known issues in higher mileage european cars

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Known Issues In Higher Mileage European Cars

Most Popular Car Brands Among US: consumers hold Europeancars in very high regard. Why people prefer?CraftsmanshipHigherMileageBeside these benefits the cars do havesome issues. Of course not like a full Breakdown of the car in heavy traffic,but there are some imperfections which a person should think before buying

Issues In Higher Mileage European Model:

1: Drop In Power When The Car Is Accelerated:

Causes :

2: Emission Problems

Causes :Europe does not have the emission regulations of the US.

High pressure fuel injection & after treatment systems have to be included in the European cars to meet the regulations.In Brief :

3: High Cost

To meet the emission regulation an extra equipment is needed to add which will add extra cost for the Americans.

To use the European cars the Americans need to pay more, as diesel is more costly than gasoline in US.

Electric Cars are also fairly expensive when compared to American-made Automobiles.

High Taxation on vehicle Production

High Taxation On vehicle Production

In Brief :

European GovernmentManufacturerEuropean Government charging high taxation on the manufacturers as a result the manufacturerscharging high costs on the vehicles for which consumers feel reluctant to pay more.

4: It does not meet American Crash Test standard

It is a form of destructive testing usually performed to ensure safe design standards.Volkswagen XL is serving incredible efficiency i.e. the capacity of 300 miles on a gallon of gasoline but it can not be sold in US as thiskind of efficiency is against American Crash Test Standards .Preventive measures:European Car manufacturers do understand the problem with diesel fuel therefore green diesel cars are being developed.

American regulations are now insisting on even lower emissions with smaller carbon footprints. Bio diesel, a carbon neutral fuel is now available at more fuel stations.

High mileage European car manufacturers are now trying to lower the emission level to fit to US standard.



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