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Jobs In Korat By Hannah Morgan

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Jobs In Korat

By Hannah Morgan

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+ On the first day in Korat, we went to a pottery village. We learned a lot, and it was very interesting to see how pottery is made. They showed us each step and how pots are made. We even got to make our own pots!

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+ The first step in making pottery is taking a block of clay, and putting it on the pottery wheel. What it does is it shapes the clay. In the picture below is an example of someone doing the first step.

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+ In step two, they design the pots. They have special tools to make designs. They put many details on the pots, and they are very careful.

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+ Step three of pottery making is putting the pots in the kiln. The kiln is a big brick dome that they light a fire in. The reason they put the pots in there is so they harden. The kiln heats up to 1000 degrees!

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Rice FarmingIn Korat, we went to the Rice Institute,

and we learned a lot about rice farming and we learned each step and how they process the rice.

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Step OneIn step one, they have to pull the rice out from the ground. They start off with all the rice plants in one section, and when they’re ready to be pulled they take them out, like shown below.

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Step TwoIn step two, they re-plant the rice. The reason they

do this is because once they begin to grow, one plant will create many more plants, so if they keep them in the same place there wont be enough room for the rice to grow.

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Step ThreeIn the third step, the rice farmers must

take the grown rice and hit it against the floor, so all the grains come off. In the picture below, its shown how its done.

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Step FourIn step four, the farmers have to

collect the rice grains from the floor and then they throw the rice up in the air to get the outer layer separated from the rice.

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Farm Chokchai At the Chokchai farm, we got to

see how they milked cows.

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Milking by machineOne of the ways they can milk

the cows is with a machine. This is a much faster process than milking them by hand, but they do both at the farm.

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Milking by handThis is the other way they milk

their cows at the farm. They showed us how they do it, and some of us even got to try!

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Thank you :)

Thank you for watching my PowerPoint presentation on our trip to Korat!