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Real Estate

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  • Kudavi: Building Destinations

  • Take a break from the city.

  • Enjoy a more active life than in the suburbs.

  • Kudavi is a real estate platform for building destinations

  • Value of creating location

    Farmland- CA Land: $5-10k/acre

    Las Vegas, NV Land: $1-2M/acre (100-400x)

    Stanford, CA Land: $4-6M/acre (400-1200x) Downtown SF Land: $20-35M/acre (2000-7000x)

  • Target Demographic:

    Creatives & Remote workers

  • Example Property:

    Stone Canyon Ranch, CA

  • Stone Canyon Ranch, CA

  • Wi-Fi Shuttle Single Ride 10 Ride Pass Unlimited Monthly Pass

  • Phase 1

    1/ Build founding team and community of creatives & remote workers at the Kudavi Base Camp (San Benito RV Campground). 2/ Property Company purchases Stone Canyon Ranch (10,000 acres), San Benito Campground (600 RV Sites), Bayly Ranch (1200 acres), and surrounding farmland. 3/ Operating company manages property and brands it as Kudavi. 4/ We build a destination using Kudavi city development model.

  • Kudavi City Development Model

    REIT owns all land and infrastructure- residents can buy into REIT Leasehold only Max 10 year lease On-site businesses have option of paying a 15% revenue tax in exchange for free rent- similar to app/app store model. Build a wellness & corporate retreat center to attract tourism. Host monthly art/music festivals as customer acquisition tool. Provide low cost transportation to/from nearby city centers. Partner with education providers to attract transient residents.

  • Business Structure 1/ Kudavi San Benito County, LLC owns all land and infrastructure (Property Company). 2/ Kudavi, Inc. manages and markets property (Operating Company).

  • Phase 2: Satellite City

    Vision: Kudavi develops into a central hub for remote and creative work in the Bay Area.

  • Founding team, key skills needed: Operating Company (Kudavi, Inc.) 1/ Operations 2/ Community 3/ Marketing Property Company (Kudavi SBC, LLC) 1/ Real estate 2/ Finance

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