kiss sebestyén dudás márton kiss sebestyén dudás márton

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Kiss Sebestyén Dudás Márton

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  • Kiss Sebestyn Duds Mrton

  • Ferenc Farkas

  • Ferenc Farkas was born in Nagykanizsa on 15th of December in 1905.His musical studies began in the National Zenede, and then at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy of Leon Weiner and with Sikls Albert, completed between 1922-27.

  • Spent longer time at foreign country theatres, for example in Paris. In later Vienna and Copenhagen, where Pl Fejs composed soundtracks of his films.Zoltn Kodly with Ferenc Farkas

  • Ferenc Farkas in 1927-29 was a conductor of the Erkel Theatre.When he returned, in 1935, he was a teacher of the Metropolitan High School of Music until 1941.

    Thereafter, until 1943, he was the Cluj-Napoca Zenekonzervatriums music teacher, and director.

  • Farkas Ferenc Music School, in Eger

  • In 1945-46 at the chorus in the Opera House in Budapest, he worked as a deputy, and he was the director of Latvian music school that he founded in Szkesfehrvr.

  • We find the Hungarian folk music elements, the classic tradition, the Italian there between the effects defining his composer's orbit and generally the Mediterranean tunefulness.

  • Ferenc Farkas was an exceptionally multi-faceted and fertile composer. His former master's, Respighi musical style has a considerable effect on his art.Respighi, his master

  • Often chosen theme of the work of Hungarian history, a major event. Several Hungarian poets inspired by the songs, cantatas composing.

    Erkel Ferenc Prize , Liszt Ferenc Prize, and Kossuth Prize composer.

  • Ferenc Farkas died in 10th of october in 2000.Many music school bears his name in Hungary. Farkas FerencComposer1905 - 2000

  • 2010 is the year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ferenc Farkas's death