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  • 1. LAND POLLUTION DICTIONARY byCristina Barn PeaREPUBLICA DOMINICANA I.E.D.Classroom project designed for Self access materials of the On-line Masters program in English Language Teaching for Self-directed Learning. Department of Languages and Cultures. Universidad de la Sabana.

2. Estas cercade empezar ainvestigar, reflexionar, discutir y proponersoluciones para problemas ambientales reales ennuestro entrono, como la contaminacin conbasuras. Por esta razn necesitars conoceralgunos conceptos relacionados con esteimportante tema.Toma 10 minutos para reflexionar sobre losproblemas ambientales ms comunes en tu entornoescolar. Presta especial atencin al vocabulariosobre land pollution and recycling y reflexionasobre lo que pasa a tu alrededor. 3. AAsh: // The powdery residue left after the burning of substance.Away: /we/ At a distance. 4. Break down /brek dan/ Ceaseto function or continue.- Burn /bn To be harmed or /destroyed by fire Bury /bri/Put or hideunderground Businesses /bzns/ Acommercial 5. CCan /kan/A cylindrical metal containerCast-offs /kst fs/No longer wanted; abandoned or heap / kmpst hip A pile of/garden and kitchen refuse whichdecomposes to produce compost. 6. CCritters /krt/ a livingcreatureCrush /kr/ Deform, pulverize, or push inwards by compressing forcefullyCurb /kbA stone edging to a /pavement or raised path 7. DDiscard /dskdGet rid of /something as no longeruseful or desirable.Dump /dmp/ A site for depositing rubbish or waste. 8. F-GFungi /fi/ Plural form of fungus, whichare any of a large group of spore-producing organism that feed on organicmatter.Get rid /gt rd/be free of something.Grass clippings /grs klps/Grass cut short or cut out with shears or scissors. 9. L-MLandfills / lan(d)fls/ The disposal of waste material by burying it, especially as method of filling in and reclaiming excavated pits.Moisture /mst/Water or other liquid diffused in a small quantity as vapor, within a solid, or condensed on a surface. 10. PPick up /pk p/Collect something that hasbeen left elsewhere. 11. RRotting meat /rti mit /Decomposed meat by the action of bacteria or fungi. 12. SSmell /sml/ The faculty of perceiving odors by means of the organs in the nose.Soil /sl/ The upper layer of earth in which plants grow. 13. TThrow away /rwe/ Discard something as uselessor unwanted. ThrowoutToss /ts/ Throwlightly or casually. 14. Trash /tra/ Waste materialUUseless / s/ Serving nojusl purpose 15. LAND POLLUTION plun Unusable or unwanted material PAPERHAZARDOUS GLASS ORGANIC ALUMINIUMPLASTIC 16. GARBAGEStaff that we do not need anymoreSynonym of junk, trash, cast-off, solid waste. 17. REFERENCES- Kellogg, M., Virginia, USA- CambridgeUniversity Press.