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a proposal for redevelopment at 2225 East Lake Street Contact: Mark Nordland, Manager L&H Development, LLC 222 North Second Street Minneapolis, MN 55401 Phone: 612.812.7020 Fax: 612.339.6212 [email protected]

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Development Proposal for southwest parcel at Lake Street and Hiawatha light rail station


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2225 East Lake Street

Contact:Mark Nordland, ManagerL&H Development, LLC222 North Second StreetMinneapolis, MN 55401Phone: 612.812.7020Fax: [email protected]

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Letter of Interest 1

Development Program and Plans 2

Project Goals and Approach 3

Development Proforma and Timeline 4

Development Team 5

L&H Development, LLC

United Properties


Greco, LLC

Project for Pride in Living (PPL)


Table of Contents

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November 1, 2010

City of Minneapolis - Department of CPED

105 5th Avenue South, Suite 200

Minneapolis, MN 55401

Re: 2225 East Lake Street Redevelopment

Dear Selection Committee:

On behalf of L & H Station Development, we respectfully submit our proposal for redevelopment of 2225

East Lake Street. The attached response to the RFP illustrates our proposed project and development

team. We have outlined our development process for determining the highest quality project, the

methodology for establishing the design, accessing the market place and defining the economics for


The proposed development team is a collaboration of United Properties, Greystar, Greco Real Estate

Development, and Project for Pride in Living with each entity specializing in a key aspect of the

development. The proposed L & H Station redevelopment represents a transit oriented, high density,

mixed-use project combining market rate, affordable, and senior residential with office, commercial and a

public neighborhood farmers’ market. It is through this combination of uses that the highest and best value

will be established for the site and the surrounding community.

Together with the team’s project consultants, all are committed to the project and will provide the

resources to work closely with the School Board and the City of Minneapolis to establish the final site

master plan for the proposed development uses and obtain the necessary approvals. The development

team shares the vision to enhance this transit-oriented destination and activity center for the East Lake

community. The implementation of the development is strengthened by the collaboration of the

developers skills, resources, and special focus to create a multi-use, transit-oriented development.

The team for this project is structured to address unique concerns and a variety of issues relevant to a

project of this complexity.We see this project as a catalyst for continued development along the Hiawatha

Corridor.We look forward to working with the Minneapolis School Board and the City of Minneapolis to

create a successful project that brings additional value to the community. We appreciate your time and

consideration and look forward to directly sharing our capabilities with the Minneapolis Public School

Board.Thank you for this very exciting opportunity.


Mark Nordland, Development Manager

L & H Station Development, LLC

222 North Second StreetMinneapolis, MN 55401Phone: 612.812.7020Fax: 612.339.6212

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Proposed Master Plan for DevelopmentThe L&H Station development master site plan illustrates an initial concept plan for thedevelopment to define the scale and density of uses. During the City entitlement phase, thedesign will be finalized to create a consensus design that accommodates the developmentprogram and the Corcoran comprehensive plan.

Public Realm• The site design master plan is a collection of buildings, organized around two

internal streets that divide the 6-acre site into three distinct areas for development.• The open space between the buildings provides public/private access courtyard areas

to the buildings, grade level terraced units, visitor parking and site amenities.• The streetscapes along 22nd Avenue, 31st Street, and East Lake Street are designed

to provide 15 to 30 feet of public pedestrian development for plantings, lighting andurban furniture and art.

• The pedestrian movement patterns are re-enforced by the extension of 23rd Avenueand its related sidewalks through to the LRT station. The urban street patterns arereflected in the east/west connection through to 22nd Avenue S.

• Market Square is an open plaza that will serve as the primary location for theMidtown Farmers Market. Its position immediately adjacent to the LRT platform willprovide for wayfinding from Lake Street and a prominent location which will attract shoppers from not only the local community, but those passing through on thetrain.This location will also help to build upon the existing customer base and brandthat the market currently has today.

• The building heights step down from 6 stories on the north side of the site at LakeStreet to 4 and 5 stories on the south end at 31st Street.

Mixed-Use Transit Oriented Development ProgramThe vision for the L&H Station development is a mixed-use, transit-oriented developmentthat complements the adjacent retail and recreational uses with the addition of office andresidential uses. The overall mixed-use development would potentially include 500 to 575housing units, 80,000 square feet of office, and open space for at least 70 farmers market vendorstalls. Space for specialty retail is also included in the development.The vision for the typeof mixed-use functions for the development includes the following:• Office rental space for medical, educational, or administrative tenants plus some street

level specialty retail• Market rate rental housing in a mix of unit types and sizes with amenity space • Independent living senior housing with commons and amenity space for area residents • Special needs housing with support areas and related services• Affordable and work force housing with commons and amenity space

Farmers’ Market ProgramSince 2003, the Midtown Farmers Market (MFM) has connected locally produced food andgoods with 40,000 customers per season at 2225 East Lake Street on a surface parking lotowned by Minneapolis Public Schools. The MFM was conceived by local residents and isoperated by the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization (CNO).The MFM currently operatesone day a week from May to June, and two days a week from June through October. theMFM was a keystone element of the Corcoran Midtown Revival Plan (Plan), which calls for amix of housing, retail/office, structured/ underground parking, and public open space.This citizengenerated Plan was adopted by the City Council as part of the Minneapolis Plan in 2002(

Development Program

Visioning: Streetscape

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The L&H Station concept master plan will be phased to allow for market and financing constraints. It is envisioned that the site improvements will finish the internal street extensions, thus defining the three parcels and allowing an orderly phasing of the site. Afterstudying several site massing options, the attached site master plan illustrates the final visionfor the development.

PHASE IAOffice Building

80,000 sq ft total(45,000 sq ft for MPS Welcome Center and Adult Basic Education Program) Average Lease Rate: $14-16 net/sq ft

Retail/Commercial Space20,000 sq ftAverage Lease Rate: $24-28 net/sq ft

Market Rate Apartments150 unitsAverage Rents: Studio/Alcove: $ 950

1-bedroom: $ 1,1002-bedroom: $ 1,300

400 stall Parking Structure with 100 existing surface spaces on the YWCA site

PHASE IBSite infrastructure, utilities, public plaza, and farmers’ market

PHASE IIASenior Housing

90 units Average Rents: 1-bedroom: $ 860

2-bedroom: $ 1,040

PHASE IIBMarket Rate Apartments

200 unitsAverage Rents: Studio/Alcove: $ 950

1-bedroom: $ 1,1002-bedroom: $ 1,300

Affordable Housing60 units Average Rents: 1-bedroom: $ 650

2-bedroom: $ 8503-bedroom: $ 975

PHASE IIIFor Sale Townhomes

11 unitsSale price:To be determined

Affordable Rental or For Sale Housing50 units Rents or Sale price:To be determined

Development Program

Visioning: Market Square

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Development Master Plan

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Phasing Plan

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Development Plans












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Development Plans









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Current Site ConditionsThe 2225 East Lake Street site presents a unique opportunity to redevelopment 6-1/2 acresof land immediately adjacent to the Light Rail Transit station.The site was formerly home toBrown Institute and a MPS charter school. The site is currently underutilized and reflectsthe established "suburban" land use patterns of the larger Hiawatha-Lake area, where largesurface parking lots (e.g.Target, Cub stores, Hi-Lake Shopping Center) attract motorists withvirtually unlimited surface parking. This pattern stands in sharp contrast, however, to thedense, urban, transit-oriented land use pattern that is coming to the Project Area.

2225 East Lake Street: a master plan for redevelopment

The proposed Lake & Hiawatha Station (L&H Station) development is a mixed-use resi-

dential, civic and commercial project to be developed on the site. 2225 East Lake

represents the best and largest opportunity for transit-oriented development in south

Minneapolis and such use will promote growth and quality of life in the East Lake Street /

Midtown area. The development is a mixed-use, high-density project which will be the

highest and best value for the development of the site from a community and urban

planning standpoint. This development master plan recognizes and leverages the strong

existing assets at or near 2225 East Lake, and reinforces the site's value as a civic and regional

destination.This master plan also represents the highest and best revenue opportunity for

owner and prospective seller Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS).

The L&H Development team and its project consultants are committed to the project and

will provide the resources to work closely with the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization

and the City to establish the site master plan for the proposed development uses. The

development will be consistent with the shared neighborhood-city plan and the City of

Minneapolis' goals for transit-oriented development.

At this time there are many design options and financial issues which lie ahead for the

project. The best solutions for these issues will come from a joint effort of the City of

Minneapolis, the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, the Minneapolis Public Schools

board and the skills of the development team. Minneapolis Public Schools has indicated it

will retain a permanent presence at 2225 East Lake with its citywide Welcome Center and

Adult Basic Education operations.The development team is hopeful that when MPS transi-

tions from being a property owner to becoming a tenant, this will result in greater financial

resources to support the future office building development on the site.

Corcoran Midtown Revival Plan: the shared neighborhood-city plan

The citizen-generated Corcoran Midtown Revival Plan-amended to the Minneapolis Plan by

City Council Vote in 2002-calls for a transit-oriented mix of housing, retail/office, and open

space to accommodate a farmers market and other public uses. The Corcoran

Neighborhood Organization (CNO) expects a continuing partnership of public and private

initiative to develop the area.

Project Goals and Approach

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L&H Station Development Team intends to partner with CNO and the City for the master

plan of the development. As defined in the shared neighborhood-city plan, specific project

goals for development are as follows:• Concentrate building height at the Lake Street area next to the LRT station for rental

and condominium housing with views to Downtown, and step down in scale to meet theexisting residential blocks south of 31st Street.• Structured or below-grade parking to support inviting, higher density retail along Lake

Street for people arriving by car and rail.• Zero or limited setbacks, articulated and active Lake Street storefronts and high

quality building materials that will create an inviting, attractive, and pedestrian-friendly public realm.• Active streetscape, lighting, graphics, signage, landscaping, street furniture, and open

accessible development features for an inviting development.• Shared-use public space that will accommodate an outdoor farmers market and draw

customers from surrounding communities, with visual and physical connections to the lightrail station and neighborhood thoroughfares.• Plaza and tree lined streets to create an open development that connects the

neighborhood to the south with the LRT station.• A public parking facility to support parking and yet preserve open green space and

pedestrian outdoor spaces.

Farmers’ Market and shared public space concept

The master plan proposed herein includes a farmers market as a key usage at the L & H

Station Development, in keeping with the shared neighborhood-city plan. Since 2003, the

Midtown Farmers Market has connected locally produced foods and goods with 40,000+

annual customers at 2225 East Lake in partnership with Minneapolis Public Schools through a

no-cost lease agreement. Strong community support for the market-a reflection of the strong

civic engagement within the surrounding neighborhoods-enhances the urban community,

generates small business opportunity and therefore enhances the residential community.The

development team will work with the Midtown Farmers Market to integrate and enhance the

usage of the market in the design of the public area and provide related support space.

Project Goals and Approach

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Community EngagementBeginning in November of 2009, a task force of the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization'sLand Use and Transportation Committee began a focused series of meetings with the Lake& Hiawatha Station Development team members to generate ideas and goals for the futureof the 2225 East Lake Street site . The development team and Corcoran residents havesimilar shared goals and imagine senior, affordable, and market-rate housing, office and retailspace, public open space including the Midtown Farmers Market, and structured parking -both below-grade on the site and within a shared ramp off site.

Stakeholders for the project include residents, area business owners, the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, the YWCA, the City of Minneapolis, the Midtown Farmers’Market, and elected officials at the City, County, and State levels.The L&H Station develop-ment team will continue to reach out to all stakeholders and meet on a regular basis toensure that the master plan for 2225 East Lake Street meets the goals of all stakeholders.

Adjacent Redevelopment SitesTransit-oriented development projects are underway on two adjacent vacant or underutilizedland parcels at the southwest corner of Hiawatha and Lake:

1. Clare Housing has broken ground on 45 (3 stories with underground parking) unitsof supportive housing for people living with HIV/AIDS at the 1-acre site at 3105 23rdAvenue South.

