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S K.Scout is the Newsletter of the Derbyshire County Scout Council. All contributions and photos gratefully received and should be sent to news@derbyshirescouts.org for inclusion. Deadline for next issue: 20th April 2012!


  • K.Scout is the Newsletter of the Derbyshire County Scout Council. All contributions and

    photos gratefully received and should be sent to news@derbyshirescouts.org for inclusion.

    Deadline for next issue: 20th April 2012! S


  • March is the time when we look forward with some trepidation (well I do) to the annual census. Will we meet the 3-5% growth that is one of the associations objectives ? So far with two districts still to declare their numbers the County is up on numbers only one district with no growth and one that is slightly down on last years so looking good so far at just over 4%. I will let you know next time the final numbers. So brilliant news all round so far! Keep this up and that 10,000 in two years is in the bag. Elsewhere in K.you will se a request from Rita for people to volunteer to staff the mobile display unit at a couple of large scale events later on in the year. Obviously I hope that the display units the large HQ unit & Derbyshires will attract both adults and young people into Scouting. As importantly they will remind everyone of Derbyshire Scouting . The Chatsworth and County show will not be driven by the RDS so it is up to us to provide the support on the day. All will be welcome. I think it would be great if each district had 4/5 people who would be available to support development across the county if that were the case Rita could arrange some training and we would have a pool of 60 plus to call on and most events would only need 4-6 to support local districts if we had a pool of 60 then you may only be need once or twice a year . So if you feel you have a couple of afternoons a year please let Rita know so that we can get organised. Whilst on growth South Derbyshire had the DMDU out in January (brrrr) and a open night for anyone interested in supporting Scouting. There is not room here to detail all the work that went into the night and the professionalism with which the Scouters in South Derbyshire put into the night . But the outcome was 24+ young people wanting to join and some 18 Adults taking AA form home up to now a lot have turned up at the groups they were interested in . I think Tim is going to do a similar day in the warmer weather. Alfreton District is also showing an amazing lot of growth mainly due to a different approach in Sommercotes & Ironvill they are doing exactly what is needed in providing Scouting thats fits their community. Paul the GSL is also doing a brilliant job in fundraising from a very wide range of sources and has offered to run a sort of surgery a couple of times a year for those interested . Pauls group has recently won - Community Champion Award for there Young People's contributions to the community and for our volunteers work with young people in the villages.

    Toms Turn

    County Commissione

    r, Derbyshire

    County Scout Counc


    I am including the link to the associations fact sheet on social media ( Facebook , texting etc) I would encourage all who use those forms of communication to make themselves familiar with it as it offers some good practical advice. Following it might just save misunderstandings and difficulties for some in the future. Please share with all the relevant age groups who may not receive K. http://www.scoutbase.org.uk/library/hqdocs/facts/pdfs/fs103011.pdf Really Big Week end Feed back fro the weekend was shared at the recent DC day together with the sectional ACCs so look out for that information at your next district ,ADC meeting some interesting things your young people have to say about their Scouting. The format for the weekend has attracted a lot of attention from other Counties Helen being asked to speak at several county meetings. We will have our next Young peoples conference in 2013. I am also being asked about when adults will be having their say. As you know we cancelled the Adult conference day due to lack of response but we are happy to revisit if you tell us there is serious interest please let Jacquie or your Dc know. I guess Now we will be looking late in the year or early next year. Sight of the month has to be two East Scarsdale scouts at there very nice Squirell wood camp site Scouts trying to cut through a metre wide tree trunk with a backwoods finger pull saw I hope all of you are aware of K. plus being delivered to an in box near you if you are not receiving it please log on via the website. Many thanks to Adam Thompson from Belper district for taking this on. Contact details for Adam on the website. The County Camp site staff have been busy as ever over the last months with a lot of digging and concreting being done to allow better access to the abseil tower. The steel for which is on site and due to go up in the next few weeks. There was a lot of activity their over this last week end with Staff , Explorers all being prepared for the coming year. It was also good to see Steve Hilditch our mountain activities advisor out on the tower. Finally well done to all the Beaver Scout colonies who have completed Furry Freds challenge I think Red Fox (Joy) and myself only have a couple more to visit to present their special present and medal. Tom

  • Chilly Challenge

    Well done to the County team members, and a couple of others for surviving the Chilly Challenge at the County camp site. Are you with us next year?

