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Hilmar Lapp Open Bioinformatics Foundation (and NESCent) ISCB Session on Software Sharing ISMB 2008

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  • 1. Hilmar Lapp Open Bioinformatics Foundation(and NESCent) ISCB Session on Software SharingISMB 2008

2. About myself Biologist by training BioPerl core developer since 1999 Lead developer of Bioperl-db, BioSQL O|B|F Board of Directors since 2001 Bioinformaticscomputational biology at Novartis (Vienna, San Diego)1997-2006 Asst. Director for Informatics at NESCent (Durham, NC) since 2006 3. O|B|F Open Bioinformatics Foundation Incorporated in 2001 as a Not-For-Prot Founded primarily to handle HW needs of the Bio* projects, and to run BOSC Run by Board of Directors