2. Wellington Management received preliminary neighborhood support in February2010 for a concept plan involving 100-130 units (4 stories with underground parking) of affordable housing on the 2-acre parcel at 3100 Hiawatha Avenue.

Midtown YWCAImmediately to the west of the MPS site, the existing Midtown YWCA and MinneapolisSports Center are at full capacity in terms of demand for memberships and member parking.A surface lot provides free user parking, but the adjacent MPS lot serves as unofficial overflowparking. Conversations about adding parking capacity at the Midtown facility continue at anexecutive level of the YWCA organization.

Existing Assets that reinforce the site's regional identityThe Corcoran neighborhood - an active, diverse, stable and affordable place to live, workand raise family.

Hiawatha Light Rail Line - Midtown/Lake Street Station at the northeast corner of the developmentsite. 20,000 riders daily.

Midtown YWCA and Minneapolis Sports Center - with over 12,000 members and approximately 2,000 visitors daily.

The Midtown Farmers Market-currently in its eighth season drawing 40,000 annual customers to 70+ vendors.

MPS Welcome Center, Community Education, and Adult Basic Education - operationsremaining at 2225 East Lake, drawing visitors from Minneapolis and the region.

Project Goals and Approach

Master Plan Evolution

Community Meeting

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South High School - located within two blocks of the site, with 2,000 high school studentsand historically strong academic performance.

Midtown Greenway - bikeway with regional connections including Sabo Bridge overHiawatha Avenue located just blocks from the site. 3,000 riders daily.

Lake Street - includes strong, established retail and dining adjacent to Lake and Hiawathaincluding Target and major grocers.

Minneapolis Police Department 3rd Precinct Headquarters-just opposite Hiawatha Avenue.

Phillips Eco-Enterprise Center (PEEC) and ReUse Center - The Green Institute is a leaderin the green building movement. Designed as a “living experiment,” the Phillips Eco-Enterprise Center continues to be analyzed on a cost savings and energy usage basis whilehousing the activities and operations of The Green Institute and tenant organizations. TheReUse Program sells salvaged building materials and green product lines, diverting an estimated 400 tons of reusable building material from landfills every year.

Shared Parking StrategyParking for all the uses is envisioned to be a shared mixed-use parking plan.The developmentfunctions will include below-grade parking per building, limited surface and shared parking ina public parking ramp.The amount of parking shall comply with the market demands, Cityrequirements and will likely result in less parking and more support for LRT usage.

The adjacent Midtown YWCA and Minneapolis Sports Center facility provides a critical element of community identity and service delivery for the development.The comprehensiveplan concept of public parking expansion as shown at the YWCA is a critical support functionfor the proposed L&H Station community. In addition, the L&H master plan proposes a linerhousing concept at the proposed parking deck, which would mitigate aesthetic impacts ofthe deck on the neighborhood, restore both sides of 22nd Avenue to a pedestrian-friendlyorientation, and could help fund a shared parking solution in partnership with the YWCAand other stakeholders.

Continued discussions are needed with YWCA administration regarding opportunities toconstruct a new parking garage on the YWCA site.The initial studies of the garage show linerhousing wrapping the garage on the east and south sides.

Connectivity The site master plan design will allow for public and private pedestrian movement throughthe site. The open space plan and building massing will support the building context and fabric of the area. It will support the security of the residents and yet connect the developmentto the surrounding community. As part of the master plan, 23rd Avenue will continue northpast 31st Street and connect through to 22nd Avenue.The internal streets of the developmentdivide the site into three distinctive parcels and also define the open space for the farmers’market.The overall flow of the site supports the movement pattern of pedestrians from theneighborhood to Lake Street and to the LRT station.

Project Goals and Approach

Corcoran Neighborhood

Midtown YWCA

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Geo-technical and Environmental IssuesBased on our review of the geo-technical report provided by CPED, it is our understandingthat there are no significant environmental concerns regarding the soil or ground water onthe site.The development team will perform additional environmental testing to ensure thatall parcels are safe for development and that all necessary studies have been completedprior to demolishing the existing structure or excavating for new construction.

Sustainable Design and DevelopmentL&H Station Development intends to create a sustainable environment that will be a benchmarkfor urban living at a TOD location.The L&H team has reviewed the Sustainability Statement prepared by the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization and will strive to meet the perform-ance goals as they relate to energy, construction waste, stormwater management, transportation,and landscape design.The development will accommodate bikes, LRT, bus, cars, and car shareprograms. Additionally, every effort will be made to support live/work uses, local services, andlocal business development so that the L & H Station can be a self-sustaining community. Werecognize the positive impact that environmentally-sensitive buildings will have on the peoplewho live, work and visit the L&H Station Development. Residents and visitors will benefit fromthe amenities offered by the site and the buildings.The design team will incorporate sustainabledesign principles to reduce operating costs, lower energy consumption and guarantee that hisdevelopment is an example of environmental responsibility.

Project Goals and Approach

The Midtown Greenway

Sustainable Design Strategies

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As described earlier, L&H Station Development, LLC proposes a phased approach to thesite development and purchase. While our proposed timeline is aggressive, we believe thatit is important to move at a quick and consistent pace in order to keep all constituenciesfocused on the complex project.

Proposed Timeline:

PROJECT PLANNING/APPROVALSNovember 1, 2010: Submit RFP Response

January 1, 2011: L&H Station Development, LLC selected as site developer

January - April, 2011: Negotiate details of land purchase, phasing, zoning, site plan, fundingsources, farmer's market/public space, parking structure with CPED and MPS

May - August, 2011: Entitlement and funding source approvals, physical due diligence

PHASE IASeptember - October, 2011: Close on Phase I site acquisition and commence constructionof 80,000 square foot office building, 150 units of market rate apartments and 400 stall parking structure on the YWCA site.

PHASE IBSummer, 2012: Commence and complete construction of infrastructure and publicplaza/farmers’ market.

PHASE IIAFall 2012: Close on Phase IIA site acquisition and commence construction of 90 unit senior housing project.

PHASE IIBSummer 2013: Close on Phase IIB site acquisition and commence construction of 200 unitsof market rate apartments and 60 units of affordable housing.

PHASE IIISpring 2014: Commence and complete construction of 11 units of liner housing - a for saletownhome project to screen the shared parking ramp. Potential acquisition of the existinghomes at 22nd Avenue and 31st Street for a second phase of 50 units of affordable rentalor for sale housing.

Development Timeline and Proforma

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Acquisition Price$7,000,000 or $24.80/sf for 6.48 acres

Land acquisition will occur in three phases:Phase IA: Fall 2011 - $3,500,000Phase IIA: Fall 2012 - $900,000Phase IIB: Summer 2013 - $2,600,000

Development EconomicsThe respective developers for each functional component of the proposed project can support and will pay the land acquisition costs outlined above and further detailed in thechart below. In addition to the acquisition cost, however, the proposed project will require$4 million for roads, utilities, infrastructure, demolition and public space/farmer's marketcosts. L&H Station Development, LLC shall seek funding for these costs through multiplesources including TIF, Grants,TOD Funds, etc. Finally, we propose that the City of Minneapolisassist in the financing of a 400 stall parking structure on the current site of the YWCA/MPLSSports parking lot that will serve those facilities as well as our proposed new development.

See enclosed detailed chart which indicates the proposed phasing, land cost allocations andtotal project values.

Development Timeline and Proforma

Page 17: Land h+development+ +110110+(1)







t Pro




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nd P






tal V



ket R















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.4 m




l Lan

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d P






















tie P




























's P























Page 18: Land h+development+ +110110+(1)

The L&H Station development group structure is defined as illustrated in the attachedorganization chart.The basic structure brings together four development entities each withspecific experiences and qualifications to complete the L&H Station development vision andthe Corcoran neighborhood comprehensive plan. In support to the development entities isa team of consultants equally experienced in design, law, marketing and environmentalaspects of the development creation.

The L&H Station Development, LLC, under the leadership of Mark Nordland as the development manager, is a development collaboration that will implement the redevelopmentplan with the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization and the City of Minneapolis.The L&HDevelopment team collaborative effort will execute the overall master plan for the devel-opment and each individual entity shall purchase and develop individual parcels of the plan.

Development Team

United PropertiesWilliam Katter

PPLSteve Cramer

Greco Real EstateArnie Gregory

Mark NordlandDevelopment Manager

GreystarKevin Kaberna



Jack Boarman


Sam Newberg

LEGALFaegre & Benson

John Herman



Aaron Hemquist


City of MinneapolisCorcoran


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L & H Station Development is a master development organization formed by a consortiumof top tier developers to redevelop the 6.48 acre site located at 2225 E. Lake Street inMinneapolis. L & H, lead by Mark Nordland as the master development manager, combinesthe resources of best-in-class developers in office, market rate, affordable and senior housing to create a transit-oriented, high density mixed use project.

The unique opportunity created by a large site at a light rail station with an active and sup-portive neighborhood caused this group to form as a master developer. The goal of theentity is to coordinate the site planning, approval, land acquisition and site developmentrequired for the residential, commercial and civic project to proceed. Because no one com-ponent of the development took a majority of the site, it was determined that the best wayto proceed was as a group.

L & H Station Development Members:

Mark Nordland - Development ManagerUnited Properties - Office Greystar Property Development - Market Rate HousingGreco Real Estate Development - Senior HousingProject for Pride in Living - Affordable HousingBKV Group - DesignFaegre & Benson - LegalUrban Joe - Market ResearchRLK, Inc. - Civil and Traffic Engineering

In addition to the members above, we believe that the MPS, Corcoran NeighborhoodOrganization, Midtown Farmers’ Market,YWCA, City of Minneapolis and other stakeholdersare all part of our team with a common goal of maximizing the development potential ofthe site.

L&H Development, LLC

A Limited Liability Corporation

222 North 2nd Street

Minneapolis, MN 55401

Phone: 612.812.7020

Fax: 612.339.6212

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Team Resumes

Mark NordlandL&H Station Development, LLC: Development Manager

Mark Nordland has 15 years of commercial real estate experience and has been involvedin the development of more than $750 million in projects. From 2006 - 2010, Mark co-leadRyan Companies' Minnesota Region development team in developing more than $500 million in projects — $185 of which he personally developed.

Nordland received his bachelor’s degree in economics and government from LafayetteCollege in Pennsylvania. Before joining Ryan, he served as director of industrial developmentat CSM Corporation and as an industrial broker at Welsh Companies. Nordland is aCertified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), and also belongs to the NationalAssociation of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) and the Minnesota CommercialAssociation of Realtors (MNCAR). Mark was the co-chair of Ryan’s United Way Campaignin 2008 and has volunteered with A Chance to Grow and Catholic Charities.

In 2010, Mark received The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s “40 Under Forty” awardrecognizing the region’s up-and-coming business and community leaders. Selections are basedon each individual’s professional achievements and commitment to community service.

Relevant ExperienceCargill, 30,000 SF Corporate Office, Omaha, NELDI/SAFCO, 302,016 SF Distribution Center,Windsor,VAUS Bank Data Center, 138,800 SF Tier III, Olathe, KSToro, 350,000 SF Distribution Center,Tomah,WIQLogic Corporation, 100,074 SF, Corporate Office, Shakopee, MNDean Lakes, 276-acre Mixed-useTechnology Development, Shakopee, MNTransoma Medical, 118,500 SF, Office/Laboratory/Clean Room, New Brighton, MNThe Hartford, 130,000 SF, Corporate Office, New Hartford, NY610 Business Park, 59-acre, Mixed-use Development, Brooklyn Park, MNNew Brighton Commons, 57,980 SF, Industrial, New Brighton, MNCrystal Bay Business Center, 18-acre, Office,Warehouse, and Office Showroom, Orono, MNLexington Preserve Business Park, 140 Acres, 850,000 SF, Blaine, MNThe Waters Corporate Campus, 80-acres, Eagan, MNWestgate Business Park, 450,000 SF, St. Paul, MNAveda Worldwide Distribution Center, 126,000 SF, Blaine, MN

“Mark has become one of the top developers in Minnesota. Whether he is putting together adevelopment, leading our United Way Campaign or presenting at an industry event, he puts100% into everything he does, and he always gets results.”

