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Here are some important moments in the history of U.S. Television (about plastic surgery)A search of Kurt Wagner Merv Griffin popped up these references to two appearances on the Merv Griffin show.1. The Merv Griffin Show - Season 8, Episode 33: October 28 ... - TV.comwww.tv.com/.../the-merv-griffin.../october-28-1970-1015143/...Oct 28, 1970 Watch The Merv Griffin Show - Season 8, Episode 33 - October 28, 1970: ... Borge, comedienne Totie Fields, singer Kaye Hart and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kurt. ... Fields, singer Kaye Hart and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kurt Wagner.2. The Merv Griffin Show - Season 10, Episode 59: December 12, 1972 ...www.tv.com/.../the-merv-griffin.../december-12-1972-174214...Dec 12, 1972 Watch The Merv Griffin Show - Season 10, Episode 59 - December 12, 1972: ... Reilly and Dr. Kurt Wagner with a discussion on plastic surgery.October 28, 1970 and December 12, 1972 were milestones in the history of U.S. television by giving viewers a look at the extreme makeover (show a photo of how the person used to look three months before, then allow that person to appear after healing from the plastic surgery). These appearances were responsible for loosening the restrictions on doctors that used to label these appearances as "self-aggrandizement."You can find Dr. Wagner's website at DrKurtWagner.com https://sites.google.com/site/bicoastaldoctor/ ====The need for Maverick Mentors in educationDaniel Amen in Magnificent Mind at Any Age devotes Chapter 16 to "maverick thinking," which he defines as having four traits:1. Independent thinking2. No accepting the norm just because it is the norm3. Creativity or thining in a way that is different from others'4. A passionate belief that you can make a difference.p. 243, Magnificent Mind at Any Age (2008) by Daniel Amen We should encourage these traits in students and ask them to pursue the "Seven Survival Skills" described by Tony Wagner and p21.org. One of the key skills is "critical thinking" and another is "creativity." Sometimes it takes interaction with a pioneer to spark that awareness in the student: "Hey, I wonder what I could do that is independent? Maybe I can be like Dr. Wagner."



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PREVIOUS MEDIA COVERAGE KURT J. WAGNER, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. Television and Radio Appearances. 1986 Ted Turner's "Portrait of America" NBC -- Special Health Report Gay Byrne Show (Ireland's Johnny Carson) 1971-1982 NBC --Today Show "Merv Griffin Show" "The Tomorrow Show" "The Steve Allen Show" "The Michael Jackson Show" "Inside Story" "AM. Los Angeles" "Xerox Special - Pursuit of Youth" BBC "Whick~r's World, Way Out West" "Ben Hunter Show" "Future Shock" Special NBC -- "Extreme Makeover" "That's Incredible" "Kurt Wagner - Renaissance Man"

KCET Television Carol S. Hutchenson

4 appearances With Tom Snyder Radio and TV appearances With Ralph Story KABC Television (2 appearances) - Made the top 10 in ratings. KTlV Television (The first to be televised) Local NBC affiliate in Los Angeles, 1971 (Poduced by Mike Gavin) Local NBC affiliate in Los Angeles), 1971

Magazine Feature Articles 1970-1996 "Coronet Magazine" "Look Magazine," "Question and Answer," "Family Circle" "Cosmopolitan" "New West Magazine" "Playgirl" LA Times (numerous) "Mainliner," United Airlines "People" Los Angeles Magazine "Beverly Hills 213" "Preview" Redbook Today's Health

Roland Berg, Dec. 1970 Home Section, Los Angeles Times

Kurt J. Wagner Media Coverage cont'd ....



Publications Including Quotations "The Super Doctors," "I Am Whole Again," "Secret's of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon"

Roger Rappoport Jean Zalon Robert Kotler, 2003. Several references to Dr. Wagner

Lectures "Creativity and Madness," "Interface Between Psychological Development and Plastic Surgery" "Emotional Growth in Adult Life"

Presented in San Francisco & Hawaii,1984, 1986

International Articles Dr. Wagner has been featured in many international articles in Sweden, South Africa, Germany, France and England including Der Spiegel (German) Der Stern (German) News and Current Events Dr. Wagner has been interviewed for special sequences on medical segments for CBS and NBC News. Feature Films "Future Shock" Medical Film Advisor "Mirror, Mirror,"

'Movie of the Week' Special

Newspaper Articles "Los Angeles Times" 1974 "Medical Examiner" Nov. 14, 1976 "San Fernando Valley News and Greensheet," Mary Kasden, Sept. 1977: 'Plastic Surgeon Donates Time to Wave a Wand for Those Who Need' "Toronto Star," Bruce Turner Interview "Herald Examiner," June 25, 1978 Books Published "How to Win In The Youth Game, The Magic of Plastic Surgery" Prentice Hall "Beauty by Design" McGraw Hill "A Plastic Surgeon Answers Your Questions - A Personal Consultation"

Note: Copies of articles and some media tapes available on request

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New York University - B.A., 1954, PHI BETA KAPPA State University of New York Downstate Medical Center - M.D._ 1958

MEDICAL TRAININGInternship ResidenciesGeneral Surgery Plastic Surgery

Long Island Jewish Hospital, 1958-1959

Cedars of Lebanon Los Angeles, California, 1959-1962 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City. OK, 1962-1963. New York Hospital - Kingsbridge VA Hospital Bronx, N.Y., 1%3-1964 U.S.AF-Wl'ight Patterson AYB. Dayton, Ohio, 1964-1966 Chief of Plastic Surgery. Northeastern U.S. American Board of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 1966 American Board of Cosmetic Surgery - Founding Member 1985 Cedars of Lebannon, Los Angeles, CAShennan Oaks Hospital, Los Angeles, CA



White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles. CA - Teaching Staff Facial Plastic Surgery


1966-200 I. Beverly Hills, CA - over 20,000 cases performed American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery American College of Surgeons American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons American Society of Hand Surgeons International College of SurgeonsPan American Medical Association

Royal Society of Medicine Society of Air Force Surgeons


Effect Of Water Immersion


Burn Edema In Rabbits Surgery, J %2.

Page 2, Wagner M.D. Applications Of Direct Current Coagulation In Plastic Surgery, Plastic And Reconstruction. Volume 33,4, April, 1964. Granular Cell Myoblastorua Plastic And Reconstruction, Volume 35,#1.

Incidence of Congenital Malformations In New ',.' York City, 1952-1962. lA.M.A.,1964-1965. Subcutaneous Mastectomy With Immediate Reconstruction - Air Force Annals. 1966. How To Win In the Youth Game. Prentice Hall, 1972. Beauty By Design - McGraw Hill, 1977. Everything You Wanted To Know About Plastic Surgery - Prentice Hall. 1978. Epithelial Regeneration After Spinal Cord Injuries, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Volume 34, #3. Congenital Anomalies Of The Head And Neck, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Volume 36. # 1.


Wagner Insert for Breasts, Dow Corning, Heyer Shulte Wagner Extended Silicone Chin Wagner "Kool Eyes" Silicone Compress


Had American College of Surgeons exhibition and film on Subcutaneous Mastectomy With Silicone Insert Reconstruction. Appeared on numerous American and European television shows. Featured in various publications.