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A simple brand introduction with our Mission Statement, Product Break Down & Wholesale Price Structure!


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// 2016 brand introduction

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// mission statementKodiak Nutrition® was created with the mission to destroy the mainstream industry status quo. Our CEO and founders have a long-standing respect for “Brick & Mortar” retail stores. These independently owned stores are the lifeblood of our industry and America as a whole. With their support & loyalty, we’re driven to be innovative, unique and quality focused. Our promise is to not only deliver high-quality, results-based sports nutritition products but to create a mainstream culture without selling out at the expense of quality and effectiveness.

Our Promise.

WWe promise to all of the Brick & Mortar or Small Chain Supplement Retailers to CONSTANTLY strive for perfection when it comes to innovation, quality, research and customer service. Our ever-growing team of young, success-hungry individuals make up a powerful machine that never stops moving. We’re here to listen & we’re here to deliver.

Be The Hunter, Not The Hunted.


G. HeltonChiChief Marketing Officer

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3Wh3Whey™ contains a whopping 26 grams of total

protein from three different forms of whey that digest at different rates to ignite muscle protein synthesis and keep it going for hours. If that wasn’t enough, 3Whey™ lists exactly how much of each protein type you are getting with each serving. Very few of our competitors give you that level of transparency.

12.5G 12.5G Whey Protein Isolate: WPI is the isolated protein fraction from whey protein concentrate that is 90% pure protein

10.5G Whey Protein Concentrate: Concentrate contains 80 percent pure protein in addition to minerals, and lactose.

3G Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Peptides: This form of whey is predigested, which results in faster absorption and release of amino acids into the blood stream.

Fibersol:Fibersol: Added for digestive benefits, Fibersol is a digestion-resistant soluble corn fiber.

// THE ARMORY / 3whey

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TTORCH™is a revolutionary fat burner formulated to address all areas of fat loss using time tested, proven ingredients and new, novel compounds not found in any other fat burner on the market. These ingredients work individually and synergistically to help incinerate fat, ramp up metabolism, suppress appetite, and use lipids asappetite, and use lipids as fuel. What’s more, TORCH™ contains ingredients that help improve mood and focus to help you stay on task when the goal is to achieve your ideal body composition. From top to bottom TORCH™ will help you push the boundaries of what you thought was possible. Take a quick loolook at TORCH™’s key ingredients on the fully transparent label and see why it is the premier fat burner on the market today.

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AAttack® is named very, very accordingly. It

will have you hitting the iron with full

intensity from the minute you step in the

gym until you pump out your last rep. This

isn’t your run of the mill pre-workout that

over promises and under delivers. When we

say attack will give you intense energy,

skin splitting pumps, and skin splitting pumps, and razor sharp focus

WE MEAN IT. After all the proof is in the

pudding. Take a close look at Attack’s label

and you will find research validated, time

tested ergogenic aids dosed at clinical

levels combined with cutting edge

compounds that will give the term total

domindomination a whole new meaning. From

top to bottom Attack is the most

advanced, hardest hitting pre-workout

packed with only the best ingredients


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// take aim & fire / wholesale pricing

contact your rep for final pricing // your price will reflect a 30-50% discount depending on quantity