kylee york - visual pedagogy project: art integrated into science curriculum

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Kylee York - Visual pedagogy project for M333 "Art Experiences for Elementary Generalists", Spring 2012 at Indiana University Bloomington. Instructor Hallie DeCatherine Jones.


  • 1. + Visual Pedagogy Art Integrated Into Science Curriculum By: Kylee York
  • 2. + Why I Chose This Science=challenging subject Many different topics that could use various instructional strategies Science and art are left out more in curriculum due to high standards for reading and math
  • 3. + Science and Visual Arts Art and science have their meeting point in method. Earl Edward George Bulwer-Lytton During human progress, every science is evolved out of its corresponding art. Herbert Spencer
  • 4. + Research Artistic expression enhances a students ability to: Communicate science explanations Engage in science Communicate ideas to the public Deepens understanding of complex topics using a hands-on approach Students can learn from interaction with each other and their products
  • 5. + Research Teachers can design lessons according to specific needs, abilities, or interest of the students Multiple viewpoints can be presented Extend lessons Enhance the effectiveness of the lesson
  • 6. + Connect to Readings Fountas & Olson: Observation of images Communicate verbally to visually or visually to verbally Oreck: Push for test scores eliminates creativity and enhances autonomy Diverse abilities in learners Eisner Arts can help play a role in human development Art is a way of expression and discovery
  • 7. + Examples
  • 8. + Examples
  • 9. + Lesson: Life Cycle of a Butterfly Standard: SC.2.3.1 2000 Investigate by observing and then describe in some way that some events in nature have a repeating pattern, such as seasons, day and night, and migrations. Activity Read The Life Cycle of a Butterfly By: Bobbie Kalman Draw a spiral on a paper plate and cut out Draw, cut out, and color a green leaf Draw, cut out, glue tiny white circles on leaf Draw, cut out, and color a caterpillar Draw, cut out, and color a pupa (cocoon) Draw, cut out, and color a butterfly Take the four individual pieces, and hole-punch a hole in them Tie a piece of string to each of the four pieces and tape the strings to the underside of the spiral Tie the leaf with the egg closest to the top of the spiral, the caterpillar second closest to the top, the pupa third, and the butterfly the farthest away so that it hangs down in order
  • 10. + Connect to Teaching Philosophy I Believe In: Hands-on learning Variety of instructional strategies Strengthening ability in multiple content areas Art is another form of communication comprised of its own language Art is an open canvas with an endless amount of opportunity
  • 11. + References: Text one
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