- Collin Barr, President, Minnesota Region, Ryan Companies US, Inc. “

EducationLafayette College

Bachelor of Arts, Economics andGovernment

Professional ExperienceVice President of Development

Ryan Companies; 2006 - 2010Director of Development

CSM Corporation; 1999-2006Broker

Welsh Companies; 1996-1999

Professional AffiliationsCertified Commercial Investment

Member (CCIM)Officer and Board Member, National

Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP)

Minnesota Commercial Association ofRealtors (MNCAR

Awards and Recognition2010 Minneapolis/St. Paul BusinessJournal’s “40 Under Forty” top executivesSix NAIOP Awards of Excellence2008 Best in Real Estate from

MSP Business Journal

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US BankContact: Bob EversonConstruction and Design Manager2800 East Lake StreetMinneapolis, MN 55406612.728.8450

Cargill, Inc.Mike Lewis1705 Kellie DriveBlair, NE [email protected]

The HartfordTroy RiccitelliDirector,Workplace ResourcesHartford PlazaHO-2-18Hartford, CT [email protected]

Data Sciences International (DSI)Charlie CogginChief Financial Officer119 14th Street NWNew Brighton, MN [email protected]

Mark Nordland References:

Page 22: Land h+development+ +110110+(1)

United Properties is a leader in commercial real estate development and investment. Wedevelop multiple product types including office, industrial, retail, multi-family, healthcare andsenior housing. In addition to our large presence in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market we haveexpanded into Wisconsin and Colorado.

United Properties has been developing quality projects for many years and has long beenrecognized as a premier developer in the Twin Cities regional market.

By combining market knowledge, entrepreneurial talent, financing options and an understanding of the governmental approval process, we are able to provide you with acomprehensive plan for your project.

We will focus on your specific needs and manage all aspects of your development, includingsite selection and acquisition, design and engineering, contractor selection, municipal andother governmental approvals, as well as financing. We can also customize our solution toprovide only the services you need.

United Properties provides creative real estate solutions to its clients. As one of the topregional development companies, United Properties goes well beyond the basics, offeringone of the most flexible and comprehensive programs. Trust our experience with yourunique requirements.

Our process includes:• Site selection• Due diligence• Site acquisition• Design/Engineering• Sustainability• Consultant/vendor selections• Government entitlement approvals• Construction• Financing/Leasing• Marketing/Promotion• Facility management/Consulting

The company is organized into business units that offer services in the following areas:

DEVELOPMENTComprehensive development services for all types of development including office,industrial, retail, medical, residential and mixed-use projects.

INVESTMENTDirect principal investment, joint ventures and asset management for all types of commer-cial property.

United Properties



3500 West American Boulevard

Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55431

Phone: 952.835.5300

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Team Resumes

As a senior vice president in the Development Department, Bill’s responsibilities includeoffice, medical office, retail and industrial development and investment in the Twin Citiesmarket. In that role, he oversees land acquisition and entitlement, selection of contractors,leasing efforts on development projects and the capitalization of office/industrial investmentsand developments. He is also responsible for new investment into office, medical office andindustrial assets for United Properties investment portfolio.

Past ExperienceBefore joining United Properties, Bill was director of real estate equities for Thrivent Financialfor Lutherans from 1994-2003. In that role, he oversaw the acquisition, disposition and assetmanagement of all Thrivent’s investment properties located across the U.S. Bill began hiscareer in real estate in 1989 with Welsh Companies as a property manager.

Professional and Community InvolvementBill is a member of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP)and obtained his Real Property Administrator (RPA) designation through the BuildingOwners and Managers Association (BOMA).

Relevant Experience8200 Tower at Normandale Lake Office Park, Bloomington, MNCH Robinson Worldwide Corporate Headquarters, Eden Prairie, MNFord Center Historic Renovation, MInneapolis, MNColoplast Corporation, Minneapolis, MNCentennial Lakes Mixed-Use Development, Edina, MN

EducationUniversity of Minnesota

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

RegistrationMN Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Professional AffiliationsNational Association of Industrial andOffice Properties(NAIOP)Building Owners and ManagersAssociation (BOMA)

William P. (Bill) KatterUnited Properties: Senior Vice President-Investment and Development

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City of Eden PrairieDavid LindahlCommunity Development Director8080 Mitchell RoadEden Prairie, MN 55344952-949-8300

City of BloomingtonGene WinstedMayor1800 West Old Shakopee RoadBloomington MN 55431952-563-8700

Nelson,Tietz & HoyeRuss Nelson81 South 9th Street, Suite 330 Minneapolis, MN 55402612-359-3200

United Properties References:

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Relevant Experience

Normandale Lake 8000 Tower/TIAA-CREFBloomington, MN

TIAA-CREF owned a vacant 4.1-acre site within Normandale Lake Office Park.The vacant land was located among three other officebuildings that were fully occupied, and the park needed to expand to accommodate the growth of existing tenants or risk losing thosetenants to newer properties under construction. Real estate development is outside TIAA-GREF's core business focus, and the company was reluctant to commence a speculative office development. United Properties' reputation as a developer along with itsexisting property management and ieasing relationship with TIAA-CREF gave TIAACREF confidence that United Properties could successfully deveiop the property.

United Properties persuaded anchor tenants in the existing buildings to expand into the proposed new building instead of moving toa new location. Once 40 percent of the new building was pre-leased,TIAA-CREF allowed construction to begin. In the late 1990s,when the building was being designed, the look of office buildings was moving away from reflective blue glass to more pre-cast structures. The three existing buildings in Normandale Lake Office Park were constructed with blue glass. To meet new design standards but also blend with the existing structures, the new building - the 8000 Towerwas given a blue glass exterior, instead of apre-cast facade, and the interior was designed to be more contemporary.

As a result of United Properties' efforts, the 8000 Tower was 90% pre-leased by the time the building opened in 2001 The new buildingprovided a long-term home for key tenants by providing room for those tenants to expand without leaving Normandale Lake OfficePark.TIAA-CREF increased its cash flow from the property by turning a non-performing asset into a revenue generating property. Netoperating income now exceeds $4 million per year on what was a vacant parcel of land. In addition, the 8000 Tower was recognizedby the commercial real estate industry as an outstanding office property in 2001 when it received the Award of Excellence from theNational Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP).

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Relevant Experience

Centennial Lakes Mixed-Use DevelopmentEdina, MN

Centennial Lkes is a world-class mixed-use development located in Edina, Minnesota.The innovative design of the project has set anew standard for mixed-use development worldwide.

United Properties took control of a former gravel pit through a contract for deed in 1988 and sought to redevelop the Edina,Minnesota, site as a mixed-use property. By coordinating a design that incorporated retail, entertainment, residential and office spaceas well as park land, United Properties was able to obtain city approval for the 100-acre proposed development.

United Properties coordinated the efforts of the City of Edina and four private developers to design and complete a project thatwould serve as an economic hub and community gathering place as well as a convenient service center for the thousands of peoplewho would live and work within the site United Properties developed nearly one million square feet of Class A office space on thesite.The company also sold parcels of land to facilitate the development of the retail, medical and residential townhome portions ofthe project and acted as a joint developer of the Centennial Lakes Village Homes condominiums.

Construction of the project began in 1988 and was completed in 2000.The development includes five office buildings with nearly onemillion square feet of Class A office space, more than 30 retailers and restaurants, a theater complex with eight screens, a medicaloffice building, a full-service hotel, a condominium complex, a child care center and a fitness center.Walking paths connect the 25-acrecommunity park at the center of the development to the office buildings and retail plaza.

As the developer of Centennial Lakes, United Properties has set a new standard for highquality mixed-use development worldwide.Centennial Lakes has been nationally recognized as a premier mixed-use development and its office buildings have won the NationalAssociation of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) Award of Excellence numerous times.What was once gravel pit is now oneof the most respected mixed-use developments in the Twin Cities.

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Relevant Experience

Coloplast CorporationMinneapolis, MN

Coloplast needed to rapidly relocate its U.S. headquarters to Minneapolis. Coloplast selected NorthMarq to help the company alignits real estate with its business strategy and manage all of its real estate in the United States. The existing Minneapolis campus,previously owned by Mentor, presented several challenges. To fully accommodate Coloplast’s needs, the company also needed toacquire additional land around the site.

NorthMarq determined Coloplast’s facility needs and developed several real estate alternatives.Working with the Coloplast steeringcommittee to ensure the company be operational quickly, NorthMarq relocated the healthcare manufacturing operations into a vacantclean room facility that required minimal renovation. After negotiating the lease, NorthMarq managed the design, build-out and moveinto the 90,000-sq.- . facility in just three months. NorthMarq also secured a 42,000-sq.- . sublease space in downtown Minneapolis tohouse the company’s U.S. sales and marketing divisions, saving Coloplast approximately $1 million, compared with the initial recommendation by another firm.

NorthMarq executed cost-e ective solutions that enabled Coloplast to consolidate its U.S. headquarters on the original site of MentorCorporation. NorthMarq navigated di cult and lengthy governmental approval processes and obtained more than $9 million in governmental incentives while ensuring that the project met Coloplast’s desire for a distinctive building and campus that utilized sustainable design principles. Coloplast’s new campus includes a 100,000-sq.- ., ve-story, Class A o ce tower and 40,000sf of researchand development space. The existing research, development and sterile manufacturing space will be remodeled to provide greater exibility for added research and development functions, new product introduction and surgical manufacturing products.

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Relevant Experience

Ford CenterMinneapolis, MN

Ford Centre, an historic landmark within the Minneapolis warehouse district, will be renovated into a state of the art Class A officebuilding that incorporates leading sustainable design features while retaining all of the unique and dynamic characteristics of warehousedistrict style architectural experience.The most significant and distinguishing characteristic of Ford Centre - its dramatic windowline -will be restored with newer, more energy efficient windows while preserving the intricate original design.

Upon renovation, Ford Centre will be the jewel of the Warehouse District, setting the new standard for renovated historic office properties in the Twin Cities.The renovated building, located at the nexus of Twin Cities' rail transit and adjacent to the new MinnesotaTwins ballpark, will provide the most exciting work environment in the marketplace.

When fully renovated, Ford Centre will have 10 stories of office and commercial space containing approximately 265,000 rentablesquare feet.The lower level of the building will contain approximately 25 stalls of executive parking, a building common fitness center,and showers/changing rooms.The fitness center will be located in the former train shed area of the building that has 18 foot ceilingheights and whose windows oversee the Minneapolis skyline.

The main level of the building will feature a grand hallway, also with 18 foot ceiling heights, and exposed columns that display the orig-inal building architecture.This grand hallway will connect the building's visitor parking arrival area (on the North side of the building)to the 5th Street 'front door' entrance of the building, and will be constructed with materials that are consistent with the period inwhich the building was originally constructed.The 5th Street entrance will be recreated to simulate the historic entrance to the build-ing and will connect pedestrians and users of Light Rail Transit with the building core.

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Property Development

18 Broad Street - 3rd Floor

Charleston, SC

Main: 843.579.3229

Mobile: 843.991.2616

Property ManagementProvides property management services forall asset types: Affordable Tax Credit,Conventional, High-Rise, HOA / FracturedCondo, Lender-Owned, Senior, and Student.

Asset SolutionsProvides asset strategy execution leveragingthe services of the organization designed to maximize equity returns, with robust assetlevel and portfolio reporting and valuationservices.

InvestmentAcquires and operates existing multifamilyproperties in major markets focusing on welllocated, institutional quality assets whereGreystar can add value through strategic,operational, and physical enhancements.

DevelopmentProvides development and general contractingservices for all multifamily product types in allphases of development including due diligence,capitalization, design and construction, andquality control.

Capital Project ServicesPerforms physical due diligence including life-safety and immediate repairs asssessments,executes major capital projects, and completes both preventative maintenanceand capital needs recommendations.

REO ServicesCoordinates execution of all multifamily services from initial legal appointment to assetstabilization and disposition and dedicatesREO experts at each asset while leveragingrelationships with local municipalities.

