kodiak & kodiak-x presenters: kodiak regional coordinators connie elliottmark belli central region...

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Kodiak & Kodiak-X Presenters: Kodiak Regional Coordinators Connie Elliott Mark Belli Central Region Southern Region

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  • Kodiak & Kodiak-XPresenters:Kodiak Regional CoordinatorsConnie ElliottMark BelliCentral Region Southern Region

  • Kodiak Learning ObjectivesWhat is KodiakWho will benefitCourse MethodsCourse RequirementsCourse ScheduleKodiak vs. NYLT and NAYLEKodiak Treks During Summer CampKodiak High Adventure TreksResourcesCourse Director TrainingStaff DevelopmentRegional CoordinatorsWeb SitesRecognitionQuestion and Answer Session

  • Kodiak-X Learning ObjectivesThree tiers of Venturing leadership trainingSpecifics about Kodiak-X commissionsWho may run the courseCourse settingsRecognitionQuestion and answer session

  • What is Kodiak?FUN!!! FUN!!!! FUN!!!!!

    Relevant to participants life

    Internalized by participants

  • What is Kodiak?Based on natureBased on the servant leadership conceptOverlaid on a trip, trek, or activityOffered by units, districts, and councils

  • What is Kodiak? Relevant to teens

    Uses adult and teen facilitators

    Leadership skills are internalized to last for a lifetime

  • Who will benefit from Kodiak? Youth-advanced leadership skills

    Adults-leadership skills are reinforced

    Crews- better leadership for crews

    Council-Venturing Officers Association

  • Who will benefit from Kodiak?District & council day camp staff

    Summer camp staff

    The local community

    Can you think of anyone else?

  • Course MethodsTeam taught by two instructors (one adult and one youth if possible)

    Five leadership skills taught called Commissions

    Symbolism of bear paw & claw

  • Course MethodsCommissions have hands-on exercises followed by short lecturette, then reinforced with one or more exercises

    Use constant reinforcement

  • Course RequirementsAll Kodiak courses must:

    Use and follow the Kodiak syllabusBe approved by Scout Executive prior to courseBe financially self-sustaining

  • Course RequirementsNo maximum course size

    Six days required to do the course

    Two weekends or 1 week

    All commissions must be presented

  • Schedule for Sessions

  • Kodiak vs. NAYLE & NYLTNAYLE & NYLTOnly focus on trainingUse patrol methodAre circular timedAre youth performedAre adult supervisedBoy Scouts only

  • Kodiak vs. NAYLE & NYLTKodiakFocuses on FUN as well as the added trainingTeam basedTraining time dictated by Trek or ActivityYouth and adult team deliveredYouth and Adult staff mentoredOffered to youth inside & outside of scouting More advanced and geared towards the older youth

  • Opportunities for Camp StaffTraining key leadership & senior staff during camp staff week

    Two weekend staff trainings prior to summer camp staff week

  • Kodiak Treks During Summer CampKodiak may be done in a summer camp environment

    Kodiak may be done in a Venturing camp setting

  • Kodiak Treks During Summer CampRun: With a high adventure program Using a camp as a base camp for local area day trips of high adventureIn conjunction with the mtn. man programIn conjunction with staff weekAs a separate program

  • Kodiak High Adventure TreksWeek-long, high adventure treks:

    White water raftingMountain treksSailing treksScuba treks

  • Kodiak High Adventure TreksWeek-long, high adventure treks:Beach trips to resortsWeekend at camp with cabinsLocal county parksState and federal parks

  • ResourcesCourse director trainingStaff development trainingRegional coordinatorsWeb Sites- Yahoo and FacebookVenturing website links

  • Regional CoordinatorsCentral RegionConnie Elliott(419)[email protected]

    Northeast RegionScott Anderson [email protected] Temple [email protected]

    Southern RegionMark [email protected]

    Western RegionHandled by Area Coordinators

  • Western RegionArea CoordinatorsArea 1Keri [email protected]

