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La Jornada is London's First Bilingual Hispanic Newspaper serving London, Ontario, Canada. La Jornada es el periodico favorito de la familia hispana en London, Ontario, Canada.


  • La JornadaThe Spanish Journal

    El peridico favorito de la Familia Hispana! Vol.3 Nm.15 August 13th, 2010

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    Why Canadians are soooo politeCanadian politeness is so notorious, its practically our international greeting, our very own version of shalom. Nine times out of 10, when Ive heard Im sorry uttered in a foreign country, (and here where I live in the US), and I say, You must be Canadian, Ive gotten, How did you know?

    Recession no reason to give up on capitalismIt also reflects the puzzling reluctance of business leaders to engage the public, as well as their summer wine sipping friends, with an explanation of its root causes. Given that political actions follow public opinion, this is a dangerous reticence.

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    Racial stereotypes, embedded in our cultureRacial stereotypes come virtually everywhere, accord-ing to Robbins. As children we pick them up from our parents, teachers, friends, classmates, the news media, the entertainment industry, and from personal experiences.

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    Content in ENGLISH

    Who are Kids Chatting With Online? Millions of people, including school children, use a computer, mobile phone or another digital device to participate in social networking sites. This combina-tion has the potential to be dangerous.

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    Londons First Bilingual Hispanic Newspaper

    Trabajando juntos,ganando juntos ...

    Lo que Oscar Quinez ensea a nuestra comunidad ... pg 10

    En la fotografa aparecen la Major de London, Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, junto Oscar Quinez, Gerente General de RONA Commissioners, durante ele vento realizado el pasado 7 de agosto del 2010 denominado First Family Recreational Day. @LaJornada

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    La Jornada is Londons First Bilingual Hispanic newspaper. La Jornada prints and distributes 5,000 copies every first Friday of the month and publishes a Digital Edition the third Friday of the same month.


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    La Jornada Editorial

    Why a Mexican Fiesta?Mexican fiesta parties are reflections of a time-honored Mexican tradition, the fiesta. Lively, colorful and filled with entertainment and delicious foods, Mexi-can fiesta parties are popular in Mexico, in the United States, and in Canada. Theyre thrown to celebrate traditional Mexican fiestas or a variety of events.

    Mexican culture is an important influence in Canadian society. Whether com-memorating a holiday or simply a summer bash, Mexican fiesta parties are festi-ve ways to experience that culture. For natives of Mexico, Mexican fiesta parties bring a sense of home and culture to a day or evening of great food and music with friends and family.

    One of the most valuable aspects of celebrating Mexican fiestas in the Canada is to experience how these two cultures--one singular, the other a blend of cultu-res from the beginning--have harmonized in so many ways. Other than strictly religious observances, perhaps there is no greater symbol of what Mexico and Canada have brought to one another. Often called the great mosaic, London has not eradicated the flavor of Mexican fiestas. Rather, London has embraced a dynamic aspect of the Mexican people who call London home, and the society is more vibrant for it.

    Enjoy the sights, sounds and flavours of Londons Mexican heritage.

    Mexican Fiesta London 2010Fun, food, Music, Friends & Culture in London!

    La Jornada newspaper and Sabor-A-Mexico, in partnership witht he Donwtown London! and Museum London, is hosting this celebration in downtown: a Hispa-nic Signature Event of 2010 that will include authentic Mexican food, mariachi band, folklore dancing, silent auction, scholarship awards, a keynote speaker, and after-the-event dance.

    Fiesta London! invites the London community to 2010 Mexican Fiesta to cele-brate and recognize the national holiday of Mexican Independence Day. This year marks the bicentennial anniversary of fight for independence that began on September 15, 1810.

    This fiesta will bring the Canadian and Hispanic communities together as they celebrate the rich heritage, history, and culture of Mexico.A re-enactment of the famous Grito de Independencia speech that was given by Fr. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in 1810 will take place.

    For further information, or to become a sponsor, contact George Perez at (519) 488-5430 or (credit cards accepted). Individual Tickets and Sponsor tables available!

    Please visit or for more information

    Ps -Two days of Fiesta!SEPTEMBER 12th: SUNDAY - At The Western Fair; and SEPTEMBER 16th: THURSDAY - At the Museum London.

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    Bocaditos de LondonVirus del Nilo del Oeste se acercan cada vez msDe acuerdo con los oficiales de la Unidad de Salud London-Middlesex, el calor y la hu-medad que se han dejado sentir en la zona, son las condiciones propicias para la proli-feracin de alimaas, y advierten de que aun existe cierto riesgo de que estos mosquitos se propaguen en London. En estos casos se recomienda utilizar repelente y asegurarse de vaciar el agua dejada por las lluvias de trastos y contenedores en los alrededores de las casas y negocios. Las pruebas hechas en Lon-don para corroborar la existencia del virus fueron negativas, pero se seguirn haciendo de manera continua hasta que el cambio de temporada se torne frio.

    No permita el consumo de Bebidas Energticas a sus hijosLa publicacin de la Asociacin Mdica Canadiense est emitiendo una alarma sobre el consumo y gran popularidad de estas bebidas energticas entre ni-os y jvenes, mismas que contienen una elevada cantidad de cafena, como por ejem-plo el de 10 latas de coca-cola. Los atractivos diseos los hacen un blanco perfecto, a lo que esta asociacin mdica hace un llamado a Health Canada a regular esta prctica, pues ya que los menores de 12 aos no deberan ingerir ms all de 85 miligramos de ca-fena al da, lo cual se traduce en dos latas de refresco, gran diferencia no cree Usted?

    London Hydro advierte alzas de hasta un 17%Gracias al HST y al incremento en el costo de energa y su distribucin de London Hydro veremos reflejado un agigantamiento de hasta 17% en nuestras cuentas de electricidad a partir del 1ro de Agosto, a esto smele la tremenda ola de calor que no nos permite apagar el a/c ni un minuto del da. London Hydro anunci que tiene muchos proyectos en consideracin para que los consumidores reduzcamos la demanda y podamos aho-rrar, entre los planes esta la siembra de rboles. Y es que ha sido tanto el calor que de hecho se han registrado los ms altos niveles de energa usados en un periodo de tres aos, siendo utilizada la energa en verano y no en invierno.

    Western Fair cambia de parecerEl aviso de que este ao las personas con discapacidad as como sus ayudantes paga-ran boleto para su entrada a dicha feria, causo gran revuelo e indignacin; obligando a los altos mandos de manera casi inmediata a revocar dicha decisin y de paso pedir disculpas. El aviso se haba hecho con el fin de mantener la calidad del evento, pero la respuesta de London no se hizo esperar. De todas maneras el costo de entrada para pblico en general subi a 12 dlls. Y para los nios el precio de admisin es en