Greystar was founded in 1993 with the intent to become a provider of world-class servicein the multifamily real estate business. Our innovative business model integrates the management, development and investment disciplines of the multifamily industry on bothnational and local levels.This unique approach and our commitment to hiring the very bestmultifamily professionals have resulted in record growth, making us one of the most respectedand trusted multifamily real estate companies in the country.

DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM• Identify and execute on multifamily developments that produce the best risk adjusted

returns in the industry• Establish a commitment to quality that emanates throughout our organization• Leverage fully integrated operating platform to provide professional guidance from

concept to completion• Be responsive to the changing demands and characteristics of the communities in which

we build


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Team Resumes

Kevin KabernaGreystar : Principal

Kevin Kaberna, a Principal with Greystar Real Estate Partners, is responsible for multi-familyinvestments in the central United States.

Prior to joining Greystar in 2006, Kevin was a Senior Consultant with Ernst & Young’sFinancial Services Advisory Group. Originally an auditor, Kevin holds his CPA license in thestate of New York. He also has experience as an acquisitions associate with The WoodsideGroup, a nationwide residential home builder/developer.

Relevant ExperienceEstate on Quarry Lake - Austin,TXMuseo - Austin,TXKirby Place - Houston,TXCreekstone - Houston,TXShadows at Cottonwood - Dallas,TXLakewood on the Trail - Dallas,TXBroadstone at the Ranch - Denver, COSunset View - San Diego, CA

EducationHarvard Business School

Master of Business Administration

University of South DakotaMasters in Professional Accountancy B.B.A. in Accounting

Derek BrownGreystar : Senior Director of Development

Derek is a Senior Director of Development for Greystar and is responsible for site selection, underwriting, capitalization and execution of new development opportunities.Prior to joining Greystar, Mr. Brown was an Acquisitions and Development Associate atTishman Speyer in Chicago where he led an effort to establish a high rise residential development business, and was directly involved in the acquisition of over 1.4 million squarefeet of office.

Partial Relevant ExperienceBeacon Lakes (360 units), League City (Houston),TXSouth Congress Apartments (306 units), Austin,TX SoCo Lofts (69 units), Austin,TXRed River Flats (120 units), Austin,TX

EducationUniversity of Texas

BA - Economics

The Kellstadt School at DePaul University MBA in Real Estate Investment and Finance

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Prudential Real Estate InvestorsJim Mehalso2 Ravinia Drive, Suite 400Atlanta, Georgia 30346(770) [email protected]

Thackeray PartnersTony Dona5207 McKinney, Suite 200Dallas,TX 75205(214) [email protected]

GE Commercial FinanceBruce Bardgett16479 Dallas Parkway2 Bent Tree Tower, Suite 600Addison,TX [email protected]

Greystar References:

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Relevant Experience

South Congress Apartments - Austin,TX

Red River Flats - Austin,TX

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Relevant Experience

Daniel Island Village - Charleston, SC

Grand Reserve - Dallas,TX

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Relevant Experience

Cypress VillageCypress,TX

In collaboration with a retail developer and the local transit authority, Greystar developed theresidential component of a transit oriented mixed-use development in suburban Houston.Cost savings from a shared parking facility made air conditioned corridors, elevators and otherhigher density community amenities feasible at rental rates comparable to surrounding apartments.

Project Highlights• Worked with Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority and NewQuest retail group to

develop functional site plan.• Arranged construction financing on a 3-tiered ground lease.• Onsite parking garage is scuccessfully shared by all three site uses to create a fully-

intergrated, economical project.• Cost savings from the shared garage allowed for two courtyards including an oversized

pool, outdoor kitchen, putting green, barbeque areas, volleyball court and a runningtrack. Completed construction ahead of schedule.

• $970K construction budgut save.• Stabilized project in 11 months from first unit turnover

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Relevant Experience

West End Ranch ApartmentsSugarland/Houston,TX

For apartment development, Greystar targets sites with proximity to employment, strong market fundamentals and barriers to future supply. Greystar then combines cost efficient buildingtypes with detailed input from our local management operators to deliver communities thatbest meet market specific demand resulting in development projects with the highest riskadjusted returns.

Project Highlights

• First units delivered ahead of schedule; construction completed on time • $1.7M project cost savings• Successfully coordinated between construction and property management to tie building

turnover to lease up schedule• 96% occupied within 10 months from first turnover

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Firm Introduction

Seneca at Cypress Creek Tampa,FL

Project Highlights

• Worked with municipality and successfully rezoned land while under contract• Estimated completion - July 2010, 2 months ahead of schedule• Anticipated total project savings of 10%• Average absorption of 26 units per month to date

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Greco, LLC

Property Development

129 North Second St., Ste 100

Minneapolis, MN 55401

Phone: 612.630.2450

Fax: 612.630.2453

At GRECO, LLC our intent is to create an innovative, superior product in and for an arrayof markets including senior living, market rate rental and for sale housing.We have learned thatby offering a unique product, we will serve that portion of the market that places a premiumon alternative design, architectural detail, environmental planning, and a commitment to complete quality.

Our local presence and extensive experience affords us the insight to consistently recognizesubtle market changes, identify premier sites, and craft outstanding developments that meetthe creative, alternative housing needs of today's and tomorrow's dynamic population. Aportfolio of successful projects illustrates our commitment to urban redevelopment, and ourbelief in supporting the cause of general metropolitan revitalization.

At Greco Property Management, we believe every building has its own culture. Whethermanaging a senior community, an upscale complex in Uptown, or an affordable three-storyproject in the suburbs, we custom-fit our staff and services for you and your residents’ peaceof mind.

Greco is a large-scale class A & B property management and administration organization.We know the landscape.Through special programs and on-site events our friendly conciergestaff help residents bond with their community. Our vigilance and energy produces thecachet you set out to establish the day you broke ground.

Greco matches unique solutions to challenging properties. Our web-based accounting software allows “real-time” reporting. And our interactive website facilitates resident servicessuch as credit card & automatic payments, service requests, applications, lease signings,renewals and more.

SOLUTIONS • On-site Management• Building Maintenance• Lease-up Marketing• Accounting and Financial Reporting• Motivational Leasing Training• Value-added Renovations

MAINTENANCE • Preventative• Clean, never messy• Earth-friendly• Comprehensive• Level-headed

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EducationUniversity of Wisconsin Madison

Real Estate and Urban Studies andRisk Management and Insurance

Professional AffiliationsUrban Land Institute (ULI)MN Multi Housing Association (MHA)University of Wisconsin Real Estate

Alumni Assoc. (UWREAA)

Brent RogersGreco: Vice President of Development

As Vice President of Development for GRECO, Mr. Rogers is a partner and project managerfor all new development projects at GRECO. Mr. Rogers is responsible for seeking out newdevelopment sites and acquisition opportunities, contracting with 3rd parties for engineer-ing and design, securing financing, and managing the construction process for new projects.In addition, Mr. Rogers is responsible for overseeing the Marketing, Lease ]Up, and PropertyManagement of all new GRECO projects.

BackgroundPrior to joining GRECO in 2006, Mr. Rogers was a Developer with Dominium, a Minneapolisbased developer and owner of over 15,000 units of multifamily housing. Mr. Rogers has beeninstrumental in structuring and managing the following projects while at GRECO orDominium:

• Development of Blue Apartments in Minneapolis, Minnesota.• Historic renovation of the former Homer G. Phillips Hospital in St. Louis, MO• Historic renovation of a former grocery and liquor distributing warehouse complex

into Carleton Artist Lofts,• New construction of Mainstreet Village, in New Brighton, MN • Acquisition-rehab of a 98 unit Section 42 housing project in Sioux Falls, SD

Team Resumes

EducationUniversity of North Dakota

Business with concentration inFinance

Professional AffiliationsUrban Land Institute (ULI)MN Multi Housing Association (MHA)Minnesota Builders AssociationMN Association of Real Estate Brokers

Arnie J. GregoryGreco: Owner

Owner of GRECO, LLC a real estate development firm located in Minneapolis, MN. GRECOis a full service real estate firm that presides in development, management and leasing of residential and commercial real estate. Mr. Gregory is responsible for the day to day opera-tions as well as seeking out and identifying development opportunities, site acquisitions andplacement of equity and debt. GRECO projects range from multi-family residential to com-mercial and total in excess of $100 million of value.

Background• Previous to GRECO, Mr. Gregory was an equal owner in HuntGregory, a real estate

development firm. While at HuntGregory the firm was responsible for developingover 500 condominium units along with 400 rental units, 40,000 square feet of retailand 50,000 square feet of commercial office space in downtown Minneapolis. TotalHuntGregory development portfolio is in excess of $150 million.

• Previous to HuntGregory, Mr. Gregory was employed by Can-American RealtyCorporation.While with Can-American, Mr. Gregory was responsible for developmentof for sale and rental residential housing. Can-American developed and managedover 3,000 residential units at the time.

• Previous to Can-Amercian, Mr. Gregory was employed by Norwest Bank Minneapolisas a commercial banker in the oil & gas and real estate divisions.

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Crown BankContact: Mr. Kevin HowkSenior Vice President6600 France Avenue South, Suite 125Edina, MN 55435Tel: [email protected]

Northmaq CapitalContact: Mr. Patrick S. MineaSenior Vice President, Managing Director3500 W. 80th Street, Suite 500Bloomington, MN [email protected]

KNW GroupContact: Mr. Marty NannePrincipal5460 Feltl RoadMinnetonka, MN [email protected]

Greco References:

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Relevant Experience

Nine Mile Creek Senior LivingBloomington, MN

Nine Mile Creek Senior Living is 91 dwelling units that offer everything that individuals need for active, carefree senior living today,

with assurance for the future. In a refreshing, natural setting next to Moir Park, Nine Mile Creek Senior Living is in convenient

Bloomington, Minnesota. Residents enjoy the rejuvenating setting while having the culture and entertainment of the Twin Cities just

minutes away.

Retirement living at Nine Mile Creek includes senior living with services with maintenance-free independent living in spacious senior

apartment homes with many amenities and services featuring fine dining, housekeeping, transportation and others.

If needs change, home health services and personal care can come directly to each individual's apartment. For those who need a

little extra help, assisted living within Nine Mile Creek has staff on duty 24-hours each day. The specially-designed Alzheimer's and

memory care area is a home-like environment for those with memory loss.

An exceptional retirement community is at Nine Mile Creek with the convenient, lifestyle living and assurance for the future.

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Relevant Experience

Heritage LandingMinneapolis, MN

Heritage Landing represents a high-density, mixed-use, urban infill project in the heart of the historic Minneapolis Warehouse District.

The 229-unit rental complex combines flats, lofts and stacked two-story townhomes with 400 underground parking stalls and 7,500

sf of street-level retail. Our goal in the design was to combine contemporary living with an industrial aesthetic compatible to the his-

toric neighborhood.

The complex required two different structural systems and the integration of a historic 19th century battered stone wall, originally

built to enclose a railroad yard, and an old historic steel and wood bridge on the east side which was required to be left intact and

exposed to view. Heritage Landing combine materials inherent to the area but used in a refreshing, imaginative way.

Awards:2003 Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission and AIA - Heritage Preservation Award2002 AIA/HUD - Secretary's Housing and Community Design Award2002 Minnesota Concrete and Masonry Contractors Association Honor Award for Excellence in Masonry Design2000 Minnesota Multi-House Association - MADACS Award for Best Floor Plan/Townhome1999 Minnesota Multi-House Association - MADACS Award for Best Floor Plan/2BR + Den1999 Business Journal Best in Real Estate - New Residential Development Award

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Relevant Experience

LaSalle ApartmentsMinneapolis, MN

Historic renovation of 103,000 SF, 13-level, vacant YMCA building located at 36 South Ninth Street in Minneapolis, MN into 121 mar-ket-rate apartments and 3,000 SF of office space. Completed in 1994. This renovation has been placed on the National HistoricRegister.

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Relevant Experience

RiverstationMinneapolis, MN

Development and construction of a 360-unit, 12-building, for-sale, residential neighborhood located between Fourthand Eighth Avenues North and North First and Second Streets in Historic Warehouse District of Minneapolis, MN.Completed in 2002.