    Area 3Ken [email protected]

    Area 4Richard [email protected] 5aJohn [email protected]

    Area 5bJohnny [email protected]

    Area 7Barry [email protected]

  • Venturing Websites

  • RecognitionMedal Patch Staff Patch

  • Kodiak VideoThis video was produced by a youth for the promotion of Kodiak on a national basis. This is an amateur video and is now one of many. It has spurred others to show off their talents on the web and to help promote Kodiak nationwide. We hope you enjoy it.(www.kodiak-bsa.org/video5.html)


  • Kodiak-XFinal installment in Venturing leadership development:

    (1) Venturing Leadership Skills(2) Kodiak(3) Kodiak-X

  • Kodiak-X Adds two more leadership commissions

    Challenges teens to use the skills they learned in Kodiak

    Uses innovative, simple, easy-to-get, economical props

  • Kodiak-XUsually scheduled within 6 monthsof a Kodiak course

    Can be offered to high schools and other outside groups

  • Who May Run the Course?District or council level only

    Approved by scout executive

  • Course SettingCamp or outdoor conference center

    Any outdoor setting

    No need to be on a trek

    Two day course

  • RecognitionMedal Patch Staff Patch


    * We would like to Welcome you to Kodiak and Kodiak X. *In the following presentation you will be given a brief overview of what Kodiak and Kodiak X is all about. This will not go over everything that is covered in a Course Directors Conference, however, you will have a better understanding of this youth leadership training course.

