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  • TheInaugural Sale2016

  • INAUGURALSIGNATURE WILDLIFE AUCTION12 noon, Saturday 16 April 2016We request the pleasure of your company at an evening cocktail party at Kwandwe Great Fish River Lodge

    at 6pm on Friday the 15 of April 2016th

    The Sellers of the Signature Wildlife Group extend a warm invitation to you to attend the

    Please RSVP before the 7 th of March |


    A complimentary return flight is provided in a pressurized private charter from Lanseria Airport and

    complimentary accommodation is offered.

    Kwandwe Signature Wildlife is the special ist breeding ranch adjacent to the world renowned Kwandwe Private Game Reserve. Kwandwe spans 22,000 hectares in the Great Fish River Valley of the Eastern Cape. It is home to the Big 5 and a host of other species, most no tab l y Kwandwe has g ood numbers of Disease-free Buffalo. Kwandwe Signature Wildlife was establ ished primari ly to take advantage of the excellent genetics in these Buffa lo herds. The population originated from Addo Elephant National Park and Sable Ranch . T hese an ima l s we re introduced in 2000.A number of outstanding animals

    were selected from Kwandwe Private Game Reserve s extensive buffalo herds, new genetic material w a s a d d e d i n t h e f o r m o f T h a b a T h o l o , N y u m b u a n d Wintershoek genetics. We believe, wholeheartedly, that this mixture of exceptional genetics will continue to

    produce buffalo specimens of exceptional quality.

    O u r v i s i o n a n d b r e e d i n g philosophy is built around fertility, productivity and characteristic features of the species. We select females for these characteristics and choose our males based on horn l e n g t h , h o r n m a s s a n d conformation. The management principles revolve around creating outstanding, signature specimens and our commitment and passion to breed these specimens is carried through ever y deta i l of our management practices.We strongly believe that an animal

    that leaves Kwandwe Signature Wildlife will be able to adapt to a wide variety of habitats in South Africa.The tough climate of the Eastern Cape, virulent hartwater cond i t ions and t empera tu re extremes result in this area providing hardy, adaptable specimens to other areas.

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  • Buffalo Kloof is situated 40km south of the Great Fish River in the Southwell Valley in the heart of heartwater country. The farm, owned by Warne Rippon, has been breeding game since 2005. It is home to the source of the Kowie River and diverse vegetation of open grassland and thick Eastern Cape riverine bushveld. This allows for the breeding of a diverse range of game.

    The rare game species on Buffalo Kloof includes buffalo, southern roan, sable, black impala, golden wildebeest and bontebok. The buffalo herd gene pool predominately originates from the top renowned clean Addo buffalo breeding cows. Buffalo Kloof is known to produce easy care, fertile animals that adapt well to new environments and has increased resistance to diseases.

    Woody Cape Wildlife is nestled within the renowned 'Golden Mile' district of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The property boasts a high carrying capacity within an abundance of natural vegetation. Secured by the strictest bio-control principles, not only do we offer the market the very best wildlife, but also provide this with complete confidence to our clients.

    Specializing in East African and Addo Buffalo, Woody Cape Wildlife's attention is firmly fixed on breeding only the top pinnacle of the world's genetics through scientific research, individual selection and professional management.

    Murray Ranches has been involved in game breeding since 1972 when they started investing in wildlife. Game is a passion that they hoped would one day supplement their ranching/farming business.

    Today, they are custodians to 40 species of African Game, ranched under extensive conditions, hardened to the natural habitat of the Eastern Cape. With some select species, we apply single/select sire breeding strategies, however for the greater part of the ranch & species - multiple sire/nature takes its course.

    Our wildlife populations, through management - mainly by se lect ive cul l ing and regular introduction of new genetics - has proved to enhance and broaden the genetic variation and quality of Murray Ranches' game in general.

    Kwandwe Signature Wildlife lies adjacent to the highly acclaimed Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in the Great Fish River Valley of the Eastern Cape.

    The 20,000 hectares of Kwandwe is home to the Big 5, including an extensive population of buffalo that has produced some outstanding genetics in the past sixteen years.

    The breeding operation focuses on Golden Oryx, Sable, Roan, Bontebok, Nyala, Golden Wildebeest, Coffee Springbok and, of course, Buffalo.

    The Bedford Wildlife Company is situated on a historic farm, in the Smaldeel area of the Eastern Cape, just outside the village of Bedford.

    The Smaldeel is long considered as one of the most productive farming areas, where the sweet grasslands make it ideal for both cattle and game farming.

    The Bedford Wildlife Copany is also Piet Du Toit's latest venture in his ranching enterprises, where we expect significant success in producing the renowned "sought after genetics" that Piet has become famous for.