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Able to define what is BRT meansAble to implement the theory in our daily lifeAble to implement other country system and technology


Transportation System

Transportation SystemBRT ( Bus Rapid Transit )

Comparison between TransJakarta with Istanbul MetrobusDwitya Pradipto Darmawan ( 20130110367 )Yudistira Dony Wicaksono ( 20130110354 )Ahmad Fauzan Rizky A.( 20130110392 )Rahardian Surya Baskara( 20130110364 )Our GoalAble to define what is BRT meansAble to implement the theory in our daily lifeAble to implement other country system and technologyBRT?Bus rapid transit(BRT,BRTS) is abus-based mass transitsystem. A true BRT system generally has specialized design, services and infrastructure to improve system quality and remove the typical causes of delay. Sometimes described as a "surface subway", BRT aims to combine the capacity and speed oflight railormetrowith the flexibility, lower cost and simplicity of a bus system.BRT benefit for traveller Fast travel Journeys which are fast, reliable and punctual will save travellers time. BRT buses will follow a regular timetable at a high frequency so that a bus will arrive when you need it. Safe and secure travel Stations will be safe waiting areas covered by CCTV and the buses will be driven by professional and friendly staff. The use of stations also means that travellers will not have to walk out into the road to get on a bus.

Comfortable travel Large modern buses with air conditioning will be used to transport passengers.

Improved access for disabled people and those with walking difficulties Level loading between the station platform and the bus will make it easier to get on and off the bus.

BRT comparison between TransJakarta and Istanbul Metrobus

Why we choose Metrobus as the comparison?Transjakarta was build and operated in 2004. Some people said that the older you get the wiser and better you are. But in fact our BRT ( TransJakarta ) are way left behind than the other country such as Singapore and Turkey. As an engineer it is our duty to develop what we can in our country. Here are our reason why do we chose Istanbul as the comparison.

1. TrasnJakarta is older than Istanbul Metrobus2. TransJakarta total length of the lanes are 4 times bigger than Istanbul MetrobusHere are the different..1. StationA. TransJakartaTransJakarta station are different from ordinary bus stops. They are usually located in the middle of the road and are reached by elevated bridges. The stop in front of the well-known Sarinah shopping center on Jl Thamrin in Central Jakarta has elevators.

B. Metrobus Istanbul

Metrobus station are almost the same as TransJakarta. The different is only the size of it. TransJakarta station are bigger than the Istanbul Metrobus.2. BusA. TransJakarta bus

They use bus from China. The facilityinside the bus is good enough for long term used.

B. Metrobus Istanbul

They use Mercedes-Benz. Of course it hasbetter facility inside it and also the appiriencelooks better compare with the transjakartabus.

3. RouteA. TransJakarta ( Total Length : 200 km )

Corridor 1: Kota - Blok MCorridor 2: Pulo Gadung - HarmoniCorridor 3: Kalideres Corridor 4: Pulo Gadung - Dukuh Atas 2Corridor 5: Ancol - Kampung MelayuCorridor 6: Dukuh Atas 2 - RagunanCorridor 7: Kampung Melayu - Kampung RambutanCorridor 8: Lebak Bulus - HarmoniCorridor 9: Pluit - Pinang RantiCorridor 10: Tanjung Priok - PGC 2Corridor 11: Kampung Melayu - Pulo GebangCorridor 12: Pluit - Tanjung Priok[Corridor 13: Blok M - Pondok Kelapa - (Planned Operation on 2014)Corridor 14: Manggarai - University of Indonesia (Planned Operation on 2015)Corridor 15: Ciledug - Blok M (Planned Operation on 2015)

B. Metrobus Istanbul ( Total Length : 52 km )

34(Avclar - Zincirlikuyu)34A(Stleme - Cevizliba AY)34C(Beylikdz Grpnar - Cevizliba)34G(Grpnar TYAP - Stleme)34Z(Zincirlikuyu - Stleme)34B(Avclar - Grpnar TYAP)34T(Avclar - Topkap)

Conclution1. We need more budget for developing our facility

2. We need more handy engineering to re-arrange our city

3. We need to socialize to the civilian in order to maintain the facility that we own already

4. Government need to put more concern in Indonesia transportation system so that the user safety are guarantee.

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