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Presentation brochure for project Klinovec Meadows in Ore Mountains. Holiday resort Klinovec Meadows offers for sale terraced houses, apartments and studios.


  • 1. KLINOVEC MeadowsSnow dreams in Klinovec Meadows 4-5Ski holidays for all the family 6-7Outdoor life8-9Holiday properties for all seasons10-11Holiday properties large and small12-15Culture and wellness16-17A paradise for children!18-19Within easy reach 20-21Cultural melting pot22-23Buying property in the Czech Republic 24-25What is for sale and when26

2. Snow dreams in Klinovec 3. Somewhere withspace for everyone children, the young, adults and seniors. It is your love of snowthat decides what you want to do, how you want to play in thesnow and who you want to laugh with. Slalom, free-riding, snowboarding, cross-country, snowblading,snowshoes, kite skiing, dog sleds, telemark, snow scootering, skijumping, tobogganing, hot chocolate, Jgerte, sport, play andrelaxation the choice is yours. Meadows 4. Ski holidays forIf you enjoy, cross-country skiing or snowshoes, this place is perfect. Themountainous landscape and the large expanses of forest serve as a train-ing ground for the Czech and German national cross-country teams andthe area is home to the worlds top-three cross-country skiers Olympic andWorld champions from both countries. all the familyIt is also possible to drive dog sleds or snow scooters. Unlike the skiing areasin Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, it is possible to hire and drive snowscooters in the Czech Republic, and there is a wealth of opportunities forcombining snow scooter safaris and skiing in the mountains. It also pays to buy your ski equipment locally, as the cost of new gear is abouthalf of the prices in northern Europe. If you prefer to hire, there are outlets in 6Klinovec and Oberwiesenthal. 5. Klinovec1 Klinovec Meadows is situated in an idyllic spot nestled among three alpine skiing areas: Klinovec and Neklid in the Czech Republic and Fichtelberg at Oberwiesenthal in Germany. All three areas lie within a radius of just 1.5 km.Black, Red, Blue and Green pistes of all types and levels can be found in the area, which also has a snowboarding park with halfpipes, rails etc. and snow-kiting. See more at www.klinovec.czNormally, snow arrives in November and remains on the ground until April, with average temperatures of -4C to -6C. Fichtelberg 2 Neklid3 21 3 1,5 km7 6. Outdoor lifeGolf, hiking, swimming, angling,mountain biking, Nordic walking,hunting, windsurfing, canoeing,river rafting, riding, forest walks,picnics, bonfires, get-togethersand relaxation the options areendless. 8 7. Active holidays all year round thats what you will find in west Bohemia. The World-class golf. The golf story started at The Imperial Meadow in Prague at the end of the area around Klinovec Meadows offers ready access to a wealth of outdoor 17th century and continues to Karlovy Vary, only 25 km from Klinovec Meadows. This is where activities. you will find some of the best golf courses in the Czech Republic, one of them being the Cihelny resort, designed by Sir Gary Player. Also the Champions Golf Course and Royal Golf Club Mar- The valleys and gorges are a paradise for anglers, while the woods and hillsianske Lazne is in this group. In all, there are 70 golf courses in the country, two of them 36-hole are rich in hunting for quarry of all sizes. If you choose one of the holiday prop- courses. erties in Klinovec Meadows, you will be entitled to purchase a permit to hunt in the area. The Ohre river flows through the area and there is good anglingIn 2008, work begins on the construction of an 9-hole course only 5 km from Klinovec Meadows, from its banks. There are also several trout streams, which are well worth visit- and as an owner of one of the holiday homes, you are entitled to membership of the new golf ing. At www.klinovec.nu you can find information about angling and hunt-club. The undulating countryside around Klinovec is well known for its walking and cycle routes. ing areas as well as telephone numbers so you can choose when and where There are more than 20 marked routes, which range in length from 2 to 40 km, with special MTB you want to pit your strength against the Czech fauna.trails in the forests.9 8. Klinovec Meadows offers holiday properties which you can use both summer and winter The properties are designed to blend into the landscape. The facades are clad in wood, while the roofs are laid with grass. At the same time the properties are situated so they nestle into the hills and offer the best possible views of the surrounding countryside.The architecture is modern, light and open, with ample space for both children and adults. The Klinovec Meadows holiday resort is designed to accommodate everyone the young, cou- ples, families and seniors. The properties therefore consist of a combination of terraced houses, flats and studios. 