    *Kodiak X is the final part of the Kodiak experience. You will learn about the three tiers of Venturing training and how Kodiak X differs from Kodiak as to the course setting and the training itself.*First, and foremost, Kodiak is designed to be FUN. If the youth are having fun learning something that is relevant to their lives, they will remember what they have accomplished. *So, What is Kodiak? Kodiak is a youth leadership training that is based on Nature and the Servant leadership concept. Instead of being taught in a classroom setting, Kodiak is overlaid on a six-day trek and can be offered by a unit, district or council. Kodiak itself is not the Trek. Kodiak is the name of an Advanced Youth Leadership training course which is overlayed on a trek of some type and does not necessarily have to be high adventure. * Kodiak was designed so that the leadership skills are relevant to youth so they can internalize and use the skills in their Crew, school or other youth organization enabling them to become a better leader. *The skills learned in Kodiak and Kodiak X will benefit many people. First, the youth will benefit by learning leadership skills that will help them throughout their lives. Crews will have youth leadership training beyond the basic VLSC, and Council Venturing Officers Associations will have youth understanding how to organize and work together to offer better programs.*If a council has Venturers on their district day camp staff and summer camp staff, the knowledge they learn from Kodiak will be invaluable for these programs.Any time youth can learn how to become a better leader and work with others in challenging conditions , communities, employers, and many others will benefit from their self confidence and leadership abilities. * Kodiak is taught by two instructors. The best case scenerio is to have one adult and one youth instructor. The five skills taught are called Commissions. The symbolism is the bear paw which has 5 claws representing each commission.*Each Commission will have a hands-on exercise which is reinforced afterwards with one or more exercises for constant reinforcement. These are presented in a fun manner such as a game or activity or along the trail.*There are a few course requirements and they are discussed in detail in the syllabus. Basically, the facilitators must use and follow the Kodiak syllabus. The course must be approved by the Scout Executive prior to the course and it must be financially self-sustaining.*The course is offered over a minimum of a six day period. This can be offered as six or more straight days or split up over two three-day weekends. The course can have more than 8 participants, however, the individual crews should not have more than 6-8 youth. As long as you have instructors for each Crew, you can have more than one crew on the same trek.All Commissions and reinforcements must be presented to be a Kodiak Course.*The syllabus does offer a sample of a schedule for the Kodiak Sessions. This is the minimum time that should be allowed to deliver the commissions and reinforcements. Dont rush through these. Your Trek will determine how much time your individual Kodiak training will require.*Many have asked what the difference between Kodiak/Kodiak X are and NAYLE & NYLT. The Boy Scout training is for Boy Scouts only, and the focus is on the training with patrol methods, timed, youth performed and adult supervised. *Kodiak focuses on FUN and is taught while the youth are on a trek. The Crew is team based and the training time is dictated by the Trek itself. The youth and adults form a team as facilitators and Kodiak can be offered to youth inside and outside of scouting ie: Church youth groups, school groups, and older Boy Scouts. Kodiak is more appropriate for the older youth as there are more advanced leadership skills being taught.*Kodiak/Kodiak X can be used to train Camp staff in advanced leadership skills before summer camp. A good way to do this is to offer it over two staff training weekends.*Kodiak Treks can be offered in many different settings and not just on a wilderness high adventure trek. One setting may be in a camp environment or Venturing Camp setting. *If Kodiak is offered in a camp environment, you can incorporate it with the Camps High Adventure program. Or you may choose to use the camp as a base camp, and plan high adventure activities in local areas from there.There are many ways to offer Kodiak, you just need to remember that it should offer challenges to the youth and be taught entirely In the outdoors. Resist the urge to sit under a pavillion or dining hall but instead sit on logs around a campfire when delivering the commissions.*Kodiak is designed to teach skills while on a High Adventure Trek. It works well on rafting trips, backpacking, sailing or scuba treks. The trek should be challenging, but not so much as to wear the youth out so that they dont want to participate in the Kodiak activities.*Not all Kodiak Treks have to be based on high adventure. It will depend on your target group as to what a high adventure challenge is to them. An inner-city youth group may consider a week-long camping trip at a local or state park to be high adventure. Take your target audience into consideration.*The Kodiak/Kodiak X syllabus is just one of the resources available. All four regions offer Kodiak/Kodiak X Course Directors conferences at least once a year. Information as to when these are offered can be found on the Regional web sites and on the Kodiak Web site: www.kodiak-bsa.org The Regions also offer Area and Council trainings in addition to the Regional Conferences. The four Kodiak Coordinators are available to answer questions and there are various web sites that offer information and help. Staff development training should be put in place once a Kodiak trek is set. *The Coordinator information can be obtained from the Kodiak Web site which is www.Kodiak-bsa.org*The Western Region Area Kodiak Coordinator information can also be obtained from the Kodiak Web site. Western Region chose to use Area Coordinators from the beginning. instead of a Region Coordinator because if its size.There are numerous web sites where you can locate information about Kodiak including Yahoo and Facebook groups.**Recognition for completing Kodiak is a silver medallion which can be worn from the uniform pocket and is worn by the youth. An Adult Course Director can wear the medallion as long as they are promoting an upcoming Course. There is also a Kodiak patch for the participants and for the staff.*A video has been produced by youth that have participated in Kodiak Trek. They share their views on Kodiak and its very well done. The title of the video is What is Kodiak? and is available on the Course Photos page of the Kodiak web site.**Kodiak X is the final part of the Kodiak leadership experience. *X introduces two final leadership commissions and challenges the youth to use the skills they learned in their Kodiak course. Each youth has an opportunity to be a leader of a challenge and work through the activity with their group afterwards evaluating what went well, what didnt go well, and what could be done differently the next time.* The weekend is normally offered within six months of the Kodiak course so as to better help the youth internalize the leadership skills and practice what they have learned.*Unlike Kodiak, Kodiak X is offered by Districts and Councils and not on a unit level. Kodiak X must also be approved by the Scout Executive.*Other differences between Kodiak and Kodiak X are that Kodiak X can easily be offered in a camp or outdoor conference center and Kodiak X is taught over a weekend. It does not have to be delivered while on a Trek.*The recognition for Kodiak X is again a medallion, however, this time it is gold and the patches are gold, too.We encourage you to send one or more Venturing representatives from your Council to a Kodiak Course Directors Conference near you so you can better understand and offer this exciting youth leadership training to your youth. *