*City Business, Best in Real Estate Award - New Residential Development, 1998

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Project for Pride in Living, Inc. (PPL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping lower-income families develop the tools they need to achieve self-sufficiency. Since 1972,thousands of people from throughout the metro area have built brighter, stable futures andstronger communities as a result of PPL’s innovative, highly integrated approach.

PPL's earliest activities were devoted to increasing the supply of affordable, quality housingas a stabilizing force in the inner city neighborhoods of Minneapolis; today PPL is widely recognized as a local pioneer in providing a range of integrated services for low-incomeyouth, adults, and families.

We have expanded our geographic scope as well as the services we provide, broadeningour reach to include neighborhoods in Saint Paul and five first-tier suburbs. Our activitieshave evolved to meet the changing needs of our community, and we remain agile inresponding to emerging issues.

Guiding the organization’s growth and current programs is the phrase,“Helping people helpthemselves,” expressing our commitment to the values of a strong work ethic, personalaccountability and responsibility, and the participation of the disenfranchised in their owngrowth toward self-sufficiency. These values reinforce our mission: PPL works with lower-income individuals and families to achieve greater self-sufficiency through housing, employ-ment training, support services and education.

PPL is a highly trusted service provider, offering a broad range of customized programs andservices that help our participants achieve their goals, and that strengthen communities. PPLoffers a range of highly integrated services that address the many challenges faced by ourconstituents in their journeys toward self-sufficiency. Activities include programs that helpachieve the following:

• Affordable Housing.• Employment and Job Training.• Human Services.• Education.

Programs are offered from four general service locations—the Loring Nicollet CommunityCenter, the Bethlehem Community Center, and the PPL Service Center and Emma B. HoweLearning Center.

PPL has long been considered a leader in addressing the needs of low-income area resi-dents.The agency has won a number of local and national honors, including recognition bythe Fannie Mae Foundation as one of 10 national winners in its Sustained Excellence AwardsProgram for community development, and a 2005 Excellence Award given by the MinnesotaCouncil of Nonprofits and Management Assistance Program.

Project for Pride in Living

Affordable Housing

Employment & Job Training

Support Services


1035 East Franklin Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55404

Phone: 612.455.5100

Fax: 612.455.5101

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Team Resumes

Barbara McCormick has more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit housing field,beginning with a community-based development corporation and then moving on to a TwinCities-wide nonprofit housing provider. She is experienced in syndicating HistoricPreservation and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, has served as asset manager for inner-city and suburban affordable rental housing, and operated various loan and grant programsfor out-state housing developments. Ms. McCormick has been overseeing PPL's work inaffordable housing and commercial development since 1998.

Partial Relevant ExperienceCalhoun Square Redevelopment- Minneapolis, MNBrook Commons Apartments, Minneapolis, MNCharlotte Commons Apartments, Minneapolis, MNCamden Apartments, Minneapolis, MNMidtown Exchange Condos, Minneapolis, MNLinden Park Condos, New Hope, MNLinden Place Apartments, New Hope, MN

Barbara McCormickPPL:Vice President of Housing and Community Impact


Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs,University of Minnesota

M.A. in Public Affairs

University of TulsaB.S. in Urban Planning

Steve CramerPPL: President and Executive Director

Steve Cramer rejoined PPL in August 2003, after serving as director of the HennepinCounty Department of Housing, Community Works & Transit, a post he assumed inFebruary 2002. For the preceding three years he had served as executive director of theMinneapolis Community Development Agency. From 1994 through 1999, Cramer served asPPL's director of housing and development, chief operating officer and finally president andexecutive director. He was elected to the Minneapolis City Council and served as a councilmember from 1984 to 1993.

He currently serves on the Minnesota Task Force to End Homelessness, the Minnesota MultiHousing Association Board of Directors, and chairs the Minneapolis Consortium ofCommunity Developers and the Minnesota Ballpark Authority. He has served on the HouseMinnesota Advisory Committee, Fannie Mae National Housing Impact Advisory Committee,Catholic Charities Board of Directors, St. Joseph's Home for Children Advisory Board, andas vice chair of the Metropolitan Airports Commission.

Partial Relevant ExperienceCalhoun Square Redevelopment- Minneapolis, MNBrook Commons Apartments, Minneapolis, MNCharlotte Commons Apartments, Minneapolis, MNCamden Apartments, Minneapolis, MNMidtown Exchange Condos, Minneapolis, MNLinden Park Condos, New Hope, MNLinden Place Apartments, New Hope, MN

Page 46: Land h+development+ +110110+(1)

Team Resumes

Leslie Angel has over 22 years experience managing affordable housing in the central cities.Prior to joining PPL in 1986, she "learned the ropes" in a busy real estate office in the StevensCourt neighborhood where she developed an affinity for the challenges and rewards ofaffordable housing. In her 20 years with PPL she has both supported and directed thegrowth of the property management department from a humble 2-person office with lessthan 50 units to its current professional team of 22 managing over 600 units of housing. Ms.Angel completed her Certified Occupancy Manager training at the Minnesota Multi-HousingAssociation and has a BA in Humanities from the University of Minnesota.

Partial Relevant ExperienceCalhoun Square Redevelopment- Minneapolis, MNBrook Commons Apartments, Minneapolis, MNCharlotte Commons Apartments, Minneapolis, MNCamden Apartments, Minneapolis, MNMidtown Exchange Condos, Minneapolis, MNLinden Park Condos, New Hope, MNLinden Place Apartments, New Hope, MN

EducationUniversity of Minnesota

B.A. in Humanities

Leslie AngelPPL: Director of Property Management

EducationUniversity of Chicago

B.A.EnglishUniversity of Minnesota


Chris WilsonPPL: Director of Real Estate Development

At PPL, Chris Wilson is responsible for all commercial and housing development activityfrom project inception through completion. PPL currently has under construction orrecently completed projects totaling in excess of 30 million dollars with additional projectstotaling about 50 million dollars in the pipeline. Mr.Wilson has been with PPL since 1996,joining the organization in a Construction Management role after previous service oversee-ing the Summer Youth Program. Mr. Wilson also oversees the Emergency Repair Program,which provides repair services to low income homeowners. Mr. Wilson has more thantwenty-five years of project management and architectural experience. He holds anArchitecture degree from the University of Minnesota and a B.A. in English from theUniversity of Chicago.

Partial Relevant ExperienceCalhoun Square Redevelopment- Minneapolis, MNBrook Commons Apartments, Minneapolis, MNCharlotte Commons Apartments, Minneapolis, MNCamden Apartments, Minneapolis, MNMidtown Exchange Condos, Minneapolis, MNLinden Park Condos, New Hope, MNLinden Place Apartments, New Hope, MN

Page 47: Land h+development+ +110110+(1)


Minneapolis CPEDContact: Mike Christenson, DirectorCrown Roller Mill105 Fifth Avenue South #200Minneapolis, MN [email protected]

Minnesota Housing Finance AgencyContact: Marcia Kolb,Assistant Commissioner Multifamily Division400 Sibley Street, Suite 300St. Paul, MN [email protected]

Twin Cities LISCContact: Andriana Abariotes,Executive Director 570 Asbury Street, Suite 207St. Paul, MN [email protected]

Family Housing FundContact:Thomas P. FultonPresidentMidwest Plaza West, Suite 1825801 Nicollet MallMinneapolis, MN [email protected]

PPL References:

Page 48: Land h+development+ +110110+(1)

Relevant Experience

Camden ApartmentsMinneapolis, MN

PPL and Emerge Community Development jointly developed Camden Apartments in 2007.This 23 unit permanent supportive housing development targeting families with a fatherpresent is located in the North Minneapolis neighborhood of Lind-Bohanon on the site ofthe former Camden Motel.

Page 49: Land h+development+ +110110+(1)

Relevant Experience

Midtown Exchange Condos on the GreenwayMinneapolis, MN

PPL's "Midtown Exchange Condos on the Greenway" is part of the redevelopment of the historic "1928" Sears Retail building in SouthMinneapolis known as Midtown Exchange. Completed in 2006, the building wraps around a six-story parking ramp which services thenew users of the redeveloped building and consists of 57 reasonably priced condo and townhouse units.

Page 50: Land h+development+ +110110+(1)

Relevant Experience

Linden DevelopmentNew Hope, MN

PPL developed this long vacant City-owned parcel in New Hope in two phases. Linden PlaceApartments, the first phase of the development completed in 2005, is a newly constructed35 unit apartment building offering two, three, and four bedroom units with rents affordableto households earning 30-60 percent of the area median income.The second phase is LindenPark Condominiums offering 41 reasonably priced condominium units.

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BKV Group

BKV Group is a full-service architecture, engineering, interior design, landscape architectureand construction administration firm. Over the last 30 years, BKV Group has grown from asole proprietorship into a diverse partnership with offices in Minneapolis and Chicago,serving clients locally and nationwide. Collectively we represent a practice whose expertiseis team-focused and offers a client-centered approach to creating architectural solutions. Asa result of our full-service structure, we offer our clients a single source for all aspects ofdesign and construction administration services.

BKV Group is an established leader in four primary practice areas—community development,corporate, education and government. Each practice area is led by BKV Group partners whoare nationally recognized leaders in their respective fields.

Our firm’s culture is based on a highly collaborative design model. We strive to cultivateclient relationships where creativity can flourish, leading to architectural solutions thatenhance and inspire our client’s program.We engage our clients, value their objectives anddevelop innovative design solutions that make meaningful contributions to the built environment.

BKV Group is a design leader in the development of mixed-use residential environments.We are a design resource that emphasizes the total building design, from the aesthetics ofexterior image to the sciences of building technology and the challenge of creative cost control. The creative design value of BKV Group has attracted national exposure and clients.BKV Group is unique in our full-service approach to projects. Providing our clients with complete in-house design services leads to fully coordinated construction documents and aseamless transition to construction in the field. Our in-house services include planning,architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, structural/mechanical/electrical engineering and construction administration.


Interior Design

Landscape Architecture


222 North 2nd Street

Minneapolis, MN 55401

Phone: 612.339.3752

Fax: 612.339.6212

Page 52: Land h+development+ +110110+(1)

Team Resumes

J. Owen Boarman, AIA, NCARBBKV Group: Managing Partner

Jack Boarman has thirty-five years of experience in the design of residential and mixed-usebuildings. Since he founded the firm in 1978, he has led the firm's team design approach inthe development of quality residential and urban architecture for our region. He hasexpanded the design practice for planning, programming and design of urban redevelopment projects within Minnesota.

Partial Relevant Experience301 Clifton Avenue Condominiums, Minneapolis, MN520 2nd Street SE, Minneapolis, MNMoZaic Mixed-Use Development, Minneapolis, MNThe Pacific, Minneapolis, MNLutheran Social Service, Center for Changing Lives, Minneapolis, MNLutheran Social Service, Park Avenue Apartments, Minneapolis, MNCurrie Park Development, Minneapolis, MNACME Tag, Minneapolis, MNBlue Apartments, Minneapolis, MNAnn Arbor City Apartments, Ann Arbor, MIArts Quarter Lofts, Minneapolis, MNBemidji State University, Bemidji Student Housing, Bemidji, MNBrick Pond Apartments, Oak Park Heights, MNCentral West End City Apartments, St. Louis, MOCurrie Park Development, Minneapolis, MNDelano Square Apartments, Delano, MNEitel Building City Apartments, Minneapolis, MNFlour Sack Flats, Minneapolis, MNHeritage Landing Apartments and Townhomes, Minneapolis, MNHotel Kaddatz Lofts, Artist Housing, ArtSpace, Fergus Falls, MNLake Calhoun City Apartments, Minneapolis, MNLOOP Condominiums, Minneapolis, MNLoyola Station City Apartments,Northfield Lofts, Artspace, Northfield, MNSelby Grotto Village Apartments, St. Paul, MNRiverfront Residential Development, Minneapolis, MNUniversity and Dale Apartments, St. Paul, MN301 Clifton, Minneapolis, MN520 Second Street Condominiums, Minneapolis, MNFrance Avenue Square, Bloomington, MNGlenview Family Housing, Glenview, ILKnob Hill of Eagan, Eagan, MNLoewenberg Condo Tower Phase I, Minneapolis, MNLoring Tower, Minneapolis, MNMill District City Apartments, Minneapolis, MNMinnehaha Square Condominiums, Minneapolis, MNParkway Place Townhomes, Minneapolis, MNPenn Village Condominiums, Minneapolis, MN

EducationUniversity of Minnesota

Bachelor of Architecture with Distinction

RegistrationNCARB #26798Professional Architect MN, SD,WI, IA,AZ, IL, and NY

Professional AffiliationsAmerican Institute of Architects,

Minneapolis ChapterMinneapolis Chapter President, 1998National Center for State CourtsU.S. Courts Design Guide

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Team Resumes

William M. Baxley,AIAPartner

EducationUniversity of Minnesota

Bachelor of Architecture with HonorsArchitecture Thesis Award

RegistrationProfessional Architect MN #23555

Professional AffiliationsAmerican Institute of Architects,

Minneapolis ChapterCALA Mentor ProgramMinnesota Multi-Housing Association

Michael Krych has sixteen years of award-winning residential urban design experience. Hiscareer has focused on urban design and development within the Twin Cities and nationallyfor housing and mixed-use developments. He has guided our in-house design process toinvolve communities, creating excellence and consensus for the developer and the neighborhood.