9. Holiday properties for all seasons Tegning til boks med de tre valg5432 R6 The terraced properties are placed in small groups of 1five terraced houses, each with a ground floor and 5M5 first floor. The flats and studios are housed together in 4 3 three-storey mini towers, which each have either flats2 R5M4 1or studios. The resort is being developed in stages on5 4the 200,000-sqm hillcrest at the foot of the Klinovec ski-3 M3 2 R41 ing area with views of the German skiing area Oberwi- esenthal.M25The two peaks: The Czech Klinovec is 1,244 m high and 4R3 M132 the German Fichtelberg is 1,214 m. The resort itself is lo-1 cated at 950 m above sea level, boasting spectacular5 R243 views of both summits. 2 111R1 5 4 32 1 10. HolidayThere is more to having a good holiday than skiing, golf and wellness. Holidayrecollections also embrace the light, sounds and smells of a place the cosyend to the day with the sound of the wind outside and the smell of hot choco-late after many hours on the slopes. This is what we remember and we havetried to create space for such memories. All the properties are designed so the light helps to enhance the holiday atmos-phere. The rooms are decorated in pale shades, and the natural landscapeoutside is reflected in the wood flooring. We have tried to give the properties aScandinavian feel, both in terms of their layout and furnishing. All the properties are fully furnished and the kitchens are equipped with all thenecessary white goods even the kitchen drawers are stocked with cutlery. 12All you need to bring is yourselves, clothes and holiday spirits. 11. Klinovec Meadows is designed on the basis of three different property types. properties The terraced housesmeasure 80,0 sqm+ patios The houses feature a large entrance hall with space for skis, sticks and boots or in the summer golfing gear and fishing rods. The ground floor also has a large kitchen/liv- The terraced houseGround floor 41,4 m2 ing room and a sitting room with a direct access to patio and views of the surrounding mountainscape. On the firstThe terraced house floor there is a toilet, bathroom and two large bedrooms,1. floor 38,6 m2 one of which opens out onto the patio.13 12. The flats measure 52,6 sqm,60,4 sqm, 66,3 sqm or 76,7 sqmThe ground-floor flats each have two patios, while there isa penthouse flat and roof terrace on the third floor. The 52,6-sqm flats each have an entrance hall, bathroom,kitchen and living/sitting room and one bedroom.The 60,4-sqm flats each have an entrance hall, bathroom,kitchen and living/sitting room and two bedrooms.The 66,3-sqm penthouse flat have an entrance hall,bathroom, kitchen and living/sitting room and onebedroom. The 76,7-sqm penthouse flat have an entrance hall,bathroom, kitchen and living/sitting room and twobedrooms.101201301Flat Flat Flat 1. floor Penthouseground-floor 60,4 m276,7 m260,4 m2202302102 Flat FlatFlat 1. floor Penthouseground-floor 52,6 m266,3 m252,6 m2 14 13. The studios measure 24,7 sqm, 25,4 sqm, 26,4 sqm, 35,3 sqm, 37,9 sqm or 45,7 sqmThe ground-floor studios open onto patios, while those on the third floor feature a galleried sleeping area.The 24,7-sqm and the 25,4-sqm studios each have an entrance hall, bathroom as well as a bedroom/living room with kitchen corner. The 26,4-sqm studios each have an entrance hall, bathroom as well as living room with kitchen corner and sleeping zone. The 35,3-sqm studios each have an entrance hall, bathroom as well as a large bedroom/living room with kitchen corner. The 37,9-sqm studios each have an entrance hall, bathroom, bedroom/living room with kitchen corner and open onto two patios as well as steps to a gallery. The 45,7-sqm studios each have an entrance hall, bathroom, large bedroom/living room with kitchen corner and open onto two patios as well as steps to a gallery. 101 Studio201 Studio301 Studio Gr.floor 25,4 m21. floor 25,4 m22.floor 25,4 m2102 Studio202 Studio302 Studio Gr.floor 35,3 m21. floor 35,3 m22.floor + gallery 45,7 m2 103 Studio203 Studio 303 Studio Gr.floor 24,7 m21. floor 24,7 m2 2.floor 24,7 m2 104 Studio204 Studio 304 Studio Gr.floor 26,4 m21. floor 26,5 m2 2.floor + gallery 37,9 m215 14. Culture and wellnessKlinovec Meadows is situated in the western part of the Czech Republic, whichis well known for its many spa towns, spas and wellness centres. The most famousof the spa towns is Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad). According to legend, the hot springswere discovered by Charles IV who, while hunting in 1358, wounded a deer. Thedeer collapsed into a spring and was miraculously cured and ran off into the for-est. The towns hot springs were thereafter declared curative. Karlovy Vary wasat its zenith in the 18th and 19th centuries, when the city was also a hot favour-ite among Europes cultural elite. Goethe, Schiller, Karl Marx, Schumann, Chopin,Beethoven and Liszt are just some of the cultural personalities that were inspiredby the area. Klinovec Meadowss neighbouring town the German town of Oberwiesenthal is one of Germanys best-known spa towns with extensive wellness facilities. The 16town is situated just a ten-minute walk from the resort. 15. History and culture The history of the area