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  • 1. Using Technology to Assist Language Learning Guerrero, Anna marie ED 480
  • 2. Technology can be used as: An instructional tool in the classroom A delivery system for learner instruction As instructional content itself Help find thousand of examples Takes you around the world Technology offers a variety of ways for children to weave together words and pictures.
  • 3. When used appropriately, it can. Develop further all four skills Enable students to become more effective and confident learners Raise the standards of students achievements Individualize learning, appropriate level and speed. Develop independent learning Provide opportunities for real communication/real language use/ cultural experiences Specific programs provides support for children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties
  • 4. Traditional Technology Tools Stereos and Televisions Overhead projectors & document cameras Audiotapes & CDs Videotapes & DVDs Cameras & camcorders telephones
  • 5. Computers, data projectors, and the internet Vast amount of internet websites MP3 players Handhelds and Cell phones Computer Software Recorders
  • 6. C: Computer It is a form of computer-based learning which carries two important A: Assisted features: bidirectional learning and individualized learning. It is not a L: Language method. The focus of CALL is learning, and not teaching. L: Learning
  • 7. CALL, What is it for? Call is not a method Its materials are tools for learning The main focus of CALL is learning, and not teaching. Its materials are used in teaching to facilitate the language learning process. It is a student-centered learning material that promotes self- paced learning.
  • 8. How is it helpful?.?. CALL is a tool that helps teachers to facilitate language learning process. It can be used to reinforce what has been learned in the classrooms, and can also be used as remedial to help learners with limited language proficiency.
  • 9. What can we do with CALL? Collaborative projects Peer editing of compositions Email Reinforcement of classroom material Games and simulations Blogging and Podcasts WebQuests Authentic language learning opportunities
  • 10. 3 Suggestions for effective use of the web for online learning Provide access to rich sources of information Encourage meaningful interaction with content Bring people together to challenge, support, or respond to each other.
  • 11. Online Language Sources and tools.. CALL Blogger Photo Management Wikis Forums Chat New York Times Time Magazine for kids
  • 12. All in All There are many ways that technology can help assist in language learning. There are many web sites that are made available to be utilized be teachers and students to help with listening, grammar, vocabulary and reading, pronunciation and speaking, and writing. They are all just one click away and they great thing is they can be used by anyone at any time.
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