Partial Relevant ExperienceThe Pacific, Minneapolis, MN301 Clifton Avenue Condominiums, Minneapolis, MN600 Main Street Condominiums, Minneapolis, MN740 River Road, St. Paul, MNBlue, Minneapolis, MNACME Tag, Minneapolis, MNAnn Arbor City Apartments, Ann Arbor, MIArts Quarter Lofts, Minneapolis, MNLake Calhoun City Apartments, Minneapolis, MNLOOP Condominiums, Minneapolis, MNCarleton Place Lofts, St. Paul, MNCentral West End City Apartments, St. Louis, MOCroix Valley Townhomes, Hudson,WICurrie Park Development, Minneapolis, MNEitel Building City Apartments, Minneapolis, MNFrance Avenue Square, Bloomington, MNGateway Village Multi-Family Housing, St. Paul, MNGreenleaf Lofts, Minneapolis, MNHeritage Landing Apartments and Townhomes, Minneapolis, MNHighland Heights Condominiums, St. Paul, MNHotel Kaddatz Lofts, Artist Housing, ArtSpace, Fergus Falls, MNHuntington Place Apartments, Brooklyn Center, MNKingsmill Village Apartments, Faribault, MNThe Landings at Silver Lake Village, St. Anthony, MNLoring Park Condo Tower, Minneapolis, MNLoring Park Apartments, Minneapolis, MNLouisiana Oaks Apartments, St. Louis Park, MNMain Street Village Housing, New Brighton, MNNorthfield Lofts, Artspace, Northfield, MNPark Crest Condominiums, Burnsville, MNRiver Park Townhomes, Anoka, MNRond Point, Hamel, MNSelby Grotto Village Apartments, St. Paul, MNSilver Lake Commons Townhomes, Moundsview, MNSilver Lake Village Apartments, St. Anthony Village, MNSmith Tower (The Mark Residence Tower), St. Paul, MNUniversity and Dale Apartments, St. Paul, MNWestern Row Development, St. Paul, MN

Michael J. Krych, AIABKV Group: Design Partner

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Team Resumes

John, with twenty-five years of experience, takes primary leadership for BKV Group’s Designsfor Aging Team. He possesses a broad base in the planning and design of complex projects.He combines research based ideologies, aptitude for design and strong organizational skillsto successfully work with clients to analyze needs and respond with creative and timely solutions.

Partial Relevant ExperienceLake Calhoun City Apartment, Minneapolis, MNLOOP Condominiums, Minneapolis, MNLoring Apartments, Minneapolis, MN Loring Park Tower, Minneapolis, MN Pratt Development White Bear Works,White Bear, MNPresbyterian Homes Burnsville, Burnsville, MNVenstar Apartments, Apple Valley, MNCrestwood Creek Senior Community,Woodbury, MNHeartwood Senior Campus, Crosby, MNDakota County CDA Senior Housing, South St. Paul, MNBurnsville Marketplace, Burnsville, MN*Rosedale Marketplace, Roseville, MN*Benedictine Sisters Residence, St. Joseph, MNCloverleaf Courts, Blaine, MN*Georgetown Place, Bloomington, MN*Lakeshore Lutheran Campus, Duluth, MN*

John W. Gould, AIABKV Group: Partner

* Project experience while with another firm

EducationUniversity of Arizona

Bachelor of ArchitectureHarvard University Graduate Program

School of DesignElderly Housing: Planning for the

Next GenerationAssisted Living Institute:

Alzheimer’s Dementia Care in Assisted Living: Assisted Living Course for Developers

RegistrationProfessional Architect MN #18643

Professional AffiliationsAmerican Institute of Architects,

Minneapolis ChapterAIA Committee on Architecture

for HealthAmericana Association of Homes and

Services for the Aging

EducationUniversity of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Bachelor of Science, ArchitectureUniversity of Minnesota

Master of Architecture

RegistrationMinnesota Registered Architect, #46433NCARB, Certificate #66057 LEED Accredited Professional

Professional AffiliationsAmerican Institute of Architects (AIA)U.S. Green Building Council - MinnesotaChapter

As BKV Group’s LEED coordinator, Gretchen interfaces with the full range of team members including clients, architects, engineers, contractors, cost estimators and facility managers. She organizes LEED training opportunities and resources for BKV staff and coordinates, schedules, and manages the LEED documentation process for multiple projects.

Partial Project Experience301 Clifton Avenue Condominiums, Minneapolis, MNLutheran Social Service, Center for Changing Lives, Minneapolis MN (LEED Silver)Eitel Building City Apartments, Minneapolis, MNKaramu West Retail Center, Minneapolis, MNLake Calhoun City Apartments, Minneapolis, MNLOOP Condominiums, Minneapolis, MNMoZaic Mixed-Use Development, Minneapolis, MN (LEED Registered)The Murals of Lyn-Lake, Mixed-Use Redevelopment, Minneapolis, MNBlue Apartments, Minneapolis, MN (LEED Certified)Florence Court Redevelopment, Minneapolis, MNMill District City Apartments, Minneapolis, MN (National Green Building Standard)West End Apartments, St. Louis Park, MNThe Penfield Development, Saint Paul, MN (LEED Registered)

Gretchen Camp, AIA, NCARB, LEED APBKV Group: Associate/LEED Coordinator

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Johnson Brothers Contact: Mr. Bradley Johnson2341 University Avenue WestSt. Paul, MN [email protected]

Dominium Development & Acquisition,LLCContact: Mr. Mark Moorhouse2355 Polaris Lane North, Suite 100Plymouth, MN [email protected]

Greco Development, LLCContact: Mr. Arnie Gregory129 North 2nd Street, Suite 100Minneapolis, MN [email protected]

Alatus, LLCContact: Mr. Robert Lux800 Nicollet Mall, Suite 2850Minneapolis, MN [email protected]

Village Green CompaniesContact: Mr. Jonathan Holtzman30855 Northwestern Highway, Suite 300Farmington Hills, MI [email protected]

The Wall CompaniesContact: Mr. John Wall811 LaSalle Avenue, Suite 102Minneapolis, MN [email protected]

BKV Group References:

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Relevant Experience

Eitel Building City ApartmentsMinneapolis, MN

The Eitel Building City Apartments is a collection of new buildings integrated with transformed relics to reclaim park edges and reinforce neighborhood patterns while shaping courtyards and pedestrian plazas that link park to neighborhood, neighbor to resident,public to private, creating a constant dialogue between spaces inside and outside. In addition to the historic building's restored exteriorand transformed interiors, a portion of a 1967 addition was stripped down to its concrete structure and refurbished, to become thecelebrated heart of the development.The project weaves the accumulated materials and colors of the community—brick, stone, glass,metal and vegetation—into a contemporary pattern explicit to the local context, yet fresh in its application.

For the resident, the design serves up a new vision for urban lifestyle rental living with boutique hotel-style amenities. The lobby,

adjacent commons spaces, and rooftop clubroom seize the opportunity to connect past to present with their collection of vibrant

design interventions into the relic spaces while encouraging daily social gathering and participation.

2009 Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Award - New Addition to an Historic Building

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Relevant Experience

BlueMinneapolis, MN

Living green is the dominant theme of Blue - a 393,000 sf multi-family development on the corner of Lake Street and Aldrich Avenue.Blue has played an important role in invigorating this residential and retail area.The building’s name alludes to the team’s commitmentto creating an inviting living space that preserves and protects the surrounding air and water, while also fostering a connection tonature. Inherent in the plan is an effort to create an ecologically conscious project for the individual resident as well as for the largerenvironment of the neighborhood and city through the use of sustainable materials and technologies.The project is LEED Certifiedand incorporates indoor bicycle parking, priority parking for fuel efficient vehicles, renewable and recycled building materials, integra-tion of green roof systems, passive design to respond sensitively to a particular solar orientation, natural daylight within all active liv-ing spaces, harvesting of rainwater for sediment control, high efficiency HVAC units, and low-e glass coatings.

Comprised of two residential buildings ranging in height from 3 stories to 6 stories, the plan consists of a variety of dwelling unit choic-es, community and open spaces, new shops and restaurants. The apartments consist of a variety of unique dwelling types includingstreet-level walk-ups, terrace units, flats and two-story loft units and range in size from 500-1,300 sf. Units have views of the down-town skyline, the high energy Lyn-Lake neighborhood, as well as the Midtown Greenway.

2007 Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Best in Real Estate: Multi-Family Development/Redevelopment - Large

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Relevant Experience

Acme Tag RedevelopmentMinneapolis, MN

The project site is bounded by Fremont Avenue to the east, Girard Avenue to the west, and the Midtown Greenway to the south.The former Acme Tag site presents a unique opportunity to develop a housing community located at the heart of the vibrant LowryHill East neighborhood of southwest Minneapolis, just blocks away from the popular Uptown area and fronting the revitalized corridor ofthe Midtown Greenway.The design offers a truly multi-modal lifestyle with easy access to recreational, commercial, and social amenities.Residents will have easy access to miles of public cycling and walking paths provided by the adjacent Midtown Greenway, Uptown andthe Chain of Lakes, and downtown Minneapolis which is only minutes away. The objective of the proposed redevelopment is to create a distinctive and sustainable project that builds on the energy and diversity of the local community and nearby Greenway andbecomes a vital component of the Uptown neighborhood.The plan consists of market-rate rental housing with a variety of dwellingunit choices, below grade parking, community rooms, and open spaces.

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Relevant Experience

MoZaic Mixed-Use DevelopmentMinneapolis, MN

BKV Group is collaborating with the Ackerberg Group and Financial Freedom Development on an urban mixed-use project in theheart of the uptown Minneapolis near the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street. The program includes a ten-story condominium building, five-story office building, restaurant, art gallery and expanded Lagoon Theater all centered on a 19,000 sf urbanpublic plaza with three levels of below grade parking.

Composed of glass and stone, the office design includes 40,000 sf of open, flexible space and has the potential to create 400 newjobs.The office building steps back away from the midtown Greenway, minimizing shadowing, offering roof gardens on various floorlevels at north and south façades.The gardens help to soften the building's edge while establishing a dialogue between building andGreenway and offering views of uptown, downtown and surrounding lakes. The 165-unit condominium maximizes the views of downtown, the lakes, and the Greenway while providing the interiors with plenty of natural light.

Amenities include underground parking and alternative methods of transportation, such as biking, buses and future light rail.

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Relevant Experience

Silver Lake Village RedevelopmentSt. Anthony, MN

Silver Lake Village Redevelopment is being master-planned as a seventy acre "mixed-use development" on a redevelopment site onthe current Apache Plaza retail site in the middle of St. Anthony, a first tier suburb of Minneapolis.The project includes acquisitionof several properties adjacent to the old Apache Plaza building. All of the older existing structures would be razed to clear the wayfor the new development.

