Known Issues In Higher Mileage European Cars

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Known Issues In Higher Mileage European Cars </p> <p>Most Popular Car Brands Among US: consumers hold Europeancars in very high regard. Why people prefer?CraftsmanshipHigherMileageBeside these benefits the cars do havesome issues. Of course not like a full Breakdown of the car in heavy traffic,but there are some imperfections which a person should think before buying</p> <p>Issues In Higher Mileage European Model:</p> <p>1: Drop In Power When The Car Is Accelerated:</p> <p>Causes :</p> <p>2: Emission Problems</p> <p>Causes :Europe does not have the emission regulations of the US.</p> <p>High pressure fuel injection &amp; after treatment systems have to be included in the European cars to meet the regulations.In Brief :</p> <p>3: High Cost</p> <p>To meet the emission regulation an extra equipment is needed to add which will add extra cost for the Americans.</p> <p>To use the European cars the Americans need to pay more, as diesel is more costly than gasoline in US.</p> <p>Electric Cars are also fairly expensive when compared to American-made Automobiles.</p> <p>High Taxation on vehicle Production</p> <p>High Taxation On vehicle Production</p> <p>In Brief :</p> <p>European GovernmentManufacturerEuropean Government charging high taxation on the manufacturers as a result the manufacturerscharging high costs on the vehicles for which consumers feel reluctant to pay more.</p> <p>4: It does not meet American Crash Test standard</p> <p>It is a form of destructive testing usually performed to ensure safe design standards.Volkswagen XL is serving incredible efficiency i.e. the capacity of 300 miles on a gallon of gasoline but it can not be sold in US as thiskind of efficiency is against American Crash Test Standards .Preventive measures:European Car manufacturers do understand the problem with diesel fuel therefore green diesel cars are being developed.</p> <p>American regulations are now insisting on even lower emissions with smaller carbon footprints. Bio diesel, a carbon neutral fuel is now available at more fuel stations.</p> <p>High mileage European car manufacturers are now trying to lower the emission level to fit to US standard.</p> <p>THANK YOU</p>