Lanyrd’s free mobile and iPad apps for event organisers

Download Lanyrd’s free mobile and iPad apps for event organisers

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Running a conference or event? Check out Lanyrd's free event app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Mobile Web.


<p>Lanyrd-Mobile</p> <p>Best in class mobile experiencesfor your event</p> <p></p> <p>Why use Lanyrdfor your event?</p> <p>Put your event details, speakers and schedule in your attendees' pockets.</p> <p>Solutions for every modern mobile device.</p> <p>Ofine event schedules, so attendees always know what's next.</p> <p>Better networking for attendees: see who else is there, send intros and messages through the app.</p> <p>Instant personalisation based on Twitter and LinkedIn.</p> <p>Promote your conference to hundreds of thousands of event enthusiasts.</p> <p>Now on iPad.A beautiful, all new tablet view.</p> <p>Making full use of a larger screen, the iPad version of Lanyrd makes for a beautiful experience that all event goers should use.</p> <p>BIGGER is better.</p> <p>Also on the iPhone.With a fresh new visual design.</p> <p>Fresh new design.</p> <p>m.lanyrd.comGot Android? Try our mobile web version. It works </p> <p>great on Windows Phone and Blackberry too.</p> <p>Ofine saving.Always on the go? Ofine for when you need it most.</p> <p>Easy navigation.Freeing up space for your events.</p> <p>Access the navigation with a click of the icon or swipe of the screen.</p> <p>Better event discovery.Based on your past event history, your contacts </p> <p>events, guides, topics and teams you track.</p> <p>SPEAKING</p> <p>ATTENDING</p> <p>TRACKED TEAM</p> <p>WANT TO MEET</p> <p>BASED ON HISTORY</p> <p>TOPIC</p> <p>GUIDE</p> <p>TRACKING</p> <p>POPULAR</p> <p>Personal schedule.Event attendees can create their own personal </p> <p>schedule for an event. </p> <p>Coverage.Explore a wealth of slidedecks, videos, </p> <p>transcripts, notes and more.</p> <p>Networking.Help attendees network with your events attendee </p> <p>directory and in-app messaging.</p> <p>Premium features.Push notications, personalised schedules, promote your sponsors... all inside the app.</p> <p></p> <p></p>