The new mixed-use development would include approximately 250,000 sf of new retail, a central park area with reflecting ponds,a community amphitheater, park shelters and a wide range of housing types.The housing would include a variety of approximately350 units of market-rate and senior rental apartments, for-sale senior cooperative flats in four-story structures, for-sale flats and two-level town homes in four-story structures, side by side three level town homes, and luxury condominium flats in another four-storystructure.With the possible acquisition of additional property in the future, another upper-end single-family development could beincluded.

Silver Lake Village Redevelopment received the 2004 Business Journal’s Best in Real Estate Award for Mixed-Use Development and the 2005 National Association of Industrial and

Office Parks (NAIOP) Award of Excellence in the Mixed-Use Category.

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Joe Urban, Inc.

Joe Urban, Inc.Market research consulting for and writing about the real estate development and urbanplanning industry. Day to day responsibilities cover a wide range of assignments, includingcompleting market research assignments, participating in charrettes, case studies, articles,blogging, lectures and presentations.

Market research assignments completed since 2006 include housing feasibility for theCentral Corridor light rail line in St. Paul, the Ford Plant redevelopment in St. Paul,commercial and housing demand for the Lyn-Lake Small Area Plan in Minneapolis, the landcondemnation case for the new Twins stadium in Minneapolis and numerous affordablehousing studies around the Twin Cities metro area.

Writing assignments include articles, case studies and book chapters on a variety of topicsand in a range of locations, including town centers, density, new urbanism, public housing,LEED, transportation/transit/TOD, condos, senior housing, transportation/logistics and walkability in Amsterdam, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, London, Los Angeles,Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Portland, San Francisco, St. Louis, St. Paul, and elsewhere.

Articles, case studies and chapters have appeared in Urban Land magazine, Planning magazine, New Urban News,The Next American City, the Minneapolis Downtown Journal,the Minneapolis Star Tribune and The Minnesota Preservationist, and several Urban LandInstitute publications.

Senior Market Analyst – Dahlgren, Shardlow and Uban, Inc. (DSU),August 2003 to 2006.Research and preparation of real estate market analysis. Day to day responsibilities included meeting with clients, collection of demographic data, field visits, analysis of data,presentation of findings in written reports, coordinating with in-house GIS mapping staff,preparation of marketing materials and meeting with potential clients.

Research Analyst – Maxfield Research, real estate consultants, November 2000 to August2003.Consulting projects included affordable housing, multifamily rental, multifamily for-sale, seniorhousing, retail, office, industrial, and transit-oriented development analysis, performed for pri-vate and public consultants.

Research Specialist/Appraisal Assistant – Colliers Towle Real Estate, August 1998 toNovember 2000.Duties included research and preparation of appraisals and market analysis, andresearch/preparation of the Towle Report, the authoritative commercial real estate overviewof the Twin Cities.

Market Research Consulting

29th Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55406

Phone: 612.251.4662

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Team Resumes

Sam NewbergJoe Urban: President

Sam Newberg, President of Minneapolis-based Joe Urban, Inc., is a real estate consultant with12 years of market analysis experience on a variety of property types. Prior to forming his ownfirm in 2006, he held the positions of Appraisal Assistant/Research Specialist at Colliers Towle(1998-2000), Research Analyst at Maxfield Research (2000-2003) and Senior Market Analystat Dahlgren, Shardlow and Uban (2003-2006).

Over his career, Sam has completed market studies for a wide range of property types,including for-sale and rental housing, senior housing, retail, office, industrial, resort, and lodgingdevelopment. He also has broad experience with transit-oriented development (TOD).

Starting in 2006 he has provided market research for the station areas around the proposedCentral Corridor light rail line that will run along University Avenue and connect downtownMinneapolis with the University of Minnesota, the State Capitol and downtown St. Paul. Forthat project, Joe Urban, Inc. teamed with Colliers Turley Martin Tucker,Torontobased UrbanStrategies and the Planning and Economic Development (PED) department at the City ofSt. Paul to determine housing demand along the corridor. He has worked for a variety ofpublic and private clients, participated in planning charettes and has presented his work toseveral cities. He has also participated in a planning and development roundtable for the station area plan around the commuter rail station in Elk River.

Additional transit-oriented development market analysis Sam has worked on prior to formingJoe Urban, Inc. include development potential around station areas for proposed bus rapidtransit (BRT) along West 7th Street in St. Paul, a highest and best use study for developmentadjacent to Riverdale station of commuter rail line in Coon Rapids, market potential for 38thStreet light rail station area, and the multimodal station area in the Minneapolis North Loop.Sam has also written several articles and case studies about transit-oriented developmentaround the United States and in Europe, and lectured on TOD at the University ofMinnesota. This combination of consulting, research and writing about TOD at the local,national and international level brings a broad perspective to his consulting work.

Relevant ExperienceCentral Corridor Market Study – development demand estimates around each of the sta-tion areas along the proposed Central Corridor light rail line in St. Paul. Client: Colliers TurleyMartin Tucker, Urban Strategies, city of St. Paul PED.Lyn-Lake Small Area Plan Market Study, Minneapolis, MNAffordable Housing market studies – various clientsWest River Commons apartments and retail, MinneapolisGalleria Condos, EdinaLofts of Stillwater/Terra Springs, StillwaterUpper Landing condominiums, St. PaulSilver Lake Village condominiums, St. AnthonyExcelsior and Grand apartments, St. Louis ParkHighland Pointe senior and condominium housing, St. PaulNational Market Center retail development, BlaineOrono Woods senior rental housing, Orono

EducationUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison

Bachelor of Arts – Geography

U of M, Humphrey Institute for Public AffairsProfessional Development Coursework

Rutgers University, Online Continuing EdRetail Market Analysis and Pro Formas

Professional AffiliationsNational Council of Affordable Housing Market Analysts (NCAHMA)

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City of MinneapolisAmanda Arnold, AICP Principal City PlannerCommunity Planning & EconomicDevelopment (CPED)250 4th Street SouthRoom 110Minneapolis, MN [email protected]

Cassidy TurleyRodger Skare, MAISenior Vice President, Principal200 South Sixth StreetSuite 1400Minneapolis, MN [email protected]

Sherman Associates, Inc.Ryan SailerVice President of DevelopmentSherman Associates 233 Park Avenue South Minneapolis, MN [email protected]

Joe Urban References:

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Relevant Experience

Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing Market StudiesSt. Paul, MN

Joe Urban, Inc. has completed numerous affordable housing market studies, including several in transitoriented locations, primarily forapplications to receive Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC).

A key component of affordable housing is proximity to transportation options and corresponding access to employment.Transportation options reduce dependence on the automobile, and the location of housing near transit service correspondinglyreduces the combined cost of housing and transportation for households.This has particular relevance with regard to the location ofaffordable housing.

Existing and proposed affordable housing projects located in transit-oriented locations near high-frequency bus and/or rail service havea competitive advantage over competing projects because residents have a bigger selection of transportation options for employmentand shopping.

The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) has begun to consider proximity to transit options in its criteria for awarding taxcredits to affordable housing projects.

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Relevant Experience

Lyn-Lake Small Area Plan Mixed-Use Market StudyMinneapolis, MN

To assist the city of Minneapolis Community, Planning and Economic Development (CPED)department with its creation of a small area plan for the Lyn-Lake neighborhood, Joe Urban, Inc. completed a mixed-use market studyin 2008.

Joe Uban, Inc. assessed the locational attributes and strengths of the neighborhood, provided demographic analysis and performed ahousing and commercial market demand study for the area.

Key findings and recommendations are the area will continue to be an attractor for apartments and retail space in a relatively densearea.These findings were an important tool to assist the city with understanding the neighborhood as a vibrant mixed-use area andto plan for future demand for residential and commercial development.

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Relevant Experience

Central Corridor Market StudySt. Paul, MN

In several phases between 2006 and 2009, Joe Urban, Inc. combined forces with the Minneapolis office of Colliers Turley Martin Tucker(now Cassidy Turley) to determine demand for development around each of the station areas along the proposed Central Corridorlight rail line in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The City of St. Paul, seeking to adequately plan for the next several decades of real estate development along the corridor, hired UrbanStrategies of Toronto to create a corridor strategy and specific plans for each station area. The Joe Urban/Colliers consulting team analyzed in detail past development trends, and the transformative effects future rail service (scheduled to begin in 2014) and corresponding public and streetscape improvements, and their potential impact in each area and the corridor as a whole, in order todetermine future demand for housing, retail and other commercial development.

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With more than 500 lawyers worldwide, Faegre & Benson handles the complex and challenging transactions and litigation facing businesses today. Our lawyers collaborate withone another and with our clients to address the full range of business issues and to delivertimely, cost-effective business and legal solutions. We serve businesses throughout theUnited States, Europe and Asia. Established in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1886, our firm hasevolved into one of the 100 largest law firms headquartered in the United States. Our firmhas served clients in nearly every U.S. state, and in more than 60 countries.

We are recognized by independent third-parties for our expertise and excellence in clientservice, technology, culture and corporate citizenship.We are ranked among the leading firms in serving the needs of multinational clients.

Faegre & Benson is a leading adviser to real estate developers, with state-of-the-art experience in development of all real estate market segments including office, retail,hospitality, industrial, housing and mixed-use. We handle each component of the development process, including:

• Governmental approvals, including zoning, comprehensive plan, EIS/EAW/AUAR, andliquor licensing

• Design and construction contracts• Equity financing• Debt financing• Hazardous materials review and remediation• Leasing• Reciprocal easement and operation agreements (REAs)

Our strength is in our multi-disciplinary team approach to development projects, with continuousattention to timelines, cost-effectiveness, and getting deals closed. Our representation of leadingreal estate developers keeps us current on legal, financing and market conditions.

Leasing, REAs. We are staffed to handle—cost-effectively and expeditiously—leases rangingfrom routine small tenants to 400,000 square foot anchor tenants. We have more than 25leasing lawyers and can expedite major project lease-up. Our experience with REAs spansmore than 30 years and hundreds of agreements, giving us deep experience in how REAsrespond to actual situations.

Acquisition and disposition. Our combined expertise in the full range of developmentissues, including debt financing and equity financing, enables us to anticipate all of the issuesthat may become pertinent in a particular disposition or acquisition transaction.We are ableto provide useful input regarding the deal structure—to avoid delays in the pre-closingprocess and to avoid surprises after acquisition.

Our Minnesota office is ranked in the top tier in the real estate category of Chambers USA:America's Leading Lawyers for Business (2008).

Faegre & Benson


90 South 7th St., Suite 2200

Minneapolis, MN 55402

Phone: 612.766.7000

Fax: 612.766.1600

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Team Resumes

EducationUniversity of Wisconsin

B.S. Chemistry with DistinctionUniversity of Minnesota, Law School

Law Degree

Professional AffiliationsMN State Bar AssociationLambda Alpha InternationalU.S. District Court for the District of MNU.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit

PracticesConstruction LitigationDevelopment, Acquisition & SalesPublic-Private Partnerships &

Government IncentivesEminent DomainEnvironmental & Natural ResourcesGovernment Contracts and RelationsHousing and Community DevelopmentLand Use and ZoningNatural Resources LitigationNew EnergyReal Estate Investment and Finance

John HermanFaegre & Benson: Partner

John Herman practices in the areas of real estate development and finance, legislative andgovernment relations, and environmental and land use law. He has been one of the centralfigures in Minnesota real estate development and environmental policy for more than 25years. John's professional accomplishments have included Real Estate Development. John hasRepresented developers of numerous large scale housing, commercial, cultural, historic, andmixed use projects.

Relevant ExperienceRiverplace Mixed Use Development, Minneapolis, MNBlock E Mixed Use Development, Minneapolis, MNCity Center Mixed Use Development, Minneapolis, MNIvy Hotel and Residence, Minneapolis, MNStinson Techology Corridor, Minneapolis, MNLaurel Village, Minneapolis, MNHeritageLanding/RiverStation, Minneapolis, MNSilver Lake Village, St. Anthony, MNGlen Lake CoveVillage at St. Anthony, MinneapolisEmerald GardenGeneral Mills Corporate Headquarters, Plymouth, MNCargill Hopkins Campus, Hopkins, MNGraco Corporate Headquarters and ManufacturingNew French Bakery Kasota FacilityStinson Technology CorridorGraco Main PlantWalker Art CenterThe Children's Theatre CompanyMinneapolis Institute of ArtsMacPhail Center for MusicHHH MetrodomeMinneapolis Convention CenterHennepin County Regional Rail Authority Light Rail Transit Master PlanLoring ParkRiverplaceLaurel VillageMedtronic (Fridley) Headquarters CampusUniversity of St.Thomas Law SchoolBlock EThe Walker Art CenterThe Children's TheatreThe Minneapolis Institute of ArtsRepresented developers of over 5,000 units of low and moderate income housing including tax

exempt bonding (4% credit), tax increment, Section 8, low income tax credit (9% credit)and housing preservation projects

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Team Resumes

EducationUniversity of Wisconsin

B.S. Chemistry with DistinctionUniversity of Minnesota, Law School

Law Degree

Professional AffiliationsMN State Bar AssociationLambda Alpha InternationalU.S. District Court for the District of MNU.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit

PracticesLand Use and Zoning

Carol LansingFaegre & Benson: Special Counsel

Carol has been a part of the real estate group in the Minneapolis office since March of 2005.Prior to Faegre & Benson, Carol's experience includes over 10 years as an Assistant CityAttorney for the City of Minneapolis where she advised the City's elected officials, boardsand commissions, and staff on matters related to zoning, land use planning, land subdivision,street vacation, heritage preservation regulation and a variety of other municipal legal matters.Since joining Faegre & Benson, Carol has represented developers, businesses and individualson a variety of land use and regulatory matters, including the following projects:

Relevant ExperienceCalhoun Square Redevelopment, involving expansion and renovation of the Calhoun Square

shopping center in Uptown with the addition of new mixed-use housing componentsLake & Knox Apartments and Office Development in Uptown,Grain elevator expansions in Minneapolis and ShakopeeMoZaic Mixed-Use DevelopmentHiawatha Flats,Pacific Block Redevelopment, a mixed-useRedevelopment of nonconforming gas station, convenience store and car wash facilityAdvise international mining corporation on expansion of Minnesota aggregate mine sitesRepresentation of Minneapolis Downtown Council in negotiations with city for creation of

business improvement special services districtAssess zoning compliance and regulations relating to redevelopment of industrial, commercial

and residential properties for potential purchasersAssess effect of partial takings through condemnation on zoning status of remaining property

and assist owners in obtaining zoning approvals for mitigation of condemnation impactsLand use and zoning approvals for several affordable and supportive housing projectsAdvise property owners regarding historic preservation designations and approvalsAdvise on right-of-way vacation and dedicationNegotiation of conservative easements

ClerkshipsMinnesota State Court, 4th Judicial District, Hon. Ann D. Montgomery, 1992-1993PresentationsPractical Guide to Zoning and Land Use Law Minnesota Case Law Update (September, 2007)The Basics: How to Get a Housing and Community Development Transaction to Closing(April, 07)Historic Preservation in MN Regulatory Framework & Development Tax Incentives (June, 2005)PublicationsAssessing and Mitigating the Zoning Impacts of a Partial Taking Condemnation, Zoning andLand Use, Annual Review (2009), American Bar AssociationTrade OrganizationsMinnesota State Bar Association, Public Law Section Co-chair, Local GovernmentCommitteeLambda Alpha InternationalCivic AssociationsJungle Theater Board of DirectorsPro BonoVolunteer Lawyers Network, Legal Access Point Clinic

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Team Resumes

EducationUniversity of Iowa

B.A. with High Distinction

University of Iowa, College of LawJ. D. Order of the Coif, with HighDistinction

Professional AffiliationsMN State Bar Association

PractisesDevelopment, Acquisition and SalesDistressed Real EstateHousing and Community DevelopmentPublic FinancePublic-Private Partnerships & Government

IncentivesRetail Real Estate

Peter BerrieFaegre & Benson: Partner

ExperiencePeter Berrie is a partner in Faegre & Benson's real estate group. Pete's practice focuses ontax credits, particularly low-income housing tax credits and new markets tax credits, as wellas real estate finance, and common interest community law.

In the housing area, Pete has represented nonprofit and for-profit developers using 4% and9% tax credits, HOME funds, CDBG, Section 8 contracts, tax-exempt bonds, FHA insurance,GNMA mortgage-backed securities, and tax increment financing.

Representative new markets tax credit deals include representing the borrower in a$35,000,000 new markets tax credit financing of a Chicago big-box retail store; a lender thatfunded the leverage loan for a tribal governmental center ; and using "targeted populations"to allow using the credits for the renovation of a downtown Minneapolis dance and musicperformance center.

Besides working on development projects that require tax credits or other governmentalsubsidies, Pete has extensive experience with common interest communities, representingdevelopers and lenders on condominium and planned community developments and loanworkouts.

Prior to re-joining the Firm in 1999, Pete worked with the Minnesota Attorney General'soffice where he represented the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, and the Iron RangeResources and Rehabilitation Board, among others. Pete is a frequent lecturer at seminarson affordable housing, new market tax credits, historic tax credits, and other real estate topics.


Practical Aspects of New Markets Tax Credits, Renewable Energy Tax Credits and HistoricTax Credits Minnesota CLE - Real Estate Institute (2009)

Basics of New Markets Tax Credits Hennepin County Bar Association, Real Property SectionUrban Redevelopment: Mixed-Use Projects Lorman Education Services (2008)Condominium and Planned Community Practice: Disclosure Statements,Assessments and

Reserves, and Mixed-Use Projects- Lorman Education Services (2006)Tax Increment Finance:The Basics(with Stephanie Galey) Sponsored Seminar with LISC (2005)Urban Development in Minnesota,Creative Financing Tools:Tax Exempt Bonds Lorman (2005)Affordable Housing in Minnesota - Lorman Education Services (2005)Common Interest Communities, Representing Developers and Builders MN CLE (2004)Practical Aspects of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits,Historic Tax Credits and New Markets

Tax Credits (with Jim Dinerstein) Minnesota CLE - Real Estate Institute (2004)New Economic Development Tools: New Market Tax Credits and Minnesota Job

Opportunity Building Zones Minnesota CLE - Real Estate Institute (2003)Ways to Preserve Long-Term Affordability Minnesota Institute of Legal Education (2002)TIF,Tax Abatement and Other Governmental Incentives:Can "New Urbanism" Work Without

Them? New Urbanism/Smart Growth, Minnesota Institute of Legal Education (2001)

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Pratt Ordway PropertiesContact: Mr. Daryl GemarChief Financial Officer3500 Willow Lake Boulevard, Suite 100Vadnais Heights, MN [email protected]

Artspace Projects, Inc.Contact: Mr.Will LawChief Operating Officer250 Third Avenue North, Suite 500Minneapolis, MN [email protected]

Hunt Associates, LLCContact: Mr. Daniel HuntPresident24 University Avenue NE, Suite 150Minneapolis, MN [email protected]

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RLK, Incorporated

For nearly two decades, RLK has built a solid reputation as an innovative, strategic, and cost-effective partner to companies and a variety of public agencies throughout the U.S. Creatingextraordinary communities starts with building long-term relationships.We pride ourselveson our ability to work with a variety of clients and constituencies—solving problems andresolving complex issues creatively and collaboratively.

RLK Incorporated is a professional consulting firm that provides services for developers andcommunities throughout the Upper Midwest. Founded in 1991, RLK currently offers over 60professional staff from offices located in Minnetonka, Hibbing, and Duluth. Our professionalstaff includes civil engineers, traffic engineers, surveyors, planners and landscape architects.

Our services include: civil engineering; site planning; storm water management; street andutility design; wastewater and water system design; environmental permitting (EAW,AUAR);traffic engineering; transportation planning; construction observation and administration;public relations and government approvals; land development consulting; capital improve-ment planning; landscape architecture and land surveying.

RLK provides fiscally-responsible solutions to meet the needs of your project. Our experience allows us to provide clients with value-added insight for solving various infrastructure related challenges.

SurveyOur experienced survey team uses state-of-the-art technology, including highly efficient totalstations, electronic data collectors, GPS satellite receivers, and full-featured surveying andmapping CAD workstations.

Civil EngineeringThe RLK portfolio of civil engineering projects covers a variety of areas in the public andprivate sector including municipal, commercial, residential, energy, and communication. Noproject is too complex for our team of experts.

Sustainable Design Sustainable design is a conscious design effort that reduces negative impacts on the envi-ronment by integrating land use activities into the existing landscape. A successful sustain-able site will adapt required site features such as stormwater ponds, parking area, landscap-ing, and irrigation into a harmonious and efficient design that improves the quality of theenvironment and the individuals utilizing the property. The use of recycled and renewableproducts throughout a development will ensure minimal impacts on the local and globalenvironments.

Civil Engineering

Traffic Consulting

6110 Blue Circle Drive, Ste 100

Minnetonka, MN 55343

Phone: 952.933.0972

Fax: 952.933.1153

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Team Resumes

EducationUniversity of Minnesota

Bachelor of Science,Civil Engineering

RegistrationCivil Engineer MN #41619

Senior Professional Engineer with 13 years of experience working in both public and pri-vate sectors of development. Mr. Hemquist has extensive experience in project manage-ment and engineering document preparation for public agency approval and constructionincluding coordination with various governmental agencies and permitting. Mr. Hemquistprovides creative and cost-effective designs for both simple and complex sites.

Project ExperienceAcme Tag Redevelopment, Minneapolis, MN Blue Apartments, Minneapolis, MNLSS Center for Changing Lives and Park Avenue Apartments, Minneapolis, MNCalhoun Square Redevelopment, Minneapolis, MN Hiawatha Flats, Minneapolis, MNLake & Knox Mixed-Use Developmetn, Minneapolis, MN Lake Calhoun City Apartments, MinneapolisLoop Condominiums, Minneapolis, MNMoZaic Mixed-Use Development, Minneapolis, MNThe Penfield Development, Saint Paul, MN

Aaron Hemquist, PERLK Incorporated: Senior Civil Engineer

EducationUniversity of Washington

Bachelor of Science,Civil Engineering

RegistrationProfessional Engineer: MN,WI, IA, IL,CA, CO, FL, SD, MA, and WA

Vern has over 24 years of traffic engineering and transportation planning experience.Worked extensively in both the public and private sectors with an emphasis on conductingtraffic impact studies and mitigation designs. Offers strong expertise in representing com-plex traffic considerations to public agencies. Prior to working for the private sector, gained10 years of increasingly responsible signal design and operations experience as a SpecialProjects Engineer with the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Relevant experience includes projects involving capacity analysis, access, signal and illuminationdesign, signal operations, signing and traffic control design, and route continuity planning.

Project Experience3725 29th Avenue TDMP - at 38th Street LRT station, Minneapolis, MNHiawatha Business Park TDMP - East 28th and Hiawatha, Minneapolis, MNHoliday Gas Station TDMP - 46th and Hiawatha, Minneapolis, MNBlue Apartments, Minneapolis, MNCalhoun Square Redevelopment, Minneapolis, MN MoZaic Mixed-Use Development, Minneapolis, MNT.H. 55 & Clydesdale Connection, Medina, MN97th Avenue & Target Parkway East, Brooklyn Park, MNGrand Avenue (CSAH 23), Duluth MN

Vernon Swing, PERLK Incorporated: Principal Transportation Engineer

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Paster EnterprisesKen Henk2227 University Avenue St. Paul, MN [email protected]

The Ackerberg GroupStuart Ackerberg3033 Excelsior Blvd, Suite 10Minneapolis, MN 55416(612) [email protected]

City of OakdaleBrian Bachmeier1584 Hadley Avenue NorthOakdale, MN [email protected]

City of Eden PrairieRandy Newton8080 Mitchell RoadEden Prairie, MN [email protected]

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