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VCT 4670 – Spring 2012 Class Presentation Prepared for St. Denis Party Center Prepared by Kim Klassen Jackson

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This is a summary of my class project for VCT 4670 spring 2012 at BGSU


  • 1. VCT 4670 Spring 2012 Class PresentationPrepared forSt. Denis Party Center Prepared by Kim Klassen Jackson

2. Client: St. Denis Party Center Family-owned party center in Chardon, Ohio Beautiful facility with spectacular views ofSt. Denis Golf Course 3. Client Goal: Increase wedding reception bookings in 2012 Find ways to attract new clients 4. Project Goal: Develop a comprehensive marketing plan utilizinga cohesive look and message that identifiesmulti-media advertising opportunities Create a professional, consistent and updatedimage needed to attract new clients. 5. MarketingPlan: The plan included the following items: Create Logo Update Flyers/Handouts Multi-media Advertising Opportunities Brag Book Consistent Messaging Much more 6. Logo: Client Requirements: Must include Maple Leaf and use same type as St. Denis Golf Course Elegant look Preliminary designs: 7. Logo: Final Version chosen by client 8. Flyers/Handouts: Existing Materials: 9. Flyers/Handouts: New Materials: 10. Multi-media AdvertisingOpportunities: St. Denise Party Center received a comprehensive list oftraditional print and digital advertising opportunities including: Todays Bride Maple Leaf (local publication) The Knot and Wedding.com Weddings in Cleveland All chosen to assist the party center with increasing theirreach into the local bridal market and book more weddingreceptions in 2012 11. Brag Book: Existing Book: New Book: 12. Consistent Messaging: All flyers/handouts, ads, online directory listings, email blasts,website, etc. messaging is now consistent. No matter what the media, potential customers will know whoSt. Denis Party Center is, what they do and why they are thebest place for their wedding reception. 13. Project Summary: St. Denis now has a branded, consistent, professional look toeverything they do. Items from initial proposal & timeline were added and deletedduring the course of the project in order to address items mostcrucial to helping St. Denis reach their goal of booking morewedding receptions in 2012. Client so happy with work produced for this project that Ivebeen hired as their marketing consultant to continuedeveloping collateral for both the party center and the golfcourse.