li> 11. The Landmark TL color chosen by the Kirkland family was the Country Gray which has lots of variation. </li><li> 12. The K-Style gutters are smaller and have a lot of curve to them making a really nice trim around the home almost like coloring around the edge of a shape on a picture. </li><li> 13. The MicroMesh installments on top of the K-Style gutters really filter out the leaves, needles, and debris. </li><li> 14. The Kirkland household should not have to worry about cleaning out their gutters for a long time. </li><li> 15. Pro Roofing NW, a Kirkland roofing company, really delivered for this Kirkland family. For the next several years, Theyll be covered! </li><li> 16. For more information, call us today at 1-866-228-4999 Or visit us online at</li></ol>