    Wanted - Your Best Photos Its that time of year again when I would like you to send me a couple of Photos taken in the last 9 months that you t h i n k i l lustrate Scouting brilliantly. I would also like some of your favourite quotes from your Scouts or leaders for the forthcoming annual report. Please send to CC@derbyshirescouts.org

    GSL DAYS East Midlands

    There are still a few places for the last two GSL events 24

    th and 25

    th March

    Booking form at the back!

    Scout Active Support Jean Roulinson

    Welcome to our newest County Active Support Unit, the Climbing Team run by leader Adam Mitchell. Details and how to book are on the County website. Climbing activities are available for all ages even for Beavers so why not book a session and have a go. Our annual quiz takes place on 19th April at the Beaconsfield Club, Derby, (details on the attached flyer). Phoenix are hosting this year and I hope we can make this event as successful as last year in Chesterfield. Anyone can enter a team of four, 4 per team including a hot supper. Please contact me if you are coming by the week before, I hope to see a good few teams there.

    Community Grant Western Power Distribution (WPD) has just launched its Community Chest grant scheme, and 50,000 is available to enable communities to install energy efficiency measures in community buildings in the Midlands. The application process is simple. Groups need to submit a short application form and provide quotes for recommended improvements, as well as completing an audit of their building. Guidance is provided on CSEs website or you can email wpdcc@cse.org.uk for more information.

    News & Updates!

    Send us your news!

  • Welcome

    Please join me in welcoming Tim Roast into the role of District Commissioner for South Derbyshire. Tim has thought long and hard about taking on the role and having accepted I know will do his best for South Derbyshire Scouting. Some of you will know Tim either in South Derbyshire or as an Archery instructor at various events and I am sure you will all give him your support, advice etc going forwards. Tim moved to Derbyshire twenty years ago, on joining Toyota, where he still works. Like a lot of people, Tim started Scouting when his son joined Beavers back in 1996. Joining the Scout Association in 1997 as ABSL, he has held positions as SL and more recently GSL and is now looking forward to this new challenge as DC South Derbyshire District. He has lots of enthusiasm and some good ideas with short term goals being to strengthen the District (more Adults to take on District roles), thus putting in place a strong support structure for the Groups that make up South Derbyshire District. Longer term (three to five years) is to host a Coun t y Even t w i th i n Sou th Derbyshire, an idea I think you will all like and maybe I need to encourage him to do, certainly before 5 years, 2013 would be good!! T im c a n b e c o n t a c t e d o n Tim.roast60@gmail.com

    Vacancies will be a regular feature in K. where everyone can post their needs. District Commissioners. We need two District Commissioners one for Derby South & one for Long Eaton district. Both have been advertised a couple of times in a variety of media as well as direct mailing. As yet no joy. So if you know of someone who would make a good DC even if they have not thought about it themselves please let me know. These are important roles and whilst Pat and Stuart are holding the fort as it were that is not and cannot be the long term solution. Please look a little wider as well Debra the new DC at Belper does not have a Scouting background other than Children in Beaver & Cub Scouts but the GSL of the Group thought she had all the right qualities of a DC . (well done Sandra)

    Development support As mentioned elsewhere a team of people willing to support Development by way of helping out with the Derbyshire mobile display unit . Media We are looking for people to support Dan in his media role as ever success breeds success and Dan now need some help from within the Districts. Ideal for people looking to support A levels , media or someone with a little time on there hands to follow up write up Scouting news. We have the opportunity to spread into papers other than the Derby & Chesterfield local papers but it does need your help C o n t a c t J a c q u i e i f i n t e r e s t