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<p>Landscape Photography Research &amp; AnalysisNATURE:Nature landscape photography refers to a wider range of photography taken outside, its devoted to indicate the natural elements such as landscape, wildlife, plants and close up of natural scenes. </p> <p>URBAN:Urban landscape photography is a way to describe a city or town, represent an attempt to understand our experiment also concentrate on the structures or processes rather than on people.</p> <p>REPRESENTATIONAL:Representational landscape photography is the most natural and realistic out of all the styles of landscape photography. They approach landscape photography with what you see is what you get mentality.</p> <p>IMPRESSIONISTIC:Impressionistic landscape carries with it a vague or elusive sense of reality. These photographs will make the landscape seem more unreal. The viewer is giving the impression of a landscape rather than the true representation of one.</p> <p>ABSTRACT:Abstract landscape photographs use components of the scenery as graphic components. With abstract landscape photography design is more important than a realistic representation of what is seen.</p> <p>NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY:</p> <p>URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY: </p> <p>IMPRESSIONISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY:</p> <p>ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY:</p> <p>Landscape